When he calls you baby girl – What it means (15 heart touching Reasons)

When he calls you baby girl – What it means (15 heart touching Reasons)

Everyone has its own ways to show his/her love. And every relation needs some special attention and care. It’s not only about love someone but it’s about expressing your love.

There are many ways to express your love but I love life when he calls you baby girl or something else you feel like princess and important to him and that’s make all the difference. You feel really touched.

Here we present you some heart touching feelings a girl feel when he call you baby girl:


  1. When he calls you baby girl it feels like most important thing to him. A delicate thing or a glass doll that he always wants to keep safe!
  2. It’s not only about feeling like important but it really makes you feel that he is attentive towards you and he really wants your attention as well.
  3. It is one of the simplest ways to make her love. Girls really like to be cuddle by their men or boyfriend and naming their girl after any cute thing or call her his girl really makes her blush.
  4. Sometimes only feelings are not important, sometimes words work like magic. Sometimes the only thing that is needed in a relationship is expressing love by your deepest feeling. And when he says something you really want to hear. You really have goose bumps. It means not only your body but your soul is also responding the love and words of you man.
  5. When he calls you baby girl it is like cold breeze in a hot sunny day. Rain in desert and a fulfilled wish of a dying man. It’s not just a word it is basically a complete feeling and a sense of being his. It’s like he is having your copy rights and you are only belongs to him. He posses you and in real girls love this feeling and love the right of their man on their body and soul. Although man and woman are equal but in love life girls love the denomination of boys and the feel of such belonging makes their man possessive about them. And this feel really make your girl feel like yours only one and at the end it really all that matters.
  6. Girls are really emotional and create strong feelings for the one she loves in a very special way that is really deep and true. And when they get a response or a first step from that special one or some special word or name it makes them feel like heaven around her. What is more beautiful than peace around you that connects you with your true love? And such caring and sweet words really create such atmosphere for you. So why should not call her your baby girl?
  7. Whenever he calls you with a special name or when he calls you baby girl, a girl really feels like her baby. She does stupid stuff and being naughty when he is around because she knows that he is going to love each and everything of her and he really enjoys her craziest things. And this will really help you to make her yours as she feels really open with you and it is the first step of a true relationship.
  8. When he calls you baby girls it makes a girl really superior and special in the whole universe. Boys don’t understand mostly but girls really eagerly wait for them to express love and say something that shows their attention and love and most importantly sense and feel of belonging.
  9. When he calls you baby girl it make you feel you warm all inside. Like your heart is about to be swallowed by your soul. Like you could curl up in a ball and fall asleep on a warm cloud of feelings. This word really does such things with her brain. It creates a sense of belonging with the sense of love and warmth and sometimes this mind game really helps you to build a strong relationship and make it possible that your love really feels it directly from your heart.
  10. Not only in love life but when he calls you baby girl, it is really stress relieving. This word ‘baby’ really leaves a positive impact on a female mind. It causes instant emotional relief. Such words really create a feel of deep emotion. It really changes the attitude and of yours towards her and make you more concern about her.
  11. It feels really nice to know someone’s there when she wants to act like a baby. When we enter in a scary life of being adult, we lose our sense of security. And when he calls you baby girl then you can’t help but feel like you no longer need your mama. It reflects that she finds herself secure in your arms and feels like no one can harm her if you are by her side.
  12. It’s not that we’re not strong, independent women. But in this cold, cruel world, it’s great to hear that someone is there for you. If you’re sick, tired or just sad, someone’s there to dry your tears and clean you up. That security is comforting. And that baby word does the same. It stimulates the pleasure hormones that rapidly change her mood and if you really love her then if she is happy it will make you happy as well.
  13. Sensuality releases dopamine, and this motivates our brain to seek more, even to the point of addiction. Then, the addition of Neuro chemicals like Oxytocin and Vasotocin (released within the care circuits) help us to build long-lasting relationships filled with kindness, compassion and trust. Trust is the most important thing in any relationship and if something is giving and building trust in your relationship then give it a chance and I am sure that you will not be disappointed.
  14. Calling your girlfriend your baby makes your relationship stronger and healthier. When both of the partners call each other baby it reflects their care and concern towards each other and shows the innocent love as well. But now there is something really important that by only using such words it will create your shady image. You have to maintain a balance in between your actions and words. Only calling her baby does not make her your baby if you do not care for her in real or not feel for her.
  15. Calling her a baby really does not mean baby talk or taking your relationship non-seriously but it is just to make sure that you really want her and she is like your baby that you always care for her and really want to make sure that she will stay in your life forever and ever. Basically it’s not only about calling her baby girl but it is about each and every word that can express your love and deepest and true feeling for her. And if you really and truly in love with her then every word you utter will show your passion and love for her. And that’s all a girl needs.