Things Every Person Who Loves A Woman Should Know: So do you love any woman……is she your sister, or mother? Is she your best friend or you are going to start a relation with her. If she is your better half, this is going to work more than everything.

Anything or any woman in your mind… you must to have to remember some key points which are essential for you to know.

But, keeping these points in your mind forever is much more important for you. This is because; every woman wants some real pleasure from you. Every woman has a natural quality to feel importance from your side. So in order to love her in the right way you should know these things which I am telling you right now. Keep your fingers crossed.

Things Every Person Who Loves A Woman Should Know
    1. You must make her feel that nothing is more important to you in the world.
    2. You must tell her that she is the most beautiful creature of nature. (You can say that to your mommy and sister too.)
    3. You should tell her that she is strongest than anyone in the world.
    4. You should make your mind ready to appreciate her in little things.
    5. You should remember that if you love her positively she being loyal is going to die for you. But if not, be ready for much unexpected results.
    6. Jealousy is common in women. So try not discussing other women in front of her. She wants your all attention.
    7. You should remain with her in worst time; this is how you can show your true feelings.
    8. Never try to discourage her, it will break her heart.
    9. Just keep in mind that she has gone through many difficult situations before you, so do not tell her that she is weak.
Things Every Person Who Loves A Woman Should Know
  1. Every woman in the world is unique and you should remember that.
  2. Keep in mind that if you give her importance, she will always stand behind her success.
  3. If you are a father, your daughter may need you to protect her. Do not ever make her hope lost.
  4. Always remember she is the one who has taken care of you when you were a tiny little baby. And she never asked to get paid for it. Keep this point in mind for every woman.
  5. Do remember, she is not a tissue paper which is used and thrown into dump.
  6. Keep in mind; she is not only for sex. Plus never defame her character.
  7. If she has faced any sexual harassment in the past, support her to get rid of it.
  8. Build her trust on you by showing care and protection.
  9. Never break your promises you made with her. Keep your word.
  10. Appreciate her in making own choices.
  11. Trust her. If she is telling you something you should not ignore it.
  12. Keep her secrets. If you come to know any of her secret never ever disclose a single word.
  13. Try to remain in communication even when you are somewhere at distance. Text her regularly, make phone calls or have a Skype chat. Tell her how you miss her.
  14. Be loyal and honest in the relation.
  15. There should be no gender inequalities while you love her.
  16. Avoid competing with her on small things.
  17. Silently observe what she likes and dislikes and do according to them.
  18. Honor her everywhere. Never use abusive for her if you are a real man.
  19. Try showing care in front of others; never leave her alone in a party or any public place.
  20. Do remember, where there is a love there must be full respect.
  21. Last but not the least, either she is your mother, sister, beloved, friend or your dearest wife treat every woman like a queen. Treat her like in a way in which you want others to treat your beloved daughter in the future.