How would you define family in your own thinking? Personally I would describe a family as an important unit in our lives that plays a decisive role in instilling values and teaching responsibilities. This is the reason why we are all called to hold our family relationships dear, not only for our sake but also for the sake of the children. It is in healthy families that children will grow and be able to create other external relationships.

Creating time for family and supporting each other are some of the key elements of enhancing family trust and unity. They also influence on the well-being of our loved ones. Healthy family relationships are also built on the basis of good communication and positive connectivity with each other.

Below are various benefits that we will all rive from having healthy family relationships: –

Children develop stable character
Let’s think about our children for a moment. Don’t you think they need a stable family? Is not from the family that they will learn proper personal and interpersonal skills? They will also enjoy the abundant emotional and physical support. Positive characters the likes of discipline, diligence and emotional response can only come from a well set up family.

Enhances longer life
Did you know that strong social ties contribute significantly to your long life? Have you seen what happens to those who live isolated lives? Holt-Lunstad, the lead author of a 2010 study says, “A lack of social relationships was equivalent to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.”

Helps in becoming the person you want to be
I believe in a loving family because it will support me achieve my goals of what I want to be. But wait! Do you know what you want to become? If you do then ensure you are within a family set up. It will help you shape your character, mindset and way of doing things.

Better health
How many of us are aware that stable family relationships play a critical role in influencing people’s health behaviors? How many of us associate family relationships with good health? It is not surprising to those with supportive family systems recovering better from their illness than not who are crowded with stress.

It is a system for social support in life
How would you feel if you don’t have anyone to speak to? How may us agree with me that we all need support in life. The best and the most fulfilling comes from a family set up. However, you must be a good listener, communicator and an expert negotiator.

Family relationships are critical pillars for interactions outside the household
The attributes developed within a family are carried on throughout one’s life. Hence the more positive they are, the better. One is inspired to appreciate the strength in society’s diversity.

Reduced stress
I am very sure that we have all had moments of stress in our lives, which more often than not are solved through social relationships. Feeling less stressed is positive in itself at some point but still it is importance to reduce it because it can cause problems with the immune system.

What of proper communication skills? Don’t we all need to express our feelings, actions and thoughts? At the same time children learn to appreciate the value of teamwork and responsibility. And have you heard about self sacrifice? Sacrificing for the sake of the other person is equally important. You never know when you shall need them. Don’t be a stranger to your family members.


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