81 Most Embarrassing truth and Dares

So, you are looking for the most embarrassing truth and dares well, then you have come to the right page. Embarrassment guaranteed, have fun

Truth and Dare is an interesting game that is been played all over the world. No matter what age you are, what color do you have and what do you, this game can be played by anyone. It just requires a bottle that can spin well or some small cards of papers on which name of the each player is written.

The game is something like, if the bottle stops on you or if your name comes on the paper chit you must be ready to answer a question truly that is the Truth part or accept a challenge which is called Dare. If you failed to fulfill the challenge you will be kicked out of the game.

Let’s discuss some of the most embarrassing Truths and Dares you can ask during the game. Out of them some can be specified rather with a guy or girl. Start with the Truths! Enjoy first 41 truth questions from 81 embarrassing truth and dares.





  1. How many boyfriends you have this time?
  2. How many girlfriends you have right now?
  3. Have you ever seen your parents having romance or sex?
  4. What is the biggest secret of your life?
  5. Which question you never wanted to be asked? (Asked that question too J)
  6. When did you masturbate first time?
  7. Did you ever cheat your partner?
  8. In how many days you change your bra/ vest?
  9. In how many days you change your panty, underwear?
  10. What is the color of your under garments right now?
  11. Which part of sex you like to do repeatedly?
  12. Which part of your body your partner likes the most?
  13. Which part of your body smells badly?
  14. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  15. Do you ever have a crush on same sex?
  16. How many times you failed in your examinations?
  17. In how many days you feel to have sex again?
  18. What is the most childish thing you still do?
  19. Have you ever tasted ear wax?
  20. How mean you are for others?
  21. What was your most embarrassing date ever in your life?
  22. Have you ever fart while sitting on a dining table with family and blamed your younger sibling for it?
  23.  Which body part of your school mistress attracted you the most?
  24.  Which player in the game you want kill?
  25. What was the most embarrassing moment that your parents caught about you?
  26.  Are you a back biter?
  27. Have you ever fallen from your bed while sleeping?
  28.  Have you ever tasted your sweat?
  29. Is your partner’s sweating, smells bad?
  30. What was the reason of your last break up?
  31. When did you pee in the last time?
  32. Did you lie often?
  33.  For which embarrassing moment you lied to cover up yourself?
  34. Whom you think is the sexiest person sitting here?
  35. Whom you loved but you got a NO in response?
  36. What was your stupidest post on any social Media?
  37. Do you watch porn?
  38. Do you sleep naked?
  39. Whom in the people sitting here you like to be your partner?
  40. What is the most stupid fear of your life?
  41. Will you keep a secret sexy partner after getting married?




  1. Pee in front of people sitting here.
  2. Dance as a boy wearing a short skirt. (For guys in specific)
  3. Eat without using hands.
  4. Drink water like a Dog.
  5. Eat Dog food.
  6. Call your partner and shout “I HATE YOU”.
  7. Slap your partner now.
  8. Fart loudly on a street.
  9. Kiss your friend’s bump.
  10. Walk like a crab.
  11. Stand on a side of street and bark like a Dog on walkers.
  12. Kiss armpits of the person sitting third on your right side.
  13. Post some embarrassing pictures on facebook.
  14. Pluck a flower from garden in front of guard.
  15. Kiss an ugly and dirty man sitting on a street.
  16. Sit here with an open zip of the pants.
  17. Drink some pool water while others are swimming there.
  18. For a boy put heavy makeup.
  19. For girls remove makeup.
  20. Give your cell phone so that everyone could check your inbox.
  21. Lick the floor.
  22. Lick the foot mat.
  23. Shave your hands.
  24. Kiss the person in the room you hate the most.
  25. Eat uncooked onion and garlic.
  26. Become a pet of someone in the people sitting here with a pet chain around neck.
  27. Crawl and cry like babies.
  28. Eat something with lips without using teeth.
  29. Open a wrapper of Chocolate or Candy with your feet.
  30. Dance with wearing under wear or a panty on your head.
  31. Wear under wear or a panty over the pants.
  32. Wear your bra over your shirt.
  33. Drop your cell phone in the toilet and take it out with hands.
  34. Dance like a girl.
  35. Send a sexiest song to your grandmother.
  36. Sit on a wet cloth and get out on street with the same wet back. (pretending peed)
  37. Jump like a frog
  38. Smell the under arms of all players and rank the worst.
  39. Repeat the tongue twisters, which players asked you.
  40. Call your mom and talk to her as your father does ( calling her darling, sweet heart etc)

Truth or dare is very common game and each one among us is aware of the game. However, there is another version of the same game which is truth or embarrassing dares. The truth or dare game is an epic and cult classic game which is often played in the parties or other social gatherings. The game is very interesting and is very helpful in getting frank with people whom are not so frank to you. The game truth or embarrassing dares is very fun to play and is its history goes beyond centuries. The game truth or dare was originally named as the questions and commands but was then renamed in 1712 as the truth or dare. However, with time there have been numerous versions of the game and one is truth or embarrassing dares. When a person is picking a dare in the game, the person would be asked to complete a task which is embarrassing for him to accomplish. But when the player is choosing truth, then he/she is asked for the questions which are embarrassing for him/her to answer. The following is the list of interesting truth or embarrassing dare questions.

These are some of the most embarrassing truth and dares for you. Try then in the next game you play and enjoy a lot of laughs and funny moments.