43 Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

43 Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Fun questions to ask your boyfriend: Getting bored of the daily routine chit chats? Feeling yourself a nerd or hippo? No parties and hang outs with friends?

Don’t worry at all.. Just take a chill pill.. We are again here with some more fun and this time no more about your friends not even about your bestie. But only about your partner with whom you are in a relationship these days. It’s time to do some funny and hilarious questions from your boy friend who may be also feeling bored as you do.

Hurry up get you and your cell phone ready for some funky questions to ask your boyfriend and see what replies your partner have for you.

Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend
  1. What you do if I suddenly become your pet?
  2. What would you do if suddenly you turn into my pet?
  3. What character you would like to have if given a chance in Starwars?
  4. What would you do if I cook some distasteful food for you and insist you to eat it?
  5. Do you miss your last ex girl friend?
  6. Which ex of yours was the most beautiful?
  7. Who is your crush these days?
  8. To whom you can never say no?
  9. What would you do first if suddenly you become a superstar?
  10. What will be your feeling if Bill Gates give his all wealth to you?
  11. If you will be asked to choose the last food of your life, what it will be?
  12. What will happen if I come in your dream without clothes?
  13. Would you like to go to moon if given a chance?
  14. Will you give me a first ride if you buy a Mercedes?
  15. Can you dance for me in public?
  16. Which body part of yours you like the most?
  17. Which part you hates the most?
  18. What is your best childhood memory?
  19. In your childhood what was your only dream?
  20. Which body part of girls you are attracted most?
  21. Which hair style you like most?
  22. Which celebrity you think I resemble most?
  23. Which celebrity you think you look like?
  24. Do you watch porn, please be true.
  25. If you were Tom and I was Jerry how would you like to kill me?
  26. Which movie you watched last time?
  27. Do you like baby food?
  28. Do you like French kiss?
  29. If you win a million dollar lottery, how much you can give to me?
  30. What will be your feelings, if unexpectedly you come to know that I am your lost sister? (He will faint, I bet J)
  31. Can you do break Dance on a sad song?
  32. Would you marry Lady Gaga, if given an opportunity?
  33. Text me three instant words that come to your mind listening the word “SEX”?
  34. Can you allow me to check your message inbox?
  35. Did you ever cheat your ex? (Mention to be true :P)
  36. Did you ever cheat in examinations?
  37. Have you ever fart in a crowd?
  38. Have you ever fallen down in an awkward position?
  39. Do you think you have six-packs?
  40. What will you do if you will get an invitation to wrestle with John Cena?
  41. Do you pee in swimming pool or outside?
  42. Do you read x rated magazines?
  43. What was your most embarrassing moment in front of your ex?

If you ask these questions from your dear partner, we hope you will have the funniest ever conversation with him. So don’t sit nerd any more. Go with these fun questions and get some crunchy answers. At the end I hope these questions to ask your boyfriend are helpful. Do checkout our questions to ask a girl and see if your boyfriend has ever asked you these.