What does it mean when you dream about someone you love

What does it mean when you dream about someone you love

Dreams are a gate way to your unconsciousness. A path that leads you to a planet where you land all of your fantasies and desires with all the emotions you want. A new world completely made of your wishes, unfinished tasks, unfulfilled desires and all those things that you missed or you wish to have.

So we can say that dreams are the place where you are, what you truly are. No boundaries, no limits, no fear of rejection and no fear of loss. Just you and your desired situations and that’s it. But it’s not same all the time. You have to face all the things even you like it or not.
Dreams are true reflector of what you think and what you feel. It won’t let you do all the things with your fantasy world. This is the cruelty of dreams. They are like mirrors. You only see what you have in side you. Even it is a fear or pleasure.

We live in a society where to remain silent is easier then to speak up. Where you have to hide your inner, and keep silence to make peace. Here, to speak up means a war between culture, custom and tradition. So one can only dream about the thing he or she loves.

As we all know that dreams have their own language and expression. A simple thing is not that simple in a dream, it may have lots of meanings. And that makes a dream complex. For example according to interpretation of dreams cow in a dream means a year. Yeah it’s not that simple.

Interpretation of a dream is not an easy job. It’s a full study and most importantly gift from Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty blessed Hazrat Yousaf (A.S) with the miracle of dream interpretation. And it gives us firm believe that dreams and their interpretations do exist.
Dreams and their interpretations is a vast subject. Everyone can’t do the task. Each and every dream has its own background and meaning but it’s not necessary that all the dreams have some specific meaning.

But what if when you dream about someone you love or dream about someone you use to love?

It does not give any particular sign always but sometimes it does. Research shows when you think about a person whom you love or constantly or frequently see them then you may have dreams of them. The dream about your crush or love one may be the secret desire of your subconscious to know them more or to spend more time with them. These dreams also giving you signals to tell them your true inner feeling especially when dreams are positive.

If you dream about someone whom you use to love shows that you misses them, or it also shows some unfinished work as well. Most of the times it is not a sign but continues dreams may have a sign or signal behind them.

According to religion Islam it shows different interpretation. If you dream about being ardently in love shows religious corruption and financial losses. Loving Allah Almighty shows the dreamer will be proficient in his religion and will observe the tradition of Muslims Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Seeing doing what the heart desires give signals that dreamer will start something endless. Somebody telling the dreamer that “I love you”, interpret that person abhors him or him.

Most of the time, such dreams show some unfinished tasks or your impatient behavior towards someone. Love dreams mostly have opposite interpretation. But it’s not compulsory that you are seeing something must have some background. Sometimes your unconscious saved something you had a glimpse and it will show you in your dream.
To see a love one in dream reflects your love to that person.

But wrong interpretation of a dream can lead you to a disappointed life. Always try to get meaning of a dream from an authentic source so you can do something about it in time. And most important you should not tell everyone about your dreams. It is a bad omen.

According to religion Islam and other religions or cultures dreaming about a person you love or use to love is not a very good sign but it’s not same all the time. Circumstances and situations may differ that can give the dream another meaning.

But dreams are your unconscious and there is no need to be afraid of it in any case.