Best friend tag questions: Everyone in their lives have a special person which has the ability to be called the Best Friend. He or she can be your childhood buddy, school mate or may be a collage buddy. With that Best Buddy you can laugh madly on stupid things, Eat without getting conscious, do a lot of window shopping, and have stupid funny late night chats.

Two best friends can do some most creepy things but they always remember one thing “If we get caught, you are deaf and I don’t speak English”

That person can only be one with whom you can also share your secrets, let him/her know your embarrassing moments, the only one with whom you can enjoy little happy moments of your life, the one and only partner who knows about your likes and dislikes, crushes and many more things related to the life you both.

So today we are going to have a look at some interesting and funny Best friend tag questions. They can be made on facebook and other social media or even in any game you are playing with your friends asking personal questions about each other.

  1. What is the favorite food of your best friend?
  2. What is her favorite color?
  3. How many secret crushes she have right now?
  4. What is the biggest dream of your best buddy?
  5. Is she good at make up?
  6. Does she love sleeping?
  7. Is she selective and choosy about different things?
  8. Does she love shopping?
  9. What type of guys she is attracted towards?
  10. Is she a pet lover?
  11. Is she lazy or quick?
  12. Is she good at studies?
  13. Is she confident or over confident?
  14. Did she ever sleep during lectures?
  15. How much time she needs to get ready for a party?
  16. What type of people she hates the most?
  17. Is she always conscious about her weight and smartness?
  18. Is she foodie?
  19. What are her favorite Sports?
  20. Which sports she is good at?
  21. Which T.V show is her favorite?
  22. Who is her favorite hero?
  23. Which Cartoon character is her favorite?
  24. Is she a book worm?
  25. Does she like romantic novels?
  26. What is her favorite season?
  27. What is favorite chocolate?
  28. Which Subject of studies she likes the most?
  29. Which Subject of studies she hates the most?
  30. Does she enjoy rain?
  31. Which Coffee she likes, black or creamy?
  32. Who is her ideal personality?
  33. Does she have a good sense of humor?
  34. What type of Music she loves to listen?
  35. What is the biggest fear of your best friend?
  36. Which job is her dream?
  37. Is she adventurous?
  38. What are her career goals?
  39. Does she like wearing jewelry?
  40. Does she like wearing goggles?
  41. Is she a good car driver?
  42. Does she like high heels?
  43. Which things your best friend always carry in her hand bag?
  44. Is she age conscious?
  45. Which movie is her favorite?
  46. Is she a good dancer?
  47. Is she trendy and brand conscious?
  48. Is she addicted to social media?
  49. Which flavor of ice cream she loves?

These days one of the most trending question over social media and YouTube is best friend tag questions. There are numerous questions in which you can tag your best friend and share your feelings with him/her. These questions are also the best way to introduce your friends to the audience. However, if you think that your friend is the most entertaining person in the world, then the best friend tag question is superb idea. The tag questions are very different and are related to your friend in one way or the other. Some tag questions are related to the nature of your friends while some tag questions are just for fun to make laughs. In some questions you can tag more than one friends, such questions are for the discussion purposes so that you and your friends may have discussion on it. You can also get an inspiration from these questions and tag your friends to share laughs. The following are some of the most popular and trending best friend tag questions.

So all of you hurry up and start picking best friend tag questions from here. With loads of enjoyment you will also come to make out how much you know about your best companion.