Most of the girls think that boys are cheats and liars. But they are not aware of the fact that all boys are not the same, like all five fingers are not equal in size. However, the fact is its place that boys are cheats and liars. The cheating and liar nature of boys is also highly dependent on the culture in which they have grown. Because in some cultures women are so open sexually and are more exploited that boys only take them as sex toys. Boys are using the girls and then leave them whenever they want. Boys are also not humble and faithful in such societies, instead they are cheats and liars. Some of the major reasons why boys are cheats and liars are as follows.

Boys are Cheats and Liars
  1. Boys are Scumbags

It is a fact that there are some good boys existing in the world while on the other hand there exists boys who are scumbags. Such boys are only into using women for their sexual pleasure. They tell women everything that they want to hear but once they are done with their sexual desires, they leave the women with no reason. Boy are making promises to be together for eternal life. They will also make the women feel special. Such boys will take women to dinners and offer them cool and decent gifts which are mostly handmade and costly. The boys will make them believe that they care for the women and will keep a good physical relation with them. But once the boys are done with their sexual desires to their full, they search reasons for leaving the women.

  1. Boys are Insecure

Some boys are even faithful to the women whom they love, but are extremely insecure. Such boys always fight with their women on the clothes they wear, going out on parties, and even talking to other men. Such boys are not able to digest that their women may even look to some other boys. They are always in fear of losing the girl to some other boy. Such boys are also lacking the factor of trust in their girls. They are even afraid that their girls might cheat on them but actually they are so much insecure that, at last they are the one who cheat and lie.

  1. Boys are not aware of Preciousness of Women

Some boys become cheats and liars because they are not aware of the fact that some girls are so precious to be lost. Such boys are not aware of the qualities that their women have. Some women are so down to earth that it’s hard to find their substitute. But some boys are not able to understand the fact and keep on doubting their women which result in the breakup. Such boys are really in deep trouble and in great loss. It’s not that someone will screw them but they are screwing their lives themselves very badly. Such boys also don’t have courage to admit that they have cheated on their women. Therefore, if such boys have really ever loved their women, they will never even think of breakup or cheating on their women. This is because they will never be able to move on and will never be able to get true love from other women. As they say, as you sow, so shall you reap, therefore if any boy is cheating and lying to their girlfriends, someday some other girls will cheat them.