Testosterone is that hormone that makes males have hairs on their chest, in their pubic area, in the armpits; it is that hormone that helps build muscles and increases bone density. It helps a man maintain his interest in sexual activities.

As much as testosterone levels may drop as a result of aging, there are other medical related reasons why males have low testosterone. But ensure that you actually do have low testosterone by carrying out a blood test.

Before a man clocks 30, during puberty and early adulthood, he has a high testosterone level but after he clocks 30, a lot of men experience a decrease in testosterone though almost insignificantly at first. A decline in testosterone levels can result in an inability to develop and maintain erections, high cholesterol, reduced strength and muscle mass, reduced fertility and increased body fat.


This is a situation in which the male testicles doesn’t produce testosterone or does so in small, insignificant amounts. This condition is a respecter of no one as it could happen in younger or older males. Hypogonadism could be as a result of a genetic issue or due to hormonal imbalance.


When an individual has some form of cancer like prostate cancer which occurs in males, hormone therapy is carried out in which hormones are reduced to a minimal amount that would deprive the cancerous cells of something to feed on. One of these hormones is testosterone. As such, during this period, there will be significant decrease in the amount of testosterone present in the individual

When cancerous cells are subjected to chemotherapy or radiation, there are significant effects on hormones in the human body. In males, one of the hormones that are affected is testosterone because exposure to radiation might affect the testes to such an extent that it is unable to produce testosterone or does so in very small quantities. This amounts to low T-levels.


Hormonal disorders, sexually transmitted infections like HIV/AIDS, diabetes, obesity, injury to the testicles which aids the production of testosterone are examples of conditions that may lower a man’s testosterone level.

Know that low testosterone levels may lead to osteoporosis whereby the bones are weakened and can easily fracture


Immediately an active man notices or is diagnosed of a decline in his testosterone levels, he is very likely to seek ways to fix the situation. Some result to chemical solutions while some try natural solutions. Natural testosterone supplements are sometimes employed. Some of these supplements are made up of natural herbs and botanicals. These supplements have their own risks such as enlarged breasts in males and may accelerate prostate growth.

Natural ways to increase testosterone levels include exercise that might involve weight lifting which could get you your muscles back as soon as possible.  Get enough sleep. Eat good food. Learn to manage your stress or reduce it all together.