Drinking Games For Two People: All of us are living very busy lives. We have a routine schedule which we have to follow every day. These hectic schedules make us bored of everything. So playing some games with your partners and friends can be very helpful in making our minds fresh. These game help in our catharsis and many of the times they assist in creation of new ideas.

Playing games of two people is also very enjoyable. There are certain games in which there are only two players and they make a loads of fun and giggles. If you play these games with your beloved or crush, you will get to know a bundle of things about each other. Similarly if these games are played with your best buddy you both are going to have memorable moments together.

In the same way drinking games for two people are very interesting to play. Through these games you can get a lot of unshared secrets from your partner and friends. We are beginning with.

Drinking Games For Two People


In this game you and your partner have to drink a decided number of glasses within a decided time period.

For example, both of you can decide that we have to drink 8 glasses of beer in one and half minute. The one, who will win, will be taken for a dinner by the guy who lost the game. For time you can set an alarm or a reminder. There could be any referee also to decide about the results.


You can also play the game like this. You have to set a number of bottles in front of you both. Sit together and with a whistle start drinking. As the finishing bell rings you should stop drinking. Then it will be counted that each of you drunk how many glasses in the given time.


Well this is going to be a fun full game for two players. Sit in a park or a ground. Have your drinking items with you. Decide a point to reach after running. After that decide a time and make one person umpire. Soon you finished drinking you have to run and reach that decided point. Believe me, after drinking; running is the most difficult work. You have to run drunk and the winner will be allowed to drink moreJ. Do remember if someone caught you, you are unfamiliar to English and your partner is deaf and dump by birth.


This is going to be a fun too. As we all know that people speaks truth when drunk. So you can play this game with your girlfriend or boy friend, with your best friend and with your crush. Drink together at least 2 bottles and when it covers your mind, start speaking truth. Tell your secrets to each other and share your dirty minds. This is not only a game but a way for catharsis too. Enjoy telling your untold truths too each other. You are gonna love it.


Now this is a game from dare loving people. If you are adventurous you should play this game. Sit back with your best pal and drink as much as you can. After being drunk start daring each other. Bet me you will even chase those dares which will you never thought of doing when not drunk.

These are some of the games which are a bit different from the classical games of drinking. I hope if you will play any of these you will be having a lot of fun with your player partner.


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