If you are spending your time with a girl, if you are feeling that your interest has started to develop, if you feel like you are getting attracted towards her, it’s time to know much about her personal life, her likes and dislikes, her do’s and don’ts, her dream and wants…So you are thinking about questions to ask a girl which won’t upset her nor your relationship.

So be prepared now, either you are talking to her on phone, having a chat on text messages or you both are having a cup of coffee in a restaurant, you have to ask her such little interesting questions that could make her feel that you are seriously taking interest in her.

Well I can again help you in this regard with a series of 21 best questions which can obviously help you to avoid silence in your talk with a light mood discussion.

Let us begin now…

  1. What are your three priorities in your life?
  2. For you, what three qualities a man or woman must possess to be a good human being?
  3. Love or Money, what is more important to you?
  4. Do you believe in welfare and community help?
  5. What are your opinions about religion?
  6. If you will be given a chance, what three changes you would like to make in your habits?
  7. Tell me something about you best moments of life and something about the most embarrassing moments?
  8. What is your imagination about a dream home?
  9. What is your impression about your family, are you close to them?
  10. Who have inspired you most in the life?
  11. Tell me something about your dreams and goals?
  12. Are you conscious about your dressing and hair styling?
  13. Are you adventurous? Do you like accepting challenges and brave dares?
  14. What is the importance of time for you, are you punctual?
  15. What one quality you look in a person while making him or her friend?
  16. For how many years you want to live in the world?
  17. Are you social or you like to make a few friends only?
  18. Do you post every single update of yours to the social media?
  19. Are you foodie, what type of food you like the most?
  20. How much romantic you are, do you like to walk in rain with your partner with hands in hands?
  21. What type of films you like, who is your favorite hero?

Believe me guys, if you try and ask these questions from a girl, she will not only feel your keen curiosity, but she will also be attracted towards you. Just remember one thing ask these questions in a very light and smiling mood. If you will be serious she may not answer your questions properly. Also keep in mind that Silence always kills the conversations. If you want to know something about a girl, don’t allow any stupid weird silence to come in between. Just go with the questions, be confident and no doubt you will have all that information you are trying to get about that girl. If you are looking for some more questions to ask your girlfriend then try this page.