Understanding Czech Republic Women – 25+ Tips on Dating Them

Understanding Czech Republic Women – 25+ Tips on Dating Them

Czech Republic has been included in the list with the most beautiful women in the world. And one of the top reason why you are here is because you are interested to keep one and to know how to capture their hearts right? Well, I will not disappoint you mate. Now I will be helping you win their attention, impress them and make them fall in love with you. Who knows, you may get a lasting relationship with one.

Hold your horses and make sure to keep in mind these tips on how you date a Czech Republic woman. I’ll give you general facts about them as well that will help you understand their culture in looking for someone like you! You may impress them by following these tips, but you will surely be enthralled after knowing their culture when it comes to dating.

25+ Tips on the Dating Czech Republic

25+ Tips on the Dating Czech Republic

  1. Czech women are very brave and honest. Aside from being so attractive, they are very smart. A piece of advice, just be yourself and show her the real you. I’m telling you, they know if you’re just pretending about something. They will know, and they always do. They want you to be just natural and real. Just show what you got man and they will love your authenticity.
  2. One thing that Czech girls are meticulous about is how you dress up. Yup, they check how and what you wear. People in Czech Republic usually dress better than other countries. Czech women like men who look good by dressing well. So, you might want to invest on some suits or jeans that will make them in awe. And by the way, your attire must suit the occasion. It’s quite unacceptable for them if you dress informal on your date that includes watching classical music concert. You’re welcome.
  3. If you’re not sure how to greet her on your first date, you don’t need to worry. All you have to do is to give her a light kiss on her cheeks. That would be perfectly fine for her. Avoid being too formal by offering a handshake. That’s a no-no.
  4. Czech women usually expect you to pay for your first date. If you’re on your first date, be ready to pay for your food, movie ticket or your ice cream. But they typically share and sometimes pay on your next date if you’re lucky to have another one. If she pays on your next date, it doesn’t mean she thinks that you don’t have any money. They are just not comfortable for not sharing or for letting you pay it all alone. First date is just the exception.
  5. If you’re on a date with her, see to it that you bring a bunch of good manners with you. Oh, you want to know how to do it? Be a gentleman and always show courtesy. Always. Make sure to make them feel comfortable by giving them a good seat, open the door of the car or the restaurant for her, offer to take their bags or belongings, or by simply paying the bill. Don’t worry, it will not go unnoticed. She will be impressed.
  6. Girls from Czech are very independent. It means that there are instances that they want to do some things on their own. You would want to respect their privacy at times and respect their independence. If they see that you let them do what they want and just support them, they will be impressed boy. Remember, they want to be treated as a woman, not just a girl.
  7. Women from Czech are optimistic. So, if you are someone who always see the negative perspective of things, you must improve yourself to keep them interested. They love someone who likes to smile and someone who is very positive. You must be easy going and friendly as well. They will also notice how you go along with others. If you’re serious of getting their heart, it’s time for you to be very nice and to be an outgoing person man.
  8. Czech Republic women may look stylish and elegant, but they would go classic as well. They love receiving flowers from their date and still think that it’s romantic. One flawless flower will be okay since they are very specific to the number of flowers they receive. Give them odd number of flowers. They always believe that even number are only given during funeral so be very careful!
  9. Czech women value their family as well. They have this very strong family values. One best tip for you, you must build a good relationship with her family. You don’t need to be that formal, but at least put an effort to connect with her family even in simplest way. It will surely impress her if you will be the first one to ask about her family. That’s a big point for her. Respect her and her family and always get them involve if possible. That would be a piece of cake for you.
  10. Visiting her at their home is an intimate way of dating. Aside from she’s smart to know that it’s an inexpensive way of dating, she will find it very thoughtful. Tip, you don’t need to go overboard by bringing any expensive gift or things. Bringing a wine will make it your casual night with good conversations. Just so you know, they are very keen in hosting a visitor so you’re all good.
  11. Be very polite. Czech women usually expect you to give compliments as well. Don’t let any thing slip with necessary tribute or commendation. Though they don’t usually get bothered of how they look like the other girls. They are not afraid of their body as well. But compliments are something that will make them feel cherished.
  12. Treat your date with her like it’s your first job interview. Czech ladies want you to be punctual. They expect you to arrive on time so expect to be unheeded if you come in late! Be polite to inform them if you’re going to be late instead. Still, good luck.
  13. One way of capturing Czech women’s heart is by studying or at least knowing about their culture. The good thing about them is that they will not make you believe on something or test you along the way. They are honest with what they feel so you will not have any tough time getting to know them more. It will surely amaze her if you have idea about their culture. They would think that you’re truly into her and that would be awesome.
  14. A very important tip, be familiar with their superstitions and some beliefs. Czech people are known to be following some sort of things. It would be a big plus if you will be cautious by knowing such belief like not giving a love letter on Christmas Eve since they think it will give them bad luck after. Another is not doing laundry during New Year’s Day to prevent sadness. So, if you are feeling like romantic on Christmas, give her your message in person. That would be more romantic anyway.
  15. When you’re dating a Czech woman, she expects you to give any presents during special occasions such as her birthday, on Christmas or whenever you are meeting her. The good thing is, they don’t normally expect expensive gifts. They appreciate simple presents. You may just want to be creative if you want them to keep you.
  16. They always love it if you will take note important occasions as well even if you’re just on the dating stage. They feel like they are very important, and you value them when you do that. One thing that they really like is when you are proactive in spending time or celebrating these occasions with her family. Family is very valuable for most Czech ladies.
  17. Czech women love to travel. They travel a lot. This is one perfect tip that will surely make them in awe for you. You might want to engage her in travelling and if you’re from a different country, they will surely love if you will let her visit your country for a vacation. Who knows, if you do this, she might travel the world with you for a lifetime.
  18. Since Czech women are independent, they always do their own works like cleaning, doing the laundry, and cooking. With that being said, they also believe that women shouldn’t be staying with their parents when they are on the right age. You can use this general fact about them to maybe impress them by stating your plans with her if you’re getting into the serous stage. It will impress her because of the idea that you are independent as well.
  19. With being serious mentioned, expect that when you’re dating a Czech woman and you’re serious about going into the next level, you have to plan ahead in telling her parents your intention. They still keep the tradition of asking for their approval for you to marry their daughter. So classic but romantic right?
  20. Also, when it comes to marriage or settling down, you can’t expect Czech women to talk about it right ahead like other western women. They expect you to talk about it than them, so you should be able to know if they are ready for that. And don’t forget, they prefer traditional diamond rings for engagements.
  21. If you are up to older women, you are lucky to choose Czech women then. There’s no big deal in dating older women in Czech Republic and it is actually usual for them. No one will judge you there. This same goes with younger women in Czech Republic. Dating older men is not a big deal.
  22. Czech women occasionally drink but they are not known for drinking too much. They are typically interested with sensible conversation than drinking. So you can still have drinks with her but make sure to do it in moderate and focus on how you can communicate with her along.
  23. Did you know that Czech women love to pursue men as well? It might sound strange, but they are attracted to men who are quite interesting. You wouldn’t want to share everything about you in your first date. Let her pursue you by discovering you as well. It gives them some sort of interest and excitement trust me.
  24. Czech women don’t usually open up that much. Give them time to open up because they eventually let you be part of it. They also want some distance sometimes. Make sure to give them space. Doing it will actually lead them to you and they will start appreciating your presence because of your respect for their personal space.
  25. They won’t usually take NO as an answer. Given that they are very independent, they commonly work hard to get their goals. It would be a nice idea if the one they’re dating is hard working and has a goal in life too, right? Show her that you have goals and that she’s part of your future and she will be impressed.
  26. Since they are independent, hard-worker, and optimistic, they look tough as well. But being tough doesn’t mean that they are no longer endearing. They are normally kind and soft. You would want to make them feel that they are still treated as princess or your queen to win their hearts.

Don’t rush! Dating them may take some time because they are into serious relationships. Let them feel that you are equally serious by taking your time slowly. Their honesty and thoughtfulness will help you recognize if you are just wasting your time or if you are actually waiting for someone that you can spend your life with. They are not just beautiful in the outside but also in the inside. It is usually worth the wait in dating a Czech woman.