Understanding Greek Women Before Going Out on a Date with Them – 50+ reasons


In this world the most difficult task is to understanding a woman and interpreting the meaning of their thoughts. What they are saying is not always the thing that they want to say!

No one can say that I can understand a woman because it is not possible. Sometimes they like one thing but other time they just hate it like hell. So what’s the point in it to make a try?

But it is also true that you can’t build or maintain a relationship without understanding each other. It is not possible without each other’s help.

The female brain is the most unpredictable place of the world but they make relationship and truly love someone then they can do anything for their love ones. Woman of every country and region of the world have some priorities or they prefer men with some certain qualities and habits. If you are in Greece then you must have idea of Greek women.

You must know some basic things before going on a date with a Greek woman to make your love life long lasting and more spicy and sparkling. Here we will present you some reasons to understand Greek woman before going on a date with them. We hope that our reasons will help you out to get a better date and to enjoy it completely.

50+ reasons with explanation

Here, you are going to have a brief look on why you should understand a Greek woman before going to date her and to make her happy. You will also learn what you should not do when you are with a Greek woman because it will really ruin your date. Here we present you understanding Greek women before going on a date- 50+ reasons with explanation.

  1. You must know that Greeks love to dance. They are always ready to dance. Wherever they are whatever they are doing if they listen to music they start dancing and when it comes to Greek women they really love those men who are into dancing. Who love to express through dancing and who passionately love to dance with their girl. Greek women really get impressed by those kinds of men. Because they think that a man who openly and freely dance can be a best man a date or for lifelong because they are really expressive and kind hearted as well.
  2. If you are going to date a Greek woman then you do have idea that Greeks offer food like nothing else. Food is the first thing about you will be asked and it must be the first thing and the food offered will be really delicious and they insist you to eat and offer you more. So if you are thinking or going to date a Greek woman then do prepare for the food because Greek woman cook really delicious food and they think that cooking food is an expression of love so it will attract them if you love to cook and love to eat.
  3. Greeks are truly fun loving and party lovers. They know how to celebrate and how to make fun and plan a party. But usually they don’t plan a party! Whenever they find place they just party and spread happiness all over. So if you are going to gate a Greek woman then do think about party and celebration because they find it really special and find a man lively who loves to party and loves be a part of such random parties. If we say that Greek woman’s soul is gypsy than it won’t be a wrong word for them.
  4. Greek woman is a family woman. These women love to bring all together and to make their parents happy. They really believe in living together. So the main point is that Greek woman really like family men who has family in their priorities. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then do understand that they love to be a part of a family and prefer a man who has the same thinking as well because Greek women think that he is only the man who make or breaks a home. So better prepare for such thing.
  5. Greek women always dressed up their best. They are quite stylish and always take cares their selves. You always find Greek women in best and up to date styles with the best appearance of the. Greek woman loves to be stylish and to be with a person of attractive and charming personality and appearance so if you want to date a Greek woman then do work on you as well because it appeals them.
  6. Greek people love music. Music is beyond their souls. Music can make them purely different people. And if we talk about their music then we can clearly see that their music always have a message of leading life with passion and zest or love and be the one who you really are? Greek women are really passionate about music and they really love music and always ready to listen to the music.  Their gypsy souls follow the beats of the songs. They really enjoy the company of the people who are music lovers. So if you are thinking about dating a Greek woman then you should have a classic music taste. They really prefer a man who can make their soul feel calm and peace through music.
  7. One of the best things you will find in Greek people especially in Greek woman that they will not mind small things like if you are late or forget something it is really not a big deal because they believe in 2nd chance and they practice in their lives as well. So if you are going to date a Greek woman that you will be glad to know she will not complaint about small things but it really don’t mean that you take Greek woman for granted because they really believe in the fact that homes and relations are meant to be the responsibility of the man and woman equally so you can’t expect from a woman only to forgive you all the time and make the relationship.
  8. Greek people are found of traveling and their first priority is to travel around the world but above all come back to home Greece and feel comfort and peace. So you can feel this thing in Greek woman as well that they want to and love to visit new places. If you are thinking to date a Greek woman that do understand this thing before starting it make yourself ready for traveling because it is the key to win their love. Because they feel traveling can make people to fall in love because they admires the beauty around them.
  9. The most important thing that will notice when you are in Greece. Yes! They will teach you’re their sexy language because to a non Greek person Greek language sounds really sexy. They always try to make it happen. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then be prepare yourself to learn a new language specially the curse phrase of this language.
  10. There is one thing that is quite significant in Greek that they are really prideful in themselves and really showoff. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then do understand this thing that will show you off as her own man because they find it really romantic and lovely. So be prepared.
  11. Greek woman are best at making and dragging the conversation. You’ll find as the best conversation starters and best conversation maker do be prepare if you are in Greece. If you are going to date a Greek woman then try to talk more because Greek woman really love to talk and the best part is they don’t talk rubbish but with information and facts so prepare yourself for it.
  12. Greeks are the people of honor and etiquettes. They have some certain customs to be followed and of the most important in them are to show respect and honor to the guest or even if you are guest never show up empty handed. They consider it as an insult and feel embarrassment as well. They consider it as God has given you a chance to eat at someone place or to give you a chance to feed someone. It is really an honor given you by God so respect it. And if you want to date a Greek woman then do understand the fact that Greek woman prefer the guys with these manners and consider it to be good luck for the love life. So do understand this fact.
  13. Greeks love to live together. They love to live in joint family system with all of their uncles and aunties. And they believe in the fact that if a guy succeeded in impressing a Greek girl’s parents then it is big yes for him. Greek women really follow their traditions and rituals and they really feel it as a blessing that their parents are with her at the biggest decision of her life. So if you are really going to make a relationship with a Greek woman then be prepare to be a family man and to respect the family and their decisions.
  14. Greeks are the one who always offer you help and never in last row when it comes to help someone. You will feel this factor quite significant in Greek woman that they always come forward to help people. So if you are going to date a Greek woman than be helpful to others because Greek woman attracts towards those men who are really helpful and offer help to others.
  15. Greek women are really spontaneous and do whatever they want to do. If they want to do something then there will be no barrier that can stop them. They have such kind of natures and you will feel it constant all over the Greece. So if you are you to date Greek woman then be prepared because they are quite un predictable and spontaneous so and love to be with a man who has such qualities so break the ice, see beyond the wall and go with the flow because this will be loved by your Greek woman.
  16. Greeks are quite religious and they regularly visit church and Greek woman really thinks that a man who practice religion. They have a firm believe that the head of a family or even a single man should be religious because someone is loyal to his God then it won’t be possible that he will not loyal to people around him and this makes them believe that this religious man will definitely be the one who can make them feel special and be the one who will make the relation stronger and trust worthy.
  17. Parents all around the world really love their kids but Greek parents are over protective towards their kids and always want their kids to be with them so they can protect them. So if you want to make a date with a Greek woman then first you have to make his father friend of yours and before attracting the girl towards you attract his father so he can trust you and leave his girl with you. So prepare yourself to work harder to get a date in Greece because in Greece girls love to be with a man who respects his father and who is chosen by his dad and who is trusted by his dad.
  18. Greek women are no less then bombshells and hard to handle to because it is true that they are really pretty. And that is the basic reason that they are not easily attracted to anyone. So if you want to get a date in Greece you have to be hell stylish and handsome and most importantly a charmer then Greek women will notice you and then you will succeed to get a date. If you want to date a Greek woman then do understand this thing that it is not the easy task you have to work hard on you and it is the main thing because Greek woman will love it.
  19. Beaches are really the first love of the Greek women. And as they are fearless and spontaneous that is why they love beaches and love to show their bodies and to make them tan and look more beautiful. So if you want to date a Greek woman then you will spend most of your time on beaches with a big heart as these women are quite lively so they want you to take part in games and other activities and to support them.
  20. As you know that Greek woman are lively, talkative and music lovers but they are great dancers as well. They love to dance and not only love to dance but they always open to teach Greek dance to others as well. They really do believe in dance therapy and the affects of dancing on a person’s personality. So if you want to date a Greek woman then you have to start dancing it really appeals them and attracts towards you because according to Greek woman dance is a way of communication and initiation of friendship and love.
  21. Greeks are believed to have some certain and obvious faith like if you have something good or better than others there is a high chance to get cursed or even other’s jealousy can make your thing or work bad for you. That is why they have certain phrase to get over the demonic spirits and to make your work jealousy or curse free. So if you are going to make a Greek girl friend, get used to such phrases because they say it almost every other sentence to get rid of demons and spirits. And if you follow the ritual then you can attract lots of Greek women towards you because they really follow such things and have faith in the fact that you want to succeed in life and you are not jealous of anyone.
  22. As you have earlier seen this that Greeks are always excited and lively almost about everything happening around and of the expressions of this excitement is to clap hands or even feet. They clap almost after everything they say to show their excitement and happiness. If you want to date a Greek woman then get ready to handle such passionate girl and to support her as well. Greek woman really feel it lively when a person shows his excitement and happiness in different ways and share his happiness t others as well. So prepare yourself to show your happiness and excitement and love to others because Greek women take it as a great omen.
  23. Greece is a country of sports. A country where Olympic took birth, worlds biggest sports event. As they are really lively and passionate so you will definitely see this passion in sports especially in Football or any other in which Greece is participating they will die for it and support it every possible way and really shows the sports man spirit. It is not only about men but Greek women also shows tremendous passion for sports and that is why they love to have a boy friend or life partner that love sports and can do anything for a game in which Greece is participating. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then do prepare to handle such passion and get ready to a sporty as well because it will really get you a Greek woman faster.
  24. One of the strange things that you will observe in Greece that there is a strange language used by local people. Yes! The face language. It is the language where you only use your face expression for a complete conversation. They just tilt their head or make some certain face expression and here you go now you can talk. So if you are going to date a Greek woman, then do learn this face language so you can talk to her in a silent way and to keeper her closer to you because they really find it romantic and lovely.
  25. In Greece there are some certain rituals and customs to be followed and they really strictly follow them because they have a firm faith that when we follow our rituals then it will bring good luck to us. You will observe some woman their dressed in black. They are widows and never wear colors after their husband’s death to respect him and show him their love and to show that they only belong to their husbands. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then prepare yourself to follow such rituals and customs from heart and soul. That will really attract a Greek woman toward you.
  26. As Greeks are people of customs and rituals so they really follows all the things. So here is another ritual that they add an extra year in their age like if a Greek woman is of 27 years she will tell you it as 28 years. There is no certain logic in it. It is just for an unknown best reason. They have the concept of telling closed and entered about age. If you entered in 26th they will say that you have closed 27th year of your life. If you are going to date a Greek woman then be prepared for such things and respect them because it will really attract a Greek woman.
  27. In Greece people are quite unpredictable and that is why they have some certain ways to tell the future of a person. May be you have seen this ritual in Turkey as well that we are going to tell you. They tell you future from the leftover coffee in your cup. Probably these are superstitions but they believe in the fact that the leftover coffee can tell you the future of yours. May be it is just for fun but they really do. So if you are going to gate a Greek woman then, be prepared that suddenly a guy or woman appear and take your coffee cup, examine it and then tell you your fortune. And if you don’t get offended by it that will really helps you to a date of Greek woman because they really admires the persons who enjoys all the things and not get offended.
  28. In Greece you will notice a thing that almost every person has a Saint name a part of his/her own name. They believe in this way they really give tribute to them and this will bring good fortune to them. So in Greece almost every day everyone celebrates a name day because they are connected to famous pious soul. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then do prepare yourself for such thing that everyone comes and congratulate your girl because there it is a ritual and truly followed custom. And if you enjoy this ritual it is a plus point because Greek woman really attracts to a person who respects their rituals.
  29. There are no secrets in Greek families. If you tell anything and say don’t tell anyone. In no time it will be spread like fire in the Jungle and you will be like but I didn’t tell anyone. There is nothing hidden in Greek they believe to take everyone with them and to never left anyone behind. So if you are going to date a Greek girl then do remember that there are no secrets in Greece so be prepared for the situation like a person come to you and admires hw beautifully you proposed your girl because there are no secrets there. And if you follow the same pattern your girl will really attract towards you.
  30. In Greece people love to eat and there is no doubt in it that they are super feeders. They are always ready to offer you food and feed you like a baby. They truly have belief in the fact that God chose certain people to feed others and we are one of them so they really carry the phrase and literally do it. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then, be prepared to be fed a lot because wherever you go they will feed you because they feel it is a good and positive omen. And if you really follow the ritual then don’t worry you will get a Greek date in no time.
  31. As you have studied earlier that there are no secrets in Greece so yes there are truly no secrets because in Greece mothers open up the mails or letters of yours and then say “I thought they are for me!”, and it is the biggest lie ever told to you. Because they are really worried about their children and want to make sure that they are ok and there is no trouble that is why they really open ups everything to make sure the security of yours. So prepare yourself if you are thinking to date a Greek woman just be attentive and select your words and actions wisely because it will make the girl think that you really respect her parents that will be a plus point.
  32. In Greece there is a tradition that smallest or youngest child of the family will always remain the smallest one and names after the ‘the youngest’ or ‘the little one’ even if you are crossing the 90’s of your age or even if you are only 10 or 12 it remains. So if you are going to date a Greek girl then be prepared if your girl is the youngest one in the house then she will always be called as the youngest or the little girl. And if you call her with the same name it will attract her.
  33. In Greece most of the times new babies are given name after their grandparents and that is why there are lots of children with the same name after their grandparents. And they really love the tradition because in this way they remember their ancestors and show their love to them. And if you respect and follow the ritual then you are soon be with a beautiful Greek woman because they really love the man with customs ad rituals.
  34. Greeks have great love for spices specially the dried one. They put all in their food to make it tasty and awesome. They always take some of the spices with them even if they see a plant of the any herb they ripped out to plant in their own garden and to enjoy the natural things in their own natural way. So if you are going to date a Greek girl then prepare yourself for such things and if you take part in such things then you will definitely going to have a Greek woman soon.
  35. Greeks are quite self centered and they believe the fact that they have created everything and they are the formers of each thing and if we look deeply then they are not even wrong. That is why they take pride in everything and want to have that level of respect because they deserve it. So if you want to get a date in Greece then do respect them and show them that Greece are truly the ones who made everything on their own and they are really not copy cats. It will really make your girl attracted towards you.
  36. Greeks d believe in the fact that no one is better than Greeks and really take pride of it. They really believe in the fact that they belong to the front row and are pioneers in many aspects. And they really prove it to the world. Not on national level but every single individual out there take pride of this fact that they are best. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then prepare yourself because they don’t like to be on the back side and they always wants lime light. And if you do it then you really get the best of all.
  37. Greeks really believe in evil eyes of the people they think that evil eyes are everywhere that can harm you and bring sorrow to you that is why they have lots of spell that can vanish the evil eye effect from you and can make you neat and clean and make your soul pure. Most of the times these rituals and spells are done with oil and water and most importantly the prayers that can get rid of an evil eye from you and can bring back the calmness of the soul. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then be prepare for such rituals and if you believe in them it will be a plus point because Greek woman really love those men who believe in such rituals that can make a home and relation happy and lovely.
  38. Greeks are really patriot and have faith in the point that their country always needs the supports of them that is why they never leave their country and put their 100% to make their country stand in front row. That is why they always return to their home land because they can’t leave their country and can’t live any other place. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then you must understand the fact she will never ever leave her country and if she leaves then eventually she will come back to her home land. And if you praise her, this kind of feelings then she will be yours and there is no doubt in it.
  39. Greek culture is really rich. They have certain special things in their culture like their dresses, music and special foods that have scent and they take pride in their culture and always follow it whatever the situation is. So if you want to go for a date with a Greek woman then you should have respect for the Greek culture. Some of the cultures of Greeks are really different from rest of the world like they are eating and praying in really different manner. That is why if you are going to a date a Greek woman then do embrace their rich culture and make it possible to attract a Greek woman because they really find this thing in their better half that they should respect and feel pride in their culture.
  40. Greeks are always ready to do adventurous things. You will see Greeks always in front row when comes to do un usual things like paragliding and sea surfing is their favorite sports out there and all other dangerous and adventurous sports so if you want to date a Greek woman then get ready for spending such sporty time in case of attracting a Greek woman and make them feel happy and complete with you.
  41. It won’t be wrong if we say that Greeks are quite spoiled. They are quite stubborn about their needs and want everything when they utter the words. As the Greek parents are over protective that is why Greek kids are real example of spoiled kids so they don’t say no and don’t accept anything against their will. So if you want to date a Greek woman then, be prepared for this stubbornness because they are spoiled and want their lover treat them like baby and who do it they are really attracted towards that man.
  42. Greeks are found of summers and beaches. They wait for the summers to visit beaches and to visit all the places they have put into their to-do list. They love beaches and the sun. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then prepare yourself to spend your summer on the beaches and to make your summer most lovely time of the year as well. And if you do so then there is no doubt in it that you will get the best Greek date.
  43. Greeks really have heavy faith in the well being of everyone. They work for the well being and the prosperity of everyone around them. And for it they can do anything and go beyond every level. Because they believe that everything is not the responsibility of the government or other higher community but of every individual so they do it for their country and to bring peace in their souls. So if you are going to date a Greek woman then do understand this thing that nothing can stop her for the work of well being of others. And if you are in the front row to help anyone then you will be the first choice of Greek woman because they believe when you work for the well being of others, God will bring peace and happiness in your soul as well.
  44. In Greece you will feel that they make their decisions and do their work on very last minute but it always help them. So they always do it and proud of it. So if you are going to date a Greek woman than be ready for this type of behavior and if you second that then you will defiantly going to get a Greek date with no resistance.
  45. Greeks are really found of arts and sculpture making. They really love to make portraits of the Greek gods and other art fields and they really think that arts somehow connect to everyone’s life out there. And they stop there where they see the arts and when it comes to street art then they really admire that and take part in them. So if you want to get a Greek woman as your date then awake your inner arts loving side because Greek woman thinks that a person who loves arts so you will get the best Greek woman out there.
  46. Greek woman really love those guys who are blunt and feel no shame or reluctance in anything and show boldness. Because these Greek women believe that man should be fearless and bold because it will make the love life and home stronger and reliable. So if you want to a date with a Greek woman then be bold and change the game!
  47. Greek woman really loves to cook traditional Greek dishes and love to do experiments to make and innovative dishes from all around the world. And they really love that man who admires their habit and praise her in every manner and support them. So if want to go on a date with a Greek woman then do support them and make them comfortable by showing that you love their cooking because it will be a positive sign for your love life.
  48. Greek woman really use their hands during conversation so be prepared for a heavy conversation, even for a debate if you want to go on date with Greek woman. And if you are comfortable with them then it will make them attracted towards you.
  49. If you really want to attract a Greek woman then do whatever she does. Because this will make her think that you are like a role model to her and this will attract her so much towards you. So if you want to get a Greek date then do as Greek woman do.
  50. They love to tell long stories and want you to listen to them carefully. If you do so then you will get a best Greek date because they love to speak and love to be listened.
  51. But most important that Greek women always prefer Greek men because and that is the thing that make them feel beauty and love because a Greek always love to be with a Greek.