What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone?

May be dreaming about someone is a way of knowing that you still care”.

Do you dream a lot? Do you see different people in your dreams? Do you really want to know what does it means if you dream about someone? Are you getting curious???

Well to be simple, dreams are actually the natural results of our daily thinking which remains active in our minds even after we go to sleep. Just understand like this…whatever we do in our daily lives, whatever thought we get in our mind and whomever we meet in our daily routine. Even the memories of childhood and the people we met when we were small get saved in the computer fitted in our skull…none other than brain.

So if you see someone in your dream most of the times it is due to our inner thoughts, memories (either conscious or sub conscious) and feelings you have in your heart and brain (both are entirely connected to each other). For this I am gonna share some interesting facts about seeing any one in the dream.


What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone

Everything that has happened in our past and all those people we have met set aside in the sub conscious portion of our mind. They can come in our dreams in the form of different images. It might be someone from whom you are still afraid or who have once bullied you when you were a little child. He can even be a robber or a thief who caught you for a robbery or any such incident which is still in your mind.

Dreaming of someone reflects either the happiness or the pain they caused you to feel”.


Always remember, a true love makes you worried too. It means that if you love your family, you are very much closed to them. You will always keep them in your mind. As you wake up you start thinking about your mom or dad or about your younger siblings, they will remain in your mind after going to sleep even. So dreaming your family members most of the time means that you care about them a lot.


What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone

Same as above, love makes you more frightened about your dear ones. You may dream your husband/wife or children even when they are with you. This is because they are a part of your daily routine. They will also be a part of your sleeps. On the other hand, if you are away from your family due to any reason you will be missing them a lot and they will be in your dreams to remain in touch.


Are you in love and still unable to express your feelings in front your crush? Then believe me, you will dream your crush daily. This is because, you have an insecure feeling from his or her side and you want your crush to be with you only. Sometimes you may dream that your crush loves you also. It might be something like that you are saying I love you to your beloved person and he refuses to do so. This is the most frightful feeling that may be called as nightmare too. In addition you may see a dream that the person on whom you have a crush is expressing his or her feelings before you do. (I dream him most of the times doing the same..phewww!)


What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone

This is so obvious that the person with whom you are in a relation is 24/7 in touch with you. It can be a together living, phone calls, dating or text messages. But you will dream about him or her most frequently. You can see him or her ditching you, the most common insecurity of the relationship. You even see your wedding if you are planning to propose your girlfriend. In the same way a girl can also see her wedding if she is expecting a proposal from her boyfriend.


(-Gloria Steinem)

You can also dream having romance or a wild sex with your partner. It could make you hungry for it.


Sometimes you see any stranger in your dream. This is the person whom you believe you have never met in your life. This may occur because of a lost childhood memory or someone may wants to help you like this, if you are in any trouble. Strangers can provide you a light in darkness, you should know.


What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone? This is the most common type of seeing someone in your dream. You can see any celebrity in your dream, with you, kissing you, marrying you or even on you. It is actually the creativity of our which gives an image to our deep inner thoughts.


what does it means if you dream about someone?

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone? who is died? This is also a touchy dream if you see someone who has passed away. If you were emotionally attached to that person you can feel peace seeing him or her in her dream. The dear dead ones make us to feel patient whenever we miss them. They can also help us by telling any way of how to get out of any problem. These dreams are sometimes so real that you can even feel their smell when you wake up. But when you don’t see them in front of it becomes painful too.

The hardest part of seeing someone in your dream is to wake up without them”.

You can also see some dearest dying or getting injured. This is also very heart aching dream. My sister once started to see dreams of those who are about to die and they really died after some days. Due to this condition she feels afraid of sleeping. But all of the dreams are not real.


what does it means if you dream about someone?

These are the dreams of daily routine. We all know that we sleep but our brain does not so we dream about people who are our colleagues, class mates, friends or neighbors.

I repeat once again that dreams are actually the occurrence of what we think and we do. They can be real or most of the times unreal. So if you have a good dream about anyone, be happy and do something to make it real. And if you dream something or someone bad don’t be worried. Pray to God that it would not happen in real and try by yourself too. I am also now feeling sleepy… Good wishes to all you, I should go for a sleep and wait for a superb dream today. hope this will be helpful for them who want to know that what does it means if you dream about someone?