100+ Valentine Date Ideas

100+ Valentine Date Ideas

Valentine day is one of the most special days for the lovers. It is a remembrance of the fact that love is the most beautiful emotion of the world. It has begun from the very first day of life and will remain till the last.

Most of the people want to spend the day in a memorable way however, many of them run out of the ideas. It spoils their day and the mood of their spouse too.

For this reason, I have brought some unique, fantastic, romantic, and sexiest valentine date ideas. They are more than a hundred and each of them will make your day.

So, get ready for a blast in the coming Valentine day. You and your spouse are going to have an amazing time!

  1. Bringing a valentine gift for your partner is one of the best ideas for beginning a valentine date. It can just be a red rose, a bouquet of flowers, a valentine day’s card, a box of chocolates, any favorite dress, and so on. It means that it depends on your pocket than what you can buy for your spouse, because; on this day, the loveable feelings are more valuable than an expensive gift.
  2. Don’t forget to Thank God for keeping you together. You can start the day by making a short visit to the church and receiving the prayers from father. It will increase your love and will give you peace of mind and heart.
  3. Romantic Movie Night is one of the perfect date ideas on the valentine. Before the day comes, you can select a lovely movie to watch with your husband/wife. It will be sensational and memorable for the whole night.
  4. You can buy tickets for the movie before a week of Valentine.
  5. In addition, watching a movie in your room under the blanket will also look romantic. You can hold the hand of your spouse, put your head on his chest, and enjoy.
  6. On the coming Valentine, you can have a modified movie idea for the date. You can go with your partner for a long drive and may stop at a peaceful place. Both you can sit in the back seat of the car, wear a blanket, and enjoy a romantic movie. It will give you some so special moments that you and she will never forget in the entire life.
  7. If the valentine day is on the weekend or you have both have a chance to take leave from your workplaces; then you must spend the whole day together. In some cases, women are housewives. So, your hubby may take an off from the office and you can have a lot do.
  8. If you’ve planned to enjoy the whole day with your valentine; then we have some superb ideas for you. For example, you can hire a babysitter for one day and both of you can go for a beach picnic or somewhere romantic like a lake.
  9. Enjoying old memories with your spouse is also a cool valentine date idea. You can look at your wedding pictures and enjoy each other’s comments on them. In addition, reviewing the old love letters (before the marriage) is an awesome idea to have fun and love at the same time. They will not only remind you of the old days but will also refresh your feelings of love.
  10. Both of you can together sit in a blanket and cuddle while remembering the old days of love and romance.
  11. A candlelight dinner with your beautiful valentine is our personal recommendation to all of the readers. In this case, you should avoid a crowded place. And, try to book on a cuisine for the special day. Just imagine a peaceful and romantic environment and you have a romantic dinner with your love in a dim light of the candles. Your partner is gonna love that. So, begin to save some money for the day.
  12. If your bank account doesn’t allow that; then you can have dinner in the open air. You both cook together and eat it under the sky covered with stars.
  13. Eating the dinner in a blanket is also extremely romantic date idea for the valentine. You can have the food for both of you in one plate and wine/juice for both in one glass. It will be so so and so lovely!
  14. Playing light-mood games is also a lovely valentine date idea. You can ask little questions from each other and they will help you know how much you know each other.
  15. And what about coffee and dry fruits? Every one of us knows that valentine day is in February, which is a colder month. So, it could be another perfect valentine date idea for the life partners.
  16. On this special day, you can also visit a museum, an art gallery, or a historical place. It can make you have a nice conversation with your partner.
  17. Long Drive is one of my favorite valentine date ideas. If your children are teenagers and they do not sleep very early; you can go for a long drive and enjoy some romantic songs. There are a lot of things to talk about during the drive. For example, you can discuss how you both fall in love with each other or something that you love about your partner and haven’t told him yet.
  18. If you don’t have kids; then you can wear a sexy topless dress and wait for your husband at home. In the meantime, you can bake his favorite cookies, chocolate cake, or prepare a dessert for him. I’m sure this idea will work for the whole night.
  19. What could be a better Valentine date idea than having a one ice cream cup and eating together?
  20. Similarly, having one cup of coffee together and cuddling under the blanket is another super sexy valentine date idea.
  21. In a cold night of the valentine day, having a hot cocoa in your hands and snuggling with your spouse under a warm blanket is one of the most loveable valentine date ideas.
  22. Watching TV shows and eating the favorite snacks with your spouse is also a great idea for a valentine date. You will enjoy it a lot.
  23. On the other hand, if you want some funny; then playing favorite games of your partner also works well.  For example, you can play scrabble and just have to make romantic and sexy words. It will give you a lot of enjoyment.
  24. Sometimes, it is necessary for someone to go to the work on Valentine’s Day. If this is your case, then you cake wakeup earlier in the morning, cook or bring breakfast which your partner loves, and begin the day with Valentine’s breakfast. You can also add roses to your treat.
  25. Gender’s battle is also a great Valentine date idea. Many people love to have parties on Valentine’s Day. If you and your friend also like that; then you may have a battle of Husbands Verses Wives. You can play little games like musical chair, food eating competitions, and etc.
  26. Playing Truth and dare will also be a super cool Idea for the valentines. You can make a little temporary home beside the sofa and keep a lot of snacks with you. This truth and dare game should be only about you and your spouse. For example, you can ask what the color of my wedding dress was. Or what the flavor of our wedding cake was? In addition, dares can be like playing the rest of the game wearing only undergarments or dance for me.
  27. If you are more interested in having some romance on Valentine’s night; then building a valentine fort in your room is a perfect idea.
  28. Being fruity and chocolaty is also a very romantic Valentine date ideas for the couples.
  29. If you are a family man; then a family picnic with all your beloved ones sounds great. You can go to a beach, waterfall, or a lake and enjoy the whole day.
  30. If your wife loves shopping; then taking her to a shopping mall is one of the best valentine date idea. You can buy her a dress and a pair of shoes and then go for an open-air dinner. After that, just get back to the home, ask her to wear the dress you’ve got her, and spend a sexist night with her.
  31. Doing something your spouse loves also works great as a valentine date idea. Like, you can go for surfing or hiking and enjoy the time with your partner.
  32. Designing a special dinner menu for both of you also looks cool. You can add food, which you both love.
  33. Having some music is also a perfect valentine date idea for the couples. If you have a good voice; then you must sing songs for your partner and show how much do you love her/him.
  34. Having an adventurous Valentine day will also work.
  35. You can also plan a love letters dinner party.
  36. Remembering the wedding night is one of the most most most romantic Valentine date idea. You can decorate the room in the same way as you did for your wedding. Bring a beautiful dress for your wife and also get yourself dressed as a bridegroom. It will be so awesome that I couldn’t explain here in words.
  37. Movies and desserts will also go well for the Valentine day.
  38. Bring a promise ring for her and make a promise that you will always stand with your wife, no matter what the situation would be.
  39. Give some additional and undisturbed time to him for watching his favorite sports.
  40. Wear something hot and offer him a message on the afternoon of the valentine day.
  41. You can also ask your husband about what he would like to eat on valentine day. Cook whatever he wants to!
  42. Give her/him a surprise gift.
  43. Take her to the beauty parlor and allow her to get a new hairstyle.
  44. You can wake up early in the morning and watch the sunrise together. You can cuddle and snuggle with your partner during that time. Have breakfast too!
  45. Be cheesy and have some open and lusty romance with him.
  46. Decorate your room with funny and cheesy items, which will give a look that you, are traveling somewhere.
  47. You can also watch your wedding video to revive the beautiful memories you had together.
  48. Go for ice-skating without your kids. Hold each other’s hands and enjoy the time.
  49. Go to watch a football match or a basketball.
  50. Play some outdoor games inside your garden. Like, volleyball.
  51. If the day is pleasant, you can enjoy a sunbath.
  52. The workout is another great idea for the valentine day. You can go together to a gym and just remember to make good compliments about his body and stamina.
  53. If you are running out of money, make some sacrifice for your partner. For motivation, read the short story “The gift of the Magi” by O. Henry.
  54. Get a romantic novel, sit in the blanket, and read together.
  55. Boating and Fishing are also good for enjoying the Valentine date.
  56. Have a Barbeque!
  57. Get a bike and explore the nearby areas with your spouse. You will surely find a beautiful and mesmerizing place.
  58. Romance in the swimming pool is also a sexy valentine date idea. Go for it!
  59. Take a long and hot bath together. Enjoy it at the most!
  60. If you both are fond of gardening, going to a floral exhibition or plantation place will work too!
  61. Playing tennis is also workable.
  62. Simply, make romance.
  63. Have a massage together!
  64. Going to Yoga is another date idea for the valentine.
  65. Gift him his favorite pet animal.
  66. You can make him surprise by taking him to watch the new action movie, he wanted to.
  67. Leave all the serious discussions for the whole day. Just talk about love, flowers, food, kisses, and hugs!
  68. What about having a Spa date?
  69. You can also go to play gold in the evening. The green ground will provide you mediation.
  70. Hold each other in the arms, lay your head on his chest, put his hands on your breasts, and feel the silence of love.
  71. Recreate your first date with the same place, same food, and the same dress.
  72. Take your wife to her parent’s home. She might be missing them for many days.
  73. Rent an expensive sports car and go for a ride.
  74. Be cheesy and funny and go to an amusement park. Enjoy the dangerous rides together.
  75. Visit some good clubs for drinking and dancing together.
  76. Take some most romantic selfie pictures and share them with your friends on social media.
  77. Party with your family at home. Have a blast!
  78. You can watch a fun movie with your family.
  79. Visit those places where you have never been before.
  80. Like the sunrise, you can also enjoy the sunset with coffee and snacks.
  81. You both can paint the body of each other. It will be fun and romance at the same time.
  82. Dance and wine together is also a cool valentine date idea. Dance like mad and enjoy!
  83. Put don’t disturb board outside the home, switch off the phones, and spend every moment together.
  84. You can also book a suite for the whole valentine day. That’s because everything is not only about money.
  85. Go for a nature walk. You and your spouse will love that.
  86. If affordable, you can plan an abroad visit and spend your valentine day there. Turkey, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and France are some recommended places.
  87. Well, a hot-air balloon is one of my dreams for the valentine day. I hope you’d love that too!
  88. Like a hot-air balloon, you can also book a helicopter ride on a special day!
  89. Have a fun date like you had in your teenager.
  90. A horse riding is so romantic and not very expensive too.
  91. A fancy dress party is also a cool date idea for the valentine day. You and other couples should decide on a dress code and every one must follow the same.
  92. Musical concert of your partner’s favorite singers is also a great idea. You can find an online schedule of the concerts and book the tickets too!
  93. If you love drinking, then just make a visit to a winery or brewery. It will be fun and you can taste some new things too!
  94. You and your whole family can enjoy bowling on the day. I’m sure you will get some new memories.
  95. Go live on Facebook while having a romantic dinner with heart-shaped crockery.
  96. Play cards. Enjoy coffee and dry-fruits too!
  97. You can play some fun. Imagine you are sick and your husband is a doctor. How will it go then?
  98. Have a secret sexy party in your bedroom.
  99. Play the touch and identify body parts game. It is very romantic when it comes to touching the private parts.
  100. Play the kissing game. Write different parts of the body on paper chits and shuffle them. Pick a one and see what part you have to kiss. You can also play in the couple’s party.
  101. Play table tennis, volleyball, or tennis against other couples.
  102. Make a fun and love music video and share with your family and friends.
  103. Do some flirty and teasing acts with your spouse.
  104. Don’t stick to only one plan for the day. Just go for a mixed one and make your valentine day date a memorable one.