Signs That You Are Falling Out Of Love: Falling in love is a thriving experience. And we start mentally envisioning a future together. The whole “newness” of learning is exciting. But how are you sure that you are truly in love? Are you content with the relationship? Or are you at a point where you feel like you are falling out of love?

Well, falling of love does not necessarily mean that it was meant to last forever. So it is not a bad thing. But how are you able to tell that you could be falling out of love? What are the telltale signs that you need to rekindle the flame in your relationship?

Signs That You Are Falling Out Of Love

1: You are no longer interested to your significant other

How often are you engaged with your partner?  Have you lost attraction of your significant other? And what are the reasons? Have they gotten out of shape? Have they changed their lifestyle? Watch out.

2: Developing a roaming eye

Are you getting visually fixed on someone else, which has not been your behavior? Are you fantasizing about other relationships with a person of interest rather than their current partner? And even if they are already in shape, you no longer care to appreciate or desire them.  Look! If you are having a wandering eye, treat as a sign of falling out of love with your partner.

3: When communication is no longer mandatory

Basically being in love means we can talk about anything and everything with our partners. But how often are you communicating to and with them? Did you know that lack of constant communication fade away the passion in a relationship? The relationship quality begins to decline. And on the other hand communication makes your partner feel wanted.

4: Spending a lot of time apart

We both have roles in keeping the fore burning in our relationship. True or false? If not.  How then do we maintain it purpose? And the desire to be near your partner wonders..The more time you spend apart, it is likely that you are less interested in your partner and perhaps you are growing less in love.

5: Unresolved conflicts becoming common

At the point of falling in love, usually the rule ‘No going to bed in anger.’ Well, this is a way of retaining and maintaining friendship in your relationship. But if being locked up in unresolved conflicts and without any healthy manner of resolving them, please treat that as a red flag of falling out of love.

6: Is love the pure reason you are in that relationship?

Signs That You Are Falling Out Of Love

Huh….Surprisingly, a majority of us will vague relationship for certain reasons.  If you are in a relationship to gain financially or because you cannot fund your own life perhaps it is already ended.

How is your intimacy? Listen! In true love, there is passion. And closeness of the relationship creates this feeling of being at your best for your partner.  Couples in love will enjoy the journey of growing old together.