God Saw You Getting Tired: Is an amazing poem written by franks and Kathleen. The poem is very well written and is often recited during funerals. The poem is related to the hardships that a person is facing during lifetime. The lyrics are defining the life and its end with mesmerizing words which are affecting the soul and hearts of listeners. Such lyrics are very hard to write as these are based on the real life scenario. The lyricists must have worked hard and thought for days and nights before they were able to create such a master piece.

God Saw You Getting Tired

God Loves HIS Creatures

The lyrics of the poem God saw you getting tired are explaining the fact that God is loving HIS entirecreatures’ especially human beings. GOD has stated numerous times in the holy books i.e. Bible and Qur’an that HE is loving his creatures. This can also be seen in our daily lives as well, as most of the human beings are not doing good deeds, neither they are following the path shown by God Almighty. But still God is not furious to them, but is giving them further time and chances, so that such strayed people may come to the path of virtue. Similarly, when we are falling ill, God Almighty is blessing us with health. Even if we are in troubles, HE is the only one WHO is helping us and creating ways to move us from troubles to peace.

Life after Death

Most of people are not believing in the fact that there would be a life after death. It has been mentioned in every religious book such as Torah, Bible, and Qur’an as well that there would be life after death. There is a concept of heaven and hell. The people who were on the path of virtue will go to heaven and those who were on the bad path will lead to Hell.

The poets of the poem God saw you getting tired are also acknowledging the fact of the life after death. The poets have acknowledged that there comes a time when God is feeling that a specific person is tired to have the life. It’s enough for him to have the life on earth. Therefore, God decides to lift the person in HIS arms from the mortal world to an immortal world, where he/she is supposed to live an eternal life. The lyrics of the poem “come to me” suggests that God decides to lift the person from the mortal world to an immortal world i.e. life after death or life hereafter.

The Concept of HEAVEN

The poets have also suggested that there is a heaven for the people who were on the path of virtues in the mortal world. The lyrics “God’s garden must be beautiful” are definitely directing to the heaven which will be the most beautiful place that could ever happen in the universe. But seeing the heaven is only possible once the life one the earth is ended.

The lyrics of the poem is also directing towards the reality that once a person dies, he has nothing more with the feelings that a person feel in the mortal world, such as pain etc. The dead persons are only waiting for the time when the eternal life would begin after the judgment day. Those who have more virtues will live the gardens of heaven and with sins will live in hell.