Many guys face this issue from time to time about what kind of questions to ask your girlfriend, so if you are one of those then this article can really help you in getting what you want.

Are you trying to spend more time with your girl friend? Are you both getting closer gradually? Do you want to know little small feelings of your girl friend? Are you getting keen to know her likes and dislikes and what she thinks about you? Are you really planning to have a long lasting life time relationship with your partner??? Don’t worry about any of these, we are here to help you out and provide you a series of question s that you can ask your girl friend to make future decisions.

First of all, don’t start to show much curiosity about her. If you do so she might get alert and you would not be able to get the real answers you want to so be relaxed.

You may start with her from asking about her family. Ask little and simple questions about her parents and siblings. You can ask her about the environment of her family. Do remember that girls are mostly a real Darling of her father, so first try to gain some trust while showing interest in her family. If you feel a hood impression of the family in her answers, do keep in mind it will lead to an excellent question in future.

Here is a list of questions to ask your girlfriend, be ready to get romantic after each question.

Questions to ask your girlfriend


  • How was your childhood? Were you a naughty girl or a sober one?
  • Tell me some memorable days of yours?
  • What is the meaning and importance of family to you?
  • What is Love for you?
  • What 3 qualities you would like to see in your life partner?
  • What 3 things you never want to see in your life partner?
  • Do you believe loyalty and honesty can lead to a good relation?
  • What quality you like in me the most?
  • For which thing in me you get attracted towards me?
  • What role a true love can play in your life?
  • Whom you love the most and why?
  • Do you believe that a kiss on your forehead in a sign that someone cares about you?
  • Do you think of me when you are alone?
  • Do you miss me once in a day?
  • Do you believe sacrifice and compromises are necessary for relation?
  • Can you sacrifice something for me, if I would show you the best care?
  • If I hug you tightly, will you feel some love for me?
  • If we would be alone in a desert, what would you like me to do?
  • Will you feel good for me if you find me showing honor to women?
  • What was my first impression to you?
  • Would you have talked to me, if I had not started first?
  • Do you like to be kissed in public or lonely?
  • Do you think rain is a romantic weather?
  • Do you think we are much closet to share our secrets?
  • Have you ever seen me in your dream?
  • If no, do you want me to be seen in your dream?
  • Would you like to share some thing with me that you have never shared with any one?
  • What will you feel if you awake in the morning and see you room full of red roses and me standing there?
  • Which place in the world is your dream land?
  • Tell me something about your dream home?
  • Do you like children?
  • Do you think love is actually remaining together in rainy days?
  • Imagine if you have faced some serious problem outside your home, do you think to call me for an urgent help?
  • Am I first your love, if not may I be the last one?
Questions to ask your girlfriend

At this stage, if you feel you have got all those answers necessary for you to love her at most, take her hand gently ask,

Can we both have a long lasting loyal relationship and built a happy caring family as your parents had throughout their lives???

If she says yes, don’t get hyper, kiss her hand gently and promise her that you will be loyal and caring for her till the last breath of your life.