Proper Guidelines for a Mother to Feed Her Babies: Some may wonder: how important is proper nutrition for a newborn baby? For one thing, during these formative years of a baby, all necessary vitamins and minerals are needed to help the baby develop well and start up with living.  To help with a baby’s transition from Infant-hood to childhood, proper nutrition is non-negotiable.

Proper Guidelines for a Mother to Feed Her Babies

What is breastfeeding?

This is basically the feeding of a newborn baby or infants, milk through the breast of a woman, the duration of which can last between 10 to fifteen minutes per time. Reputable physicians strongly recommend that it starts within the first hour of a baby’s life. The importance of breastfeeding cannot be overemphasized, as lack of it or inadequate breastfeeding annually accounts for the death of about 820000 babies globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding of a baby for complete six months; this means no food or drinks are given to the baby.

How to breastfeed

In choosing a working formula in breastfeeding, the safety of the infant is the most important factor to put into consideration.  Since a newborn has a very small stomach capacity, and since they(the newborn) express their yearning for food every 1-3 hours, the other should always be ready to feed her newborn.

According to an expert, “Experienced breastfeeding mothers learn that the sucking patterns and needs of babies vary. While some infants’ sucking needs are met primarily during feedings, other babies may need additional sucking at the breast soon after a feeding even though they are not really hungry. Babies may also nurse when they are lonely, frightened or in pain…Comforting and meeting sucking needs at the breast are nature’s original design. Pacifiers (dummies, soothers) are a substitute for the mother when she cannot be available. Other reasons to pacify a baby primarily at the breast include superior oral-facial development, prolonged lactational amenorrhea, avoidance of nipple confusion, and stimulation of an adequate milk supply to ensure higher rates of breastfeeding success. After one breast is empty, the mother should offer the other breast if she realizes that the baby isn’t satisfied yet.

Breastfeeding storage bags

This is also called breast milk storage bags, and as the name suggests, is designed for the storage of breast milk for later use. Its use is simple: the mother pumps, store and feeds the stored breast milk to the baby at a later time. She can even use this when she wants to go out without the baby while the baby is with a nurse or nanny.

Breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding a baby does no harm but sometimes, a mother should learn that correct positioning and technique for latching on are necessary to prevent nipple soreness and allow the baby to obtain enough milk. Also, some women wish to hasten the weaning process. The WHO suggests that after exclusive breastfeeding is done for the first 6 months, breastfeeding should still continue until the baby is 2 years old.

Importance of breastfeeding

Proper Guidelines for a Mother to Feed Her Babies

Breastfeeding has a lot of benefits for both the mother and the infant. They are listed below.

  • Breastfeeding decreases the risk of respiratory tract infection for the infant.
  • It benefits include lower risks of asthma, food allergies, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, and leukemia in the infant.
  • Breastfeeding may also improve cognitive development.
  • Decrease the risk of obesity in adulthood.

For the mother,

  • less blood loss following delivery.
  • better uterus shrinkage.
  • weight loss.
  • less postpartum depression.
  • Breastfeeding delays the return of menstruation and fertility.


This article has stressed the importance of breastfeeding a baby adequately. Remember, it is not to be ignored nor substituted. It is a must!