5 Smart Ways To Raise Capable Kids:
Children are flowers,

Having high morals,

Intelligent and beautiful,

Loving and smart,

Darling of their parents,

Ready to bring new art,

Elegant and capable,

Neither to be beaten, but raised like stars!

This acrostic was constructed by me when I was a student of grade 5. Time passed and I forgot it but to my surprise it was saved in my sub conscious part of brain and it just clicked in my mind when I started thinking about this topic.

Every child is special and needs a special care from his parents. Every child is innocent at the time of birth and totally dependent on his parents about his developing. Every child has no past, present and future but parents are actually responsible to give him a good past and present in order to make his future bright.

So dear parents, if you are really serious to raise your kids to ensure their best future, this is going to be the best article for you. In this article, I am going to share some of the smartest ways which could surely help you in bringing up your child in a best way.

  • Look for their hidden qualities:

If you really want a bright future of your child, you should firstly find out the inner hidden qualities of your child. You should look and discover the natural qualities of your child. May be he will be very good at arts but till unable to know that. Or maybe your child will be a super duper Mathematics lover but he even does not know that. For this you have to spend your time with your child. You have to be creative in determining his creativities.

  • But, a good child should be a good human being:

Well that is most important for you for a good future of your child. You should be adapting such ways which will raise your capable kid into a capable Human being. You should bring up your child with kindness and love. He will always adapt whatever he is going to see from his parents. If you really want to smartly raise your child you should have a good family environment. You must teach him about the respect, care and love of the relations. I have seen many people who are highly educated but far away from humanity. So first make him learn about kindness and humanity. You can tell him the stories Mother Teresa, Edhi, Nelson Mandela and others. You can make him feel that we have to live while caring and loving others.

  • Make a soft and hard routine at a time:

You should make a routine for your child which has some softness and hardness together. In this schedule, you should decide about his curricular and extracurricular activities. You can ask about his interests and should keep all of them in mind while making a schedule. There must be some points added by you to keep him on track such as the diet plans, sleeping schedules etc.

  • Frequently ask about his Friends:

This is too much important to build his confidence upon himself and to make him trusting you. You should ask about his friends and activities in a friendly manner. Keep in mind that you should not be at all harsh and strict while asking because; if he feels any strictness in your behavior he will not tell everything. And you will fail to build his trust. He will not then share his problems with you. And there will be invisible distances which could stop you from raising your capable child.

  • Give small and practical responsibilities:

To conclude, this is very important and smart way to bring your child well. You can give him small responsibilities which will help in creating a sense of responsibility in him. You can ask him to fill a bottle of water each day or you can make him feel that you really feel pleased when he helps you in setting a dinner table. Remember to say him thanks whenever and wherever he fulfills his given task. Other than this you should not scold him if he does something wrong. He is your star and you have to take him high on the sky.



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