101 Most liked Useless Websites on the internet

101 useless Websites on the internet

As all we know that there are lots of websites that people working on it. On one day a question that comes in my mind that is there any useless websites exist on the internet?

For this purpose I started to find out those weird websites on the internet. I am shocked to see that there are plenty of websites that exists and people also did not use those websites. One more interesting thing that I found that there are some websites which makes me laugh, I also mention this types of websites in the below. One more shocking fact is that all these websites have lot of search traffic too, so in other words they are most liked too.

One interesting thing is that if you are bored of your daily routine then this website provides you great entertainment. Some time you worked for a long time and you become tired with the same daily routine work so I decided to provide a huge number of some funny and interesting pointless websites that are given below:

1.  Mostexclusivewebsite.com

This is the first site that I found that is great to kill your time and so much people used this site.

2. Theworldsworstwebsiteever.com

Awful website it will define the drleadfu web design.

 3. Papertoilet.com

Play with a toilet paper roll.

4. Heeeeeeeey.com

Not only a straightforward HEY, it’s a HEEEY HOOO site to observe.

5. Iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples

Just not an apple, but rather a FAT woman tells the secret strategies to move quickly with a circular motion.

6. Thatsthefinger.com

Just point it out; it’s all about finger, one of the great pointless website.

7. Ismycomputeron.com

A BIG YES! It is an abnormal website.

8. Purple.com

In this website define all about a purple.

9. watching-grass-grow.com

Look at the green grass how it develops. You feel amazing! A background sound will calm your mind.

10. Pleaselike.com

It works with the area, a straightforward face book like demand.

11. Thebestdinosaur.com

One dinosaur is better than others.

 12. Iamawesome.com

It’s valid! No words nothing to include more energy, it’s very much concluded that I AM AWESOME.

13. Tencents.info

Shout loud! It reached.

14. Fallingfalling.com

Each and everything is falling down.

15. Omfgdogs.com

You are behind the dogs and the dogs behind you? Let’s see.

 16. Staggeringbeauty.com

It is the Brain boggling site page to shake up your psyche.

17. Donothingfor2minutes.com

Don’t do anything for two minutes. The counter will reset in the event that you move your mouse.

 18. Koalastothemax.com

The counter will reset in the event if you move your mouse.

19. Yyyyyy.info

It is a juggle to rearrange. Would you be able to illuminate the riddle? It is frightening one.

20. Sanger.dk

It is all about a Wiping off completely!

21. Zombo.com

On this representations of zombie appeared, but you select a colorful zombie.

22. Larrycarlson.com

This site is all about play around the nature.

23. Fallingguy.com

Please save me! Is either Up or Down?

24. Trypap.com

Smile just for one time and then to find information about aggressive password finder.

25. Republiquedesmangues.fr

Ask me something? I am a shimmering and irritating Mango Guru to light up you up.

26. cant-not-tweet-this.com

In any case, it tweets!

 27. Ducksarethebest.com

It is just sound as Quack, Quack. How about a duck page? Interesting! Ducts are the best.

28. Partridgegetslucky.com

It’s just holding a guitar and after follow the moves.

29. Rrrgggbbb.com

One of the greatest useless websites that is the whole R G B is written and your work to see it.

30. Grandpanoclothes.com

On this site said about a strong Grandpa, with NO CLOTHES? And this is about awesome competitor in rundown of peculiar sites.

31. Everydayim.com

This site is all about just busy with the colors all sites.

32. Haneke.net

This site is about a Connecting Networking! Those are drop and collect.

 33. Beesbeesbees.com

Cry loudly with the strong emotion! BEEEEEEEEEES.

34. R33b.net

It is just about a through the eyes of the Hypnos-frog.

35. Ninjaflex.com

The muscles can give an extreme battle to your 6.2 inches body.

36. Hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworl

Nothing so much special happened on this site in which a group of stupid evil-eyed men waiting.

37. Ihasabucket.com

Truly! I have a basin. This can have a place with me. I won’t let it to be stealer, EASILY.

38. Ringingtelephone.com

Someone is on Phone. HELLO! HELLO!

39. Pointerpointer.com

Point your pointer and hold up. What happen next will happen in your mind. This is the one of the best pointless websites according to us.

40. Corndogoncorndog.com

There is a one corn dog with another corn puppy? Then see what happened.

41. Taghua.com

In this type of pointless websites it goes higher, higher and more extensive.

42. Imaninja.com

On this just a black screen describes a story.

  1. Muchbetterthanthis.com

We should be sufficiently close! Is it accurate to say that you were searching for KISSMETRIICS?

  1. Ouaismaisbon.ch

Say it louder. Yes, More loudly?

  1. Crouton.net

Love for croutons?

  1. Corgiorgy.com

It does just describe ORGY’S party in the house!

  1. Unicodesnowmanforyou.com

It describe about Love Snowman? Here’s one who plays.

  1. Intotime.com

A color displays the other. Go deep into the frames to find secrets.

  1. Salmonofcapistrano.com

This site is just about a group of ads.

  1. www.patience-is-a-virtue.org

In this site a test included that check the patience. Visit only, if you have capability to tolerate.

  1. Whitetrash.nl

This site describes a trait of your own choice. Select the art of creativity for moving to the next level.

  1. www.theendofreason.com

It describe just end of the story. Move towards spoiled.

  1. Minecraftstal.com

This is a countable flute solo.

  1. Leekspin.com

Something happened you don’t understand. Surprised, it is very fast.

  1. Electricboogiewoogie.com

Make it blue, yellow or red. A boogie woolly you can’t reach at. 

  1. nelson-haha.com


  1. Secretsfornicotine.com

Move the secret 3D wherever you want. It moves around quickly in a circle every way. Try out!

  1. Pixelsfighting.com

It’s a matching websites that is who arrived to the end point.

  1. Biglongnow.com

Open the doors that have no end.

  1. Baconsizzling.com

Sizzling hot! Bacons are going to get served. Take out the plates!

  1. Dogs.are.the.most.moe

This is the way to do rock n roll. Stop me, if you can!

  1. make-everything-ok.com

 It is only a tab to decide whether ‘everything is OKAAAY’. If not, time to assess the settings of recognition. True?

  1. Isitchristmas.com

It is about a ready to surprise to your friends with a gift? First, Check whether is it Christmas. A quick response reached the answer.

  1. Sillytwitterbio.com

Much obliged to your hand sanitizer for telling me I have a cut in my grasp! Create a senseless twitter bio for entertainment. It’s entertaining!

  1. 1112.net/lastpage.html

 You’ve reached the very last page of the internet. It’s Time to say GOODBYE and SHUT OFF your computer. Go outside!

66. Random Things to Do

If someone is explaining so much bored then goes to the random things to do website. It is perfect for that special time when all you wants is to pile up some pillows and keep jumping over them.

67. What’s My Starbucks Name?

This site tells us how poor a star buck’s barista will wrong about of your name spelling. Write your name into the generator and after what will happen and appear in your order. The results are based on photos of Starbucks name misspellings from “Starbucks Spelling” and “Starbucks Name Fail” Tumblers.

68. Dog GIF Page

It’s just a dog gift page and by using this page you just remind the other person that how much you value for them.

 69. Click Click Click

Click click click is a browser game it gives you information about surfing that is that activity of looking different things on the internet.

70. Sandwiches

Sandwiches’ is a digital announcement of love for the most beloved meal between two slices of bread: so search for your favorite type and then you will get important information on it.

71. Sanger

It’s a pug licking your PC screen. Everybody needs this in their day.

72. Cat Bounce

You pick up cats and jump them. You can also make it shower more cats.

73. Sad for Japan

On this website you stir up a pink/red blob with your mouse and then it makes blubbery sounds.

74. Filler

Fill the screen through balls but don’t get a hold hit by the bounces. This is NOT easy.

75. Calming Brits

On this website Pictures of good-looking Brits with soothing messages.

76. I Love you like a Fat Lady Loves Apples

Just help a fat lady to eat apples.

 77. Lunchtimes

This site is just asked about Go play with magnet lettering with other fed up humans.

78. Acrobats

On this pointless website Add/subtract the little partners and travel them approximately; see how they interact.

 79. Pollock

Splatter paint like Jackson Pollock! Hit it off to modify paint color.

80. Pop Bubble wrap now

On this site just click on the bubbles and to hear exactly what it sounds like?

 81. Ireland vs. France

ON this website just Keep the Irish soccer team from scoring.

82. Feed the Head

It’s a strange head that you click in the region of on to find different interactive bits. There are a bundle of things to build out.

 83. I Waste So Much Time

That is the most hilarious things from around the internet.

84. Line

On this site Move your mouse to manipulate a line. It’s like build a roller wave like coaster as you ride it. Its way extra fun than it looks, I promise.

 85. Draw with Flames

On this site just move the mouse to build a cool shape and then click and pull to make flames!

86. into Time

It’s Just Click to divide color-changing rectangles into more color-changing rectangles.

87. Draw a Stickman

It does just draw a stickman. Go on adventures.

88. The Useless Web

Just click the button to be designed at to a useless website.

 89. Make everything OK

 Did you feel depressed after realize how old you are? Don’t you hope to not remember everything? Well, there’s a useless website for that. All you require to do is press on a button and that will create all your distresses vanish.\

90. A Blank Website

This website is just a simply blank

91. Paper Toilet

This useless site game will help you to in reality get to the bottom of it… to the bottom of a toilet paper roll. There’s not much ask to say about this one. Just keeps it rolling!

92. Tagus!

It’s a new website that creates a beautiful art just like it resembles the Sakura tree. Reset it an a large amount of time and get you unique design at every single time

93. PoPoPopcorn

On this site which allow you to watch corn twirl into popcorn for infinity. Go ahead and me gusto PoPoPopcorn on Face book!

94. Boothbay Zone

Interactive entertainment for pre-school based on Ragdoll’s Boothbay television show. It has no any sense

 95. Do Not Go On

You just clicked on a place you shouldn’t click on. Please go back calmly. Confused?? Well yes you must be. Visit the site and you will know the reason.

96. Taney

This site represents a strange small sparkle site under the name of “Taney”.

97. R33b

This site consists of toad that will try to hypnotize you. The site has absolutely nil but still has a high PR and get good traffic as well.

98. Slapping Eel

On this site a man getting slapped by an eel. I don’t know what the motivation behind such a website is.

99. Instant Cosby

It’s just shows a Mr. Cosby’s new picture come into sight every time you click anyplace on the page.

100. Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson

Mr. Ron Swanson’s unlimited shaking or perhaps dancing being continuously. It goes on and on.

101. Things on a White Background

More you click on man in white dress, more chance objects will start to come into sight on page. This is an award-worthy useless website.