50+ Would You Rather Questions for Middle School


If you are a middle school going student, here I have a bunch of would you rather questions for you, since you are all in the phase of hectic adolescence, it’s a high time you need to tickle your mind into some critical yet wise questions, which would not only make your middle school life a bit wiser but also make you a critical thinker every time you face a would you rather question in front of you. You must take up this challenge and add value to your schooling life by making it more funny and joyous.

  1. Would you rather pursue boarding school or be a day scholar?
  2. Would you rather prefer coeducation or only girls/boys school?
  3. Would you rather do your homework timely or frame an excuse often.
  4. Would you rather dream of an admission to a business school or an engineering course?
  5. Would you rather go to a convent school or a government?
  6. Would you rather be actively participating in sports or learn music?
  7. Would you rather like to be chosen as the monitor of the class or be a topper?
  8. Would you rather participate in extempore or go for a swimming competition?
  9. Would you rather be noisy in the library or be quiet and follow the rules?
  10. Would you rather prepare for your exams for the entire week or do a one-night study prior to the date?
  11. Would you rather enjoy the maths class more or the science class?
  12. Would you rather eat your lunch secretly in the classroom or wait for the recess?
  13. Would you rather be quiet till the teacher arrives in the class or be noisy?
  14. Would you rather learn all the name of the countries in your map or learn sewing?
  15. Would you rather an expert in basketball or play football?
  16. Would you rather be fascinated by the history of the emperors and wars or perform science experiments with great enthusiasm?
  17. Would you rather wear a traditional dress at the fete or a modern attire?
  18. Would you rather miss your home at the school or want to stay more on the campus?
  19. Would you rather come to school by walking or on a bicycle?
  20. Would you rather draw sketches on your desk or keep it clean?
  21. Would you rather go to a science exhibition or an art show?
  22. Would you rather draw a machine model for your project or display an erupting volcano?
  23. Would you rather take notes properly in a copy or write on a random page?
  24. Would you rather keep your uniform clean or wipe your dirty hands on it?
  25. Would you rather go for a vocational course or a technical degree?
  26. Would you rather enjoy observing diatoms under the microscope or cells?
  27. Would you rather keep your notebook tidy or play word scrambles at the back of the copy?
  28. Would you rather make a collage of your school memories or own a slam book?
  29. Would you rather hide the letter written by your teacher to your parents or get scolded?
  30. Would you rather own a set of blue pens or a multicoloured pen set?
  31. Would you rather like to stay in the same section with your old friends or will make new friends?
  32. Would you rather help your younger siblings in their homework or teach then drawing?
  33. Would you rather be excited about attending the extra classes or totally ignore it?
  34. Would you rather spend more time on the basketball court or library?
  35. Would you rather request your parents to buy you a new backpack or a new bicycle?
  36. Would you rather collect a bunch of attractive and fragrant erasers or owe a set of colour pens?
  37. Would you rather spend your evening hanging out with your friends or watching your favourite cartoon?
  38. Would you rather be jealous of your friend over his high grades or do self-analysis and work harder?
  39. Would you rather find the prayer assembly more boring or the history classes?
  40. Would you rather polish your school shoes daily or iron your own clothes?
  41. Would you rather be wanting your favourite lunch daily or eat in the canteen?
  42. Would you rather demand your parents for a new pet or a new LED table lamp?
  43. Would you rather go on a world tour or spend your summer vacation at home?
  44. Would you rather like to eat only junk food or have a nutritious diet on weekends?
  45. Would you rather like to have 10 fish as a pet or one dog?
  46. Would you rather like to cut your nails every weekend or just sharpen it?
  47. Would you rather like to do homework daily or leave it on weekends?
  48. Would you rather like to use a pen for writing exams or pencil and rubber?
  49. Would you rather like to have snacks in the breakfast or skip it completely?
  50. Would you rather like to have exams on a monthly basis or only once in a year?
  51. Would you rather freak before a challenge or face it open minded?

With this, we come to an end of the would you rather questions, and I am very hopeful that now you must have completed answering these questions, and would have enjoyed solving this funny and mind-tickling off the academic journey.