Table football is also known as foosball. It is an exciting game similar to soccer, played on board/table which has rods for movement of the players. You can kick the ball, pass the ball and make a score by moving the rods through handles. Foosball is believed to be started in 1921. A standard, full-size foosball table should be 2 ½ feet wide and 5 feet long.

Along with darts and arcade machines foosball is an important component of game rooms. A foosball is not just a game children play for fun, it is a competitive sport which has championships. It is also played by senior citizens as it does not require much movement and is not a harsh game. Foosball may turn out to be the best game for after family dinners and on weekends. It is a game for all ages and anyone can participate in it. A normal foosball game is played by 2-4 players and up to 5 points. The best 2 out of 3 wins the game usually. You can always change the game according to your choice and change the points. Many people arrange tournaments and play for amounts of money.

Playing foosball has a lot of advantages like it is available in different shapes (standing or sitting styles) and sizes. It is easy to store as it does not take unexpected space. It is the best value of money if you decide on buying multiple games. It is a challenging game and as well as is motivational. It is a game that improves brain skills and can be used for rehabilitation.

Some tips for you as you play:

  1. Most players grip the foosball handle very hard considering that it may help them to strike better but instead, it works the opposite way, gripping the handle loosely helps increase the speed of your strike and gives you maximum space for movement. You can also use the open handed shot if you intend to increase the speed of your shoot.
  2. For a smoother and a faster rod, there is a tip that you need to know. You can roll the rod end on the rubber bumpers of the foosball table. It will clean the rod and will lubricate it enough for you for better shooting.
  3. If you are playing defense remember, don’t have to forget that your job is to follow the ball on the table. Go after the ball wherever it is on the table. Following the ball blocks a lot of goals of your opponent.
  4. For maximum effectiveness, you can use your left hand’s pinkie and thumb to move both of the defensive rods. This tip can be applied in one on one games.
  5. Predictable games are never interesting enough to continue and give your opponent a chance to win, especially if they are experts. Try your best to learn new techniques, patterns and movements to distract your opponent and make the game unpredictable.
  6. You have 5 total goals on the table but defending all of them is not necessary. You have to be attentive and careful as you play. Make sure to let your opponent take advantage of the undefended goal and then defend surprisingly.
  7. Do not use other players to defend the ball. You have to remember that these men are for keeping the ball in the field and to play. Defending against them may cause accidental bounces and score on yourself.
  8. Buying a foosball table is a big purchase. You may not want to buy the wrong foosball table and waste your money. You should do your complete research before you choose a table to buy. You should search different foosball table making brands and foosball table features. Compare the features and prices of the table from one another for the perfect purchase. We provide you the best foosball table reviews for your help.

A vast number of different table types exist. Several companies have created “luxury versions” of table football tables. One should buy a table that can easily fit their criteria. No matter what your budget is and why you are buying it there is a best one for you always. The perfect foosball table has the following:

Table size and height: The table size determines how many players can play. A standard table is 30 inches by 56 inches and standard height is roughly 36 inches which are best for teenagers. If the table is for children you should buy a smaller one so they can see the playing field easily. The best choice is to buy a one with adjustable legs so you can adjust it according to the players. Measure the space and be sure there’s enough room for people to stand comfortably without interference.

Table construction: This may alter the price of the table but you may want to spend well if you want a good quality table top. You should choose the one with solid wood as it makes it best for every kind of use unless the weather is damp. If you are planning to use the table lightly you should use composite wood. Particle board is to be used only if it is thick otherwise it is a no go because it degrades.

Table play surface: The kind table surface affects the game a lot. If it is a cheap sticker style surface then it may curl up from the sides and will wear off soon. It disturbs the game flow. Quality American foosball table had the best surface and that is what you should consider buying. The smooth surface gives the ball speed and better flow, making the game fast as it is without disturbances.

Table levelers: These help to maintain the tables balance where ever you keep it. If the floor of your game room is uneven, you should definitely buy these so that the game is not influenced negatively.

Do not prioritize: Many tables have extra features which seem interesting but avoid buying them because you could save money this way. Avoid tables which have electronic attachments and metal fixtures. They may seem fancy but they do no get used a lot. It is nice to have them but you do not need to have them. There is a difference!

Final tip: While buying a foosball table for yourself remember to keep in mind why you want to buy this game and what are your priorities. Find s balance between everything and you will find the perfect table.