“Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.” ― Mandy Hale

How to Find Real, Lasting Love without Looking for It: Everyone in the world has different nature from the others. One has its own qualities and weaknesses. Most of them are natural and some are adapted but every habit is changeable. When you look around you can find a number of teenagers and young people who are trying to start a new relationship and continuously looking for a partner which may become their last. But unfortunately they fail to do so.

They try and try and try more… but the result is most of the times zero. This is because they begin to make so much temporary changes in themselves. And when they become unable to carry on they become the same as what they were. In this way, the expectations of the opposite side are also not fulfilled and a relation breaks up completely. Believing it as a most common problem for the young generation, I am going to guide you about how to find a long lasting love without looking for it. Here we go…

How to Find Real, Lasting Love without Looking for It
  • Keep your mind in Peace:

If you really want to find a long lasting love, this is very important for you to keep yourself in calm and peace. Love is nothing which you can find walking on a street. Nor it is available in Market to buy. It is that everlasting emotion which is too much worthy. So instead of looking here and there and thinking about every person to become your true love you should remain in peace.

  • Be what you are

That is another very significant point for you. You should remain what you are and who you are. There is no need at all to change yourself completely. You should maintain your confidence and personality at any cost.

“One does not seek love,’ she told him, ‘it should find you all on its own” ― Barbara Lieberman,

  • Live your life as you want to

Remember, this life is a complete asset of yours. So do not waste it on unreal things. Live it as you want to and as you don’t want to. Don’t make changes in your life for someone who will never believe you for it. If you will live a real life, you will easily find a real love without searching for it.

  • Be honest with yourself

If you want to find an honest and real lost lasting loveable partner, firstly you have to be honest with your own self. You should pay importance to your personality and remain true to yourself. The artificial things never result into real emotions.

  • Love everyone
How to Find Real, Lasting Love without Looking for It

Being a human being, you should love the humanity. Be kind to everyone. Love as your habit and care about them as much as you can. Nowadays, people are become too much emotionless so how come they expect real love from others.

“Love can only be found through the act of loving.” 
Paulo CoelhoBy the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

If you really want to find a real and lasting love, you must show love for others through your good deeds. Always remember that you will always be highlighted and remembered if you have good moral character and deeds. All the other things are secondary if you really have a dynamic character and living.

You should stop thinking about what others think about you. Just do what gives you inner peace and calmness and believe me, you are going to find out a real lasting love just like me.