Crazy Things to do with Friends; The time we are getting older, we are getting crazier as well. Most importantly when we are with friends, the level of our craziness is un-matched. There are numerous crazy things that we could do with our friends. The following are the top things to do with friends.

  1. Sky Diving

Sky diving is something which only crazy people can do. If you haven’t tried sky diving until yet, then the time is perfect to go with your friends and try sky diving. The experience of sky diving is fascinating and demand guts and courage to do. Some people only do it for fun to raise their craziness level among friends, while other do it to show their courage level to their friends.

  1. Bungee Cord Jumping

Have you ever thought of the bungee cord jumping? If no, then the time is asking you to have some crazy things with your friends. Bungee cord jumping is scarier than the sky diving and is perfect for those who don’t have limits of craziness amid friends. You will be bouncing along one another screaming being top of your lungs. This jumping is better than the roller coaster experience but it depends from where you will jump.

    1. Crashing the Wedding
Crazy Things to do with Friends

Not all people are able to fulfill the crashing of a wedding. The simplest way to show your craziness is to dress up and then have the ball on the couple at the wedding. The funny part is its explanation to people who you are and how are you knowing of the wedding, bride, and groom. You have to make your story to make at its peak and fool people while enjoy time being at the wedding.

  1. Finding the Famous Rock Band

The rock bands are staying in some hotels or guest house somewhere in the city where they have performed. Go and look for the band and find out where they are staying after the concert is ended. For this you have to do a real research to find out the exact place of the band staying. You might have to search out the entire city for the purpose. This is something which only crazy people can do.

  1. Sneaking Backstage in the Concert

You might have joined many concerts with your friends. If you are crazy or you want to prove it to someone then you must have guts to sneak at the backstage of a concert. Sneaking in the mike means people in the entire concert would hear you. But if you are self-determined then you have to look any way for the purpose.

  1. Hunting the Crush

It is a fact that every person has crushes. But the crazy part is to look for the crus in entire city. For instance, if you are going somewhere and you see a random girl on whom you have crush. Then stop everything and look for the girl in the city. You can also take help of your friends to find out the girl. Searching a random girl in the entire city is the task for crazy people only.

7. Go out of Home without Cell Phone

Crazy Things to do with Friends

We all know that these days it is almost impossible to live without using a cellphone. People are even not able to spend an hour without having cell phone in hands. Therefore get crazy and go out of your home without having cell phone. Spending entire day without phone is going to be crazier as you would not be able to contact anyone and vice versa.