180+ Good Dares for Guys

41 Good Dares for Guys

Are you looking for good dares for guys, then let’s begin with this fact that guys are stronger, braver and always ready to accept challenges and fulfill them. You have often watched that do the Dew advertisements in which some boys are attempting dares bravely. Same happens in the Truth and dare game where guys are given even harder dares to attempt because most of them are not shy and frightened of anything.

Let us discuss today some good and funny dares for guys. This article will be helpful for many girls who can play the game with their friends and give these dares to male members of the game. So here is the list of 41 good dares for guys

So Let’s begin with the list of Good Dares for Guys

180+ Good Dares for Guys
    1. Call your girl friend; tell her “You are the ugliest girl”.
    2. Cover a 2 kilometers distance in 2 minutes riding a bicycle.
    3. Eat something spiciest present in the kitchen.
    4. Let the players give you the most awkward hair style.
    5. Do 50 pushups without stopping.
    6. Impress a player girl with your muscles.
    7. Eat 12 bananas in 60 seconds without removing its skin.
    8. Eat one kg of uncooked Lady Fingers.
    9. Put lipstick and Blush on and go outside.
    10. Put on an under wear with only a tie and a dress shirt.
    11. Drink 2 liter bottle of Vodka without pausing in between.
    12. Go outside and start begging.
    13. Go outside and hug a hot stranger girl tightly.
    14. Wear girls’ jewelry and move around a street.
    15. Romance with a pole.
    16. Start practicing boxing on a busy street.
    17. Take the newspaper for any aged man sitting calmly and run.
    18. Drink a mixture of salt, sugar and black pepper dissolved in a glass of water.
    19. Fry an egg with eyes closed.
    20. Break a dozen of egg on your head in one minute.
    21. Eat 6 oranges without removing its peel.
    22. Eat six lemons along with its peel.
    23. Propose another girl in front of your girl friend.
    24. Put your finger inside your nose and move it rapidly.
    25. Get yourself burry on a sand beach.
    26. Eat a frog
    27. Pretend to spit nose on people walking nearby.
    28. Wear socks on hands and eat a piece of cake.
    29. Eat uncooked rice.
    30. Go outside and take a stupid forceful ride on back of anyone going.
    31. Put your finger in anyone else nose sitting in the game.
    32. Lick a lollypop already licked by any other player.
    33. Call the person who has a name starting with S and start nonstop abuses.
    34. Pass by an open air restaurant, take a quick bite from some one’s meal and run.
    35. Put 4 ice cubes in your pants from behind and sit.
    36. Start whistling when you see an old lady.
    37. Run for 2 kilometers without stopping.
    38. Put your face in a water pool for 60 seconds.
    39. Take a bath with icy water.
    40. Eat 4 packs of liter ice cream without pausing.
    41. Smoke a cigarette without releasing smoke in air.
    42. Dance like girls on the street.
    43. Wear a bra and panty and move on the street.
    44. Ride a bicycle in reverse.
    45. Act like a pregnant woman on the street.
    46. Eat something grossest.
    47. Bite a nail on the person sitting beside you.
    48. Lick the toe of the person sitting in front of you.
    49. Walk like models do on the ramp.
    50. Romance with a guy pretending like a girl.
    51. Eat 5 full spoons of coffee.
    52. Do a high jump.
    53. Flirt with a senior adult woman.
    54. Move on the street wearing a veil.
    55. Give a flying kiss to all the women/girls on the street.
    56. Cut a cauliflower with eyes closed.
    57. Eat three green chilies and don’t drink water for the next ten minutes.
    58. Eat a piece of raw beef.
    59. Eat a piece of raw chicken.
    60. Speak like a girl till the end of the game.
    61. Call a stranger guy and flirt with him in a girly voice.
    62. Crawl like babies on a street.
    63. Cry like babies and ask for a chocolate.
    64. Eat the food of your pet.
    65. Be someone’s dog for the rest of the game.
    66. Act like the wife of the person sitting on your right hand.
    67. Smoke three cigarettes at once.
    68. Drink a bottle of beer without pausing in between.
    69. Keep your face inside the pool for five minutes.
    70. Peel an orange with your teeth.
    71. Dance with your belly moving.
    72. Peel two potatoes with your teeth.
    73. Eat a large uncooked potato.
    74. Call your girlfriend and say “I wanna fuck you.”
    75. Call your female professor and propose her.
    76. Show all the things you have in your wallet.
    77. Fart near the face of anyone sitting calmly on a bench.
    78. Sneeze on the face of people walking on the street.
    79. Eat your nose wax.
    80. Eat the nose wax of someone you don’t like in the game.
    81. Call your crush and propose her.
    82. Post a status on your girlfriend’s wall telling her you are breaking up.
    83. Wear the bangles of the girl and dance.
    84. Keep your mommy and tell her that your dad is on a date.
    85. Drink a cup of hot coffee in one breath.
    86. Keep a ball on your head and sit like that in the entire game.
    87. Be a statue for the rest of the game.
    88. Go to any waitress/maid and propose her.
    89. Go to any waitress/maid and ask her for a one night stand.
    90. Spit on the shoulder of the girl you think look the most beautiful here.
    91. Go to three people and preach like a father.
    92. Go to a nun and propose her.
    93. Hug first three persons who come through the door.
    94. Shout the password of your Facebook loudly.
    95. Call your girlfriend as a stranger and advise her to break up with you.
    96. Drink a glass of cooking oil.
    97. Eat a piece of raw fish.
    98. Sit and the bathroom for half an hour.
    99. Go outside with high heels.
    100. Walk outside with a nipple in your mouth.

      180+ good dares for guys
      180+ good dares for guys
    101. Speak with a voice for the rest of the game.
    102. Loudly tell the password on your debit card.
    103. Go to someone stranger and act like you don’t know English.
    104. Give a lusty look to three women on the street.
    105. Act blindly and cross the road.
    106. Roam around the house with eyes closed.
    107. Put your nose in the underarms of everyone and take long breathes.
    108. Shave your head.
    109. Tell your girlfriend that you are getting engaged to your ex.
    110. Speak to President Trump.
    111. Ride a bike on a hill.
    112. Shampoo your hairs and sit until the end of the game.
    113. Wash the socks of three players of your choice.
    114. Taste the saliva of any one person in the game.
    115. Order pizza for all players in the game.
    116. Put talcum powder in your hairs and move outside.
    117. Burst water-filled balloons over your head for 30 seconds.
    118. Practice boxing on the meat of a meat shop.
    119. Lay over the lap of someone sitting quietly.
    120. Sit in the lap of an old woman.
    121. Sit in the lap of an old woman.
    122. Sit in between of a couple.
    123. Move in the place on one leg.
    124. Text your ex and ask her for a patch up.
    125. Put fairness cream on the face and leave it as it is.
    126. Go to the toilet bared foot.
    127. Call the father of your girlfriend and tell her that you want to break up with her daughter.
    128. Polish the shoes of three players.
    129. Smell the shoes of all players in the game.
    130. Sing a sad song and dance madly.
    131. Sing a poem loudly on street.
    132. Call your dad and say, “I hate you.”
    133. Stand on one leg for 15 minutes.
    134. Act like a beggar on the street.
    135. Walk on the street like swimming.
    136. Pass comments on first two persons entering the door.
    137. Put two ice cubes on both sides of your mouth and sit until they melt.
    138. Hop like a frog.
    139. Call a pizza boy and ask for the fire brigade.
    140. Sit wearing someone socks on the ears.
    141. Ask every person on the road for their phone number.
    142. Ask everyone on road to for house address.
    143. Eat a sandwich with toothpaste inside it.
    144. Eat a hand full of snow outside the place.
    145. Allow another male player to do your makeup.
    146. Portray your partner with the eyes closed.
    147. Clean the room in five minutes.
    148. Act like your favorite movie actress.
    149. Call a random number not a part of your phonebook and proper him/her.
    150. Move on the street with underwear and socks only.
    151. Romance with a pillow.
    152. Do itching at your private places in the public.
    153. Pee on a busy street.
    154. Drink a glass of milk mixed with a cold drink.
    155. Drink a cup of tea mixed with cold drink.
    156. Kiss a crab.
    157. Stay as statue in front of the sea tides for ten minutes.
    158. Call a hospital and ask for a pizza delivery.
    159. Propose a stranger girl on Facebook and tell everyone that if she doesn’t accept you will jump from 19th floor.
    160. Act like a mosquito and make voices in everybody’s ears; no matter how they react.
    161. Eat 10 pistachios without removing their cover.
    162. See three sexiest girls on the street and yawn in front of them.
    163. Call any of your male friends and tell him that you are getting married to his girlfriend.
    164. Call any of your male friends and tell him that you are in sexual relationship with his partner.
    165. Sing a purely girlish song.
    166. Take a weird pose of yours and post it on social media.
    167. Take a creepy picture, send it to your girlfriend, and caption it…my feelings when I think about you.
    168. Put Grease in your hairs and sit for the rest of the game.
    169. Eat cheese acting like a mouse.
    170. Call your girlfriend and tell that you hate her daddy.
    171. Call your girlfriend and tell her that you are having a serious crush on her younger sister.
    172. Eat uncooked noodles adding some spices to them.
    173. Beg fifty dollars from someone you don’t know.
    174. Call your girlfriend and tell her that you are planning to kill her.
    175. Text your friend that his girlfriend possesses hottest body features with lust emojis and switch off the phone.
    176. Propose a stranger girl and fart loudly in between.
    177. Eat a sandwich made up of a tissue paper.
    178. Wear as many pajamas as you can.
    179. Unlock the phone of anyone without knowing password.
    180. Feel the smell of breathes of three people with closed eyes and recognizes them.
    181. Delete all the numbers saved in your mobile phone.
    182. Call your girlfriend and tell her that you are at the airport and have planned to live in Africa. Switch off the phone without listening her.
    183. Call your brother and tell him that you have a crush on her partner.
    184. Call your sister and tell her that her boyfriend is dating someone else.
    185. Swim in the pool with the same clothes.
    186. Walk in the pool feeling that you do on a ramp.
    187. Pick all the coins spread in the room with your mouth.
    188. Eat three lemons without peeling them.
    189. Kiss on the cheek of every guy present in the game.
    190. Order an ice cream for all the players.
    191. Stay silent.

    The truth or dare game has been exciting for people especially to young men and women. The game is letting you know the main perspectives of the topics that you have been curious about all through your life. There are abundant truth questions that you may ask the participants while playing the game but you may not be knowing exciting dares which you may give to other participants. The truth or dare challenge is also depending on the fact of your relationship with the participant to whom dare or truth question would be given. This is because you cannot ask personal truth questions from people who are not much easy going with you. You also cannot ask the participants to do bold dares if you don’t have understanding with him/her. Moreover, you can ask your friends the questions about the topics on which they have regrets all through their lives. However, you cannot ask such questions from all participants. The following is the list of some splendid questions which you can ask any guy while playing the truth or dare game without any fear that the guy will not like it.

    Whether you are playing truth or dare or just enjoying dares, you must try all of them on different guys. You will be having loads of fun and giggles, I dare you!

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