Girls With Daddy Issues: Thinking about this topic I get too much emotionally connected to it. The relation of a father and a daughter, for me, is one of the most caring and loving one. I read a quote about it which I would like to share with you as well;

“Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing Dad”.

This could be really true for most of the girls because, a girl has a very unique relation with her daddy. But after going through this topic I wonder that how many girls are emotionally distracted by their fathers and developed a particular psychological condition in their lives.

This is a real fact in every part of the world that mothers are mostly more attracted towards their sons whereas daughters are princess of their father. A man even rich or poor treats her girl like a princess. He cannot see a single tear in her eyes. He struggle and hard work too much just to bring everything for her girl she wants.

But there is a darker side too!

Girls With Daddy Issues

Some of the girls are treated so bad by their fathers that they started developing much negative feelings about every man in the world. Unfortunately, there are number of broken families in the world and due to forgotten social values and family systems, this figure is going upwards. This is one of the biggest reasons for which a girl is badly neglected by her father.

We all should remember that a girl is a very delicate creature of the nature. She is too much sensitive about the feelings and the behaviors. If she is treated well by her closed ones, she will bring too much positivity in their lives. But if she will not be treated well, she can cause so much hazards that one can even not imagine.

The girls with the daddy issues fall in the second category. Do remember that every girl wants to be treated well by her daddy. But if a man who is her father emotionally breaks up, she actually dies internally. The main scenarios could be;

  • Neglecting a girl
  • Abusing a girl
  • Avoiding when she needs you
  • Breaking her sexually
  • Trying to make a dirty sexual relationship
  • Absence due to any reason and not being connected.
  • Unable to help in problems
  • Always discouraging her

These are some of main reasons for a girl suffering from Daddy issues. It can result into many psychological disorders such as,

  • A girl will become sympathy gainer.
  • A girl will become attention seeker feeling complexity.
  • A girl will start trusting strangers.
  • A girl will try to build a relation with an old man.
  • A girl will lose her confidence.
  • A girl will start showing her body postures.
  • A girl will start attracting towards male teachers.
  • A girl will become rude and loud.
  • A girl will go into depression.
  • A girl with hate making a good relation.
  • A girl will never trust purity of love

And finally an innocent girl will be lost forever….

So firstly, I would like to make attention of the researchers to make this topic a part of their studies and researches. Secondly there is a major role of society. If any of you see a girl with daddy issues, you should pay her attention as a kind human being. The third role is of boyfriends and lovers.

Dear lovers, if you really love that girl now it is your responsibility to build trust and bring her out of such conditions. Sex and romance is not only love, there should be positive attitudes along with trust. Instead of calling them whore and making fun of such girls you have to be positive because, in the future you will also be having a daughter too.

And last but not the least, dear respectable fathers, your girl wants you to be her protector not a dacoit. Your girls wants you to remain with her in every problem not issue creator. Your girl needs you badly at every stage of life because you are her ideal, you are her first love.