40 Interesting Topics to Talk About With Anyone

topics to talk about

All of us mostly want to have someone to talk, discuss, say and to share. If you are traveling in a train or a bus, after sometime you might feel bored of looking outside, reading a newspaper or listening songs. Topics to talk about with everyone are sometimes very confusing to understand.

Sometimes you attend a casual function, meet with people belonging to different races, colors, age groups and religion and you try to interact with them through different topics.

Let us discuss today, what can be some most interesting topics to talk about with anyone.

Have a look first:

Firstly, you must have a look to whom you are about to start conversation. Either he or she is your friend, a partner, family member, a colleague or just a stranger.

Greetings are Important:

Start with some warm greetings to show your good gesture and letting know about the mood of others’ too. Be clear and choosy to start the talk because most of the times first impression is the last one too! If you start the talk with any general topic it would make the other person feel free and talk to you without any hesitation.

1: Talk about Weather:

You can start with weather; something like “Weather is pleasant today” should be your first sentence after greetings. Pass a smile too

2: Talk about Job:

After discussing some weather conditions start talking about job. If you already knew where the person is working, ask how the job is going? How is your company working and what type of tasks you are working these days. If you have the same job industry, both of you may have a very interesting conversation.

3: Education:

40 Interesting Topics to Talk About With Anyone

Ask him/her about the education qualification. If you also knew that earlier ask whether you are interested in doing some short courses to polish your skills. If you didn’t know ask about qualifications, you might get a good partner for further courses.

4: Work Interests:

Sometimes either you or the other person might be working anywhere that is different from you actual interest, you can also ask about it to pursue another good place to work.

5: Hobbies:

Be simple and be Casual. You can ask someone about their hobbies. Believe me Common hobbies turns strangers into Good Friends.

6: Food:

This is a tasty mouth watering topic. Most of the people love eating and discovering new foods. You may also get a hot spicy recipe or address of a new hotel.

7: On-going Politics:

This topic can be discussed in a family, with friends, colleagues or even with strangers. It will also help you to clear ambiguous point about any political scenario.

8: Political persons:

People also like to discuss famous political personalities. It can provide you information about different political persons you may want to know.

9: Films/ Dramas:

Entertainment is one of the favourite topics of people to talk about. You can start with any famous Film or Drama discussing its concept, direction and Characters.

10: Celebrities:

In continuation you can talk about different actors, actresses or football players, even if the likes are not some you will enjoy talking about it.

11: Books:

Books are your good friends but talking about various books you and the other persons will have a lot of things to share with eachother.

12: Children:

40 Interesting Topics to Talk About With Anyone


This is a cute topic for women. You can share your child activities, hobbies and health. If you are new mother you might gain something from experienced mothers.

13: Home Decorations:

Talk about home decoration with your family members, and colleagues and you are going to find some superb ideas to make your home beautiful.

14: Pets:

Dogs and Cats,, Rabbits and Parrots, include this topic in your talk and find a lot of new things you have never known.

15: Health:

Aware someone about any health condition or asking them to wear a mask for any viral infection will not only provide you with a good talk but will also proves you a humanitarian.

16: Scientific Research:

 If you have gone through some good researches you can quote them while having a conversation to make it more informative.

17: Travelling Experience:

Sharing experiences of travel can be helpful for people who want to travel by the same bus, train or an airline.

18: Childhood Memories:

Telling your childhood experiences to other youngsters and children will make you good in their hearts and a way for them to learn about life.

19: Future Planning:

You can discuss your some future plans with others as to have some advices that could help you in planning more effectively for the days coming ahead.

20: Sports:

40 Interesting Topics to Talk About With Anyone


Discuss Sports and Games with each other, you will find it much interesting. And who knows then you might be going to watch Ronaldo’s match with your new friend, with whom you discussed it.

Topics to talk about (from 21 to 40)

21: Relationships:

 Talk to your siblings and friends and discuss what they first see before starting any relationship. Observe it while having yours’.

22: Moods:

It can also be a sort of Catharsis. If you are frustrated talking to someone having a light mood can change yours too.

23: Economics:

People love to talk about economics, with a vast range of sub topics. It can be helpful for knowing the recessions and lack of jobs among the market.

24: Mass Media:

It is a hottest topic these days and one of the best ways to discuss infotainment, news, talkshows, entertainment etc

25: History:

You can discuss any historical event too. Either if you were a part of it or read about, sharing such things will help others to learn from the history.

26: Religion:

Talk about religion and religious views but be rational rather being getting emotional. If you do the same, you can share your views and learn many things.

27: Society:

Being a part of Society, talk about it with others. You can find such new things you have never observed before.

28: Social Work:

Discussing Society you can also talk about how the problems of the can be solved through social work. You are going to get interesting fact and figures.

29: Social Media:

This is Million Dollar Topic for today as everyone is ready to talk about it without any hesitations. It helps people to interact easily.

30: Facebook:

While talking about Social Media, there is no chance for leaving facebook. Discuss new trends, features, informative pages and groups and be ready to add some new friends after the talk.

31: Twitter:

Go ahead and start talking about Twitter too. Discuss Tweets and Hashtags that are running these days.

32: Instagram:

Talk about pictures and selfies, you will find some new ways to get unique clicks.

 33: Colors Psychology:

Ask people about their favorite color and tell them the psychology behind it. For instance, Blue is for creativity, Red is for Danger and you will see people will love to talk to you after it also.

34: Zodiac:

It is the most interesting topic ever. People even make relationships and friends after seeing the similarities among zodiac Signs.

35: Horoscopes:

Believe or not despite of living in the era of technologies, horoscope meant a lot to us. Start conversation with zodiacs and proceed to horoscopes. It will be very interesting.

36: Genders:

Talking about opposite genders, a little bit romance and sex will give you hours of discussions.

37: Fashions and Trends:

Talking about new fashion will not make you bore at any cost.

38: Clothing:

You can discuss designers work, new fashion in clothing, shoes and hair styles.

39: Beauty tips:

Now a day’s not only women but men also like talking about their grooming, this topic will help you the most.

40: Tourism:

If you have ever travelled as a tourist you can help people by telling your good and bad experiences so they will learn some do’s and don’ts also

At Last

There is a vast range of topics to talk about  that you may like to talk with anyone but if you try any of these I have gathered, you will be having excellent talks, I bet!