Relationships problems are common in thriving relationship. But if you get to identify what these relationship problems might be then you are bound to have a smooth journey. Here are 10 of the most known problems in a relationship.

  1. Poor Communication
    These is manifested in for example when one partner is talking the other is busy with other things and does not fully pay attention. Also raising voices at each other while having the ‘talk’ and not being open with each other.
  2. Low Sex Drive
    In the beginning of a relationship, couples can’t keep their hands off each other but with time the sex drive is low and parties loose interest and sex becomes a duty. These can make the couple start drifting.
  3. Fiance
    Inadequate finance to run the marriage can really be something that can be overcome. When couples fails to have proper ways and here communication chips in, it is hard for couples to have proper and serious financial talks which leads to money being a problem.
  4. Trust
    Do you really trust your partner? Well, trust issues can be a problem and you need to be on the lookout. If you cannot trust your partner to go out for dinner with someone else it shows how insecure you are. Lack of trust in your partner is not a good sign for a long term relationship.
  5. jealousy and insecurity
    A couple that is insecure is often build on the foundation of jealousy and anger. It is hard for one party to get attention externally and this inhibits the success of a healthy relationship.
  6. Time
    When couples start being busy for which did not happen in the beginning is always a sign of a serious problem. This can lead to the feeling of not seeing the importance of a partner.
  7. Priorities Shift
    As time goes by people tend to change. Also what made you bound some time back may not be it anymore. If the bond is weaker both parties tend to have different changes which may collide and these start pulling them apart.
  8. Love
    Well while falling in love might be easy, staying in love is a bit hard. When the interest in the other party suddenly decrease, problems are bound to erupt every now and then.
  9. Continuous Conflict
    While conflicts can happen, it being repetitive can really be a problem. Either one party get used of the repeated mistakes and start drifting or in worse occasion lead to violence.
  10. Personal Space
    As much as people in love won’t leave each other side, it can also be a bit dangerous. One needs the rest of the world to grow and lack of it can bring serious problems of craving of attention.

While there are relationship problems, acknowledging them can make it easy to deal with. There is practically solutions to each and every one of the above problems and instead of terminating a relationship, applying these relationship solutions can actually revive it.