18 Amazing Tips of How to find a Boyfriend


Finding a good boyfriend is a complicated process. And I am sure that only singles can understand that. However, I also know that every one of us has gone through it for at least once in life. So, his time I have come up with s18 unique and practical tips that will help you in finding a good boyfriend.

They are simple things but sometimes, we ignore them. But I want you to have a good partner in your life, who would make your life heaven and not hell. So, follow them and let us know how much these tips have helped you in finding a super boyfriend.

  1. Stop Trying to Avoid Bad Boyfriends:

Finding a boyfriend might be a bit difficult task. But it becomes one of the most hectic things when you are always looking for faults in a guy.

It is good to look for positive things in a person, but you should not avoid bad boyfriends. That’s because no one is perfect in the world, even no one! So, you should avoid wasting your energy on such thoughts.

Also, I believe that if you are a good person you can make anyone good with your kindness and good attitude.

If you won’t do that, you will be always busy analyzing him. You will keenly observe every one of his acts like walking, talking, seeing, eating, and socializing. And then, all of you won’t be able to enjoy a single second with him.

So, whenever you try finding a boyfriend, don’t make a list of things you want to see in him. Mind matching is a good thing but you must remember that you should just have a good time with him. I am not at all asking you to go on with a boyfriend, who keeps abusing you, insulting, and exploiting you. But yes, you should avoid little bad habits of him like his choice of colors in dressing, etc.

  1. It’s Best Not to Assume That You Know What You Want

Was your first with the first person of your life was a nightmare? Well, it might have happened because you don’t know what you want.

A few people have developed a long check-list about their partners. Also, they have certain things in their minds about what they want while dating and other matters of the relationship. They are so rigid and stubborn about them that they don’t want to change a single thing on their list. Also, many people want to change with time.

So, if you want to have a boyfriend; you should start thinking about practical. Expecting a good man for you is not a bad thing. But sticking to your rules and your regulations will never help because you want a boyfriend and not an employee for your company. So, be a little softer while going on a date with someone. You can learn more and more from your experiences and real-life life happenings instead of making a dream world of your own.

  1. Other People Don’t Know What You Want, Either

Everyone in the world is different from each other. You have different thoughts from everyone else in the world. And of course, they don’t know what you have been gone through and what type of thoughts you have in mind. For example, someone might think you love red roses but for you, nothing is beautiful than pink roses. Similarly, someone might like seafood but you are a non-veg. Also, there are many things in life about which we are not even confirmed as to whether we want it or not. So, a guy can’t know everything about you.

So, for having a boyfriend, you must give him space in every matter of the relationship. You must understand that a strong relationship with a boyfriend requires time to understand things about each other.

You can also see it from his side. For example, you are unable to know everything about him so, how come he’d know everything about you. With these thoughts, you will be able to build a better understanding of that person you want to date as your boyfriend.

There is one more advice for you. You can choose someone as your boyfriend from your social group—the one who knows some about you and you know something about yourself. In this way, you will not feel tensed about being completely stranger while dating.

  1. Avoid Focusing on what you deserve:

Most of the women in the world have a certain standard of choosing someone as a boyfriend. Some of them are so delicate in their feelings that they always think about deserving the perfect match for them. However, most of them failed to do so. That’s because their rigid standard does not allow them to go a little down from it. For example, some think that they are queen and deserve a queen, whereas, for some, they only deserve a handsome and charming prince.

But I advise you that you should have a good standard but it should have a logical point. For example, if you are an educated and career-oriented woman, it is good to find an educated boyfriend. But if you are beautiful and a less handsome boy asked you for a relationship, you must not get hyper or abusive. You must not think that you are better than him or you deserve a more handsome guy. Sometimes, an ugly guy has a better character than a guy with a gorgeous face but bad behavior and no character. So, never offend or insult anyone, whom you think does not deserve you.

  1. Establish boundaries

In every relationship, there are boundaries that no one should cross. If you are looking for a good boyfriend, you must also set limits for him. It will add respect in your relationship. Also, it will tell the other person that you are a mature and decent woman who will not tolerate bad and disrespectful behaviors. It will also show what type of character he has and how much important you and the relationship is. For example, if you don’t want sex before marriage, you must tell him about it and he should respect your thoughts. Or if you don’t like smoking and drinking, he should avoid it. Otherwise, if you will allow him to cross the boundaries; he will always take everything as for granted and you will never get respect and honor from him.

  1. Open up yourself

I know a lot of people, whose ego is more important for them than anything. They have a dominating personality and want to run a relationship with their likes and dislikes. But on the other hand, some so many people have a “silently compromising nature.” They have feelings, likes, and dislikes but they feel shy in sharing them with others. They are afraid to open up and tell about their emotions. Some also have a fear that their partner will leave if they start telling about their likes and dislikes, etc.

But if you want to find a boyfriend, you must take a middle way. You should believe that being extremely shy and compromising is as bad as having an egoistic and self-centered personality.

Opening up to your boyfriend will not help to understand each other but you will also be able to ad emotions to your relationship. A boyfriend with a good character and high morals will never degrade you. He will accept you with the same feelings and personality. He will also never let you down and try fulfilling your requirements. But all of these things are possible when you will open up.

  1. Respect other person’s needs too

Till now, I have only mentioned tips about you. But do you know that a relationship is a bond between two persons? Or you can say that a girl and boy in a relationship are like two wheels of the car. They should move equally to run the car properly. Otherwise, one will take all the emotional pressures and the other will take every single thing for granted and unimportant.

Let me explain it to you in simpler words. Every girl looks for tips to find a good boyfriend. Similarly, the boys do the same things to find a good girlfriend. That’s because everyone has own needs, which one wants to fulfill. They want a healthy relationship with a kind partner with whom they could share everything.

So for a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you should also notice the needs of your boyfriend. And yes, of course, you must respect them. For example, if he has set some serious boundaries like he doesn’t want his partner to wear extra short clothes, you must respect him. Or if he doesn’t like a lot of social gatherings and want to spend more time with you only, you must notice and try your best to keep him happy.

If you will become a dictator in your relationship, I fear your relationship will end soon.


  1. Be exactly who you are

I have observed so many dates and relationships in which girls are wearing a fake mask over their entire personality. They try acting like an ever sophisticated queen. But in reality, they are being dishonest to themselves. A fake personality can no longer stay with your side than 2 or 3 dates. After that, if you will start spending more time with your partner, he will surely recognize that you are not the same person that you are trying to show him. Also, he will feel so bad at your lies and dishonesty that he might immediately end the relationship.

So, I advise you to not insult your relationship, your partner, and even yourself with your false appearances and masked personalities. You should remain the same person as what you are and leave all your fears away from being rejected. It will make the other person feel good about you, respect you, and accept you as you are. He will understand that you are a true gem with no fake character and for sure, he will then make more effort to keep the relationship loving and healthy.

  1. Be Confident

Confidence is one of the most important traits for gaining success in your life. Whether it is your educational institution or your workplace, self-belief will make you shine in the crowd. The same is the case with dating and making relationships. Most of the men are attracted to confident ladies. They believe that a confident lady is self-reliant. She does not want many people in the matters of her life but only one single and a real man with whom she could everything. Also, men believe that smart and confident ladies are sexier than shy women. They have some magnetic force in them that makes guys more and more curious to know about them.

So, before deciding to find a guy and start dating you must take some simple steps to look confident and fully controlled. First of all, you should practice building good eye contact with others. You should stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes for some time and talk to your self. You should try telling that you look gorgeous when feeling confident. After that, you must concentrate on your clothes and hair. You should choose the colors that look good on your color complexion. You can also search for some nice hairstyles according to the type of your hair. They will make you look more confident and attractable for men around you.

  1. Take your time

Time is important. You have had heard the phrase so many times. But do you know you should follow your relationship too? Well, when you want to immediately find a boyfriend, there is a greater chance of ending up with a bad experience. For example, I know a girl who was desperately looking for a boyfriend. Her attitude was always announcing that she “just” want a bf now. And when she gets one, it was just like a nightmare. Both of them have no things in common. The boy insults him a lot. And one time, he also shouted at the girl that she was desperate about getting a boyfriend and he felt sympathy for her. Many girls have the same case. And when they realize that they have begun an unhealthy relationship, they start saying that all men are the same.

First, I want to say to these girls that all men are not the same. There are many good people in the world but the thing is how much time you are spending to find the right partner. Also, you should believe that being single for some time is not bad. It is the time in which you can judge yourself about the mistake you made in the past relationship and what should you do to make a good relationship in the future. After that, my advice is to put your energy in finding the right person and develop a good connection instead of seeing everyone as boyfriend material. You must take some time to get attached and make him understand and attach it to you. This will not only save your time but also your money and feelings.

  1. Get a life

Various studies show that being alone in life is one of the most unwanted things for human beings. Being a social animal, every human wants to have some relationships like siblings and friends. In the same way, a loving relationship is also necessary to share everything with your partner, to get emotional support, and to develop a caring physical connection.

But you must keep in mind that having a boyfriend is not the sign of being nice, sexy, and smart. If you have one, that’s good. But if you are single for some months, that’s also okay. So, I advise you to not make the need for boyfriend a desperate wish of yours and enjoy life at the highest level. You should socialize, wear good clothes, make new friends, go for parties, picnics, exercise, sand hangouts, and have look if someone suits you. Otherwise, enjoy the time and have loads of fun because being single is better than having a stupid boyfriend.

  1. Be Open to opportunity

Sometimes, our fantasies can come true. Sometimes, the things we watch in romantic movies can become real. Some can begin a chat while you’re traveling in the bus, somebody can smile at you in the park, he could be your best friend’s brother or your new neighbor.

These are some chances through which you can get a cool and handsome boyfriend of your choice. So, you must keep all of your options open. And when you feel that he is the one, don’t miss the opportunity at any cost.

For this purpose, you must look attractive all the time. Your clothes must be ironed, your hairs are properly done, and yes, you must give a decent look at first sight. That’s because most of the time, the first impression is the last one!

  1. Be ready to Commit

Education, Job, and relationship require sincere commitment. Just imagine that you go for a date with your new boyfriend. He has some habits that you don’t feel comfortable with. And you begin thinking that other dates will be just a waste of energy. On the other hand, your job is going through tough days but you are trying your level best to cope up with all matters. Where do you see your more commitment? With your job, right?

But you should also be ready to commit to your relationship. There are many reasons for it. A relationship is not as easy as we people see it. It is not only about the physical relationship, romance, and sex. It is a mixed combination of responsibility, kindness, respect for each other, and trust.

So, if you are ready to add a boyfriend in your life, you must prepare yourself for making a proper commitment. You should avoid taking things for granted and take your relationship as responsibility.

  1. Be Open to Who you meet

Before entering a relationship and making a commitment with your partner, you may follow the first impression is the last one. But after that, you should show sincerity and dedication. It means that you should give space to your boyfriend and do not hesitate in giving a chance.

I have seen many women who break up at the first mistakes of boyfriend and regret afterward. I advise you to never do that. No one is perfect in the world and every relationship goes healthy by giving space and forgiveness to each other. I am not saying that you should tolerate every mistake like ditching, beating, or being abusive. But for small mistakes, you must forgive.

Here is another perspective of it. Some men are over conscious on first dates. Some feel shy before an open talk and some forget all the topics of conversation. But it doesn’t mean that they are not of your type. So, you can give him a chance to relax and invite him on the second day. I am sure things will be better! But if you think that you are not comfortable taking him as your bf, just tell him that we can be good friends.

  1. Flirt

Well, that’s not my personal experience but some women feel that flirting makes them sexier and more attractive for men. It makes you look more confident as well. So, you can flirt with anyone you want and enjoy the moments. May be flirt could help you find the right boyfriend.

  1. Wait to have sex

I believe that before taking your relationship to the next level of sex, you must go to dating for at least 10 times. I have already mentioned that taking time for the right person is not bad and for sex, it is the best option to wait and think if you guys are really in a position of building a serious sexual relationship. For this purpose, stay away from planning a date at home. You should go outside to watch movies, enjoy art galleries, dinners, and long walks.

  1. Question your reason for having a boyfriend:

We build relationships due to someone’s reasons. So, if you want a bf, you should also ask yourself the reasons, for which you want a boyfriend. Are you afraid of being lonely, do you want spice in your life, are you wanting a good partner, are you tired, and so on.

These questions will also help you in judging the person and building a good relationship.

  1. Put yourself out there

It looks awkward but for finding a boyfriend, you must….

You must put yourself for portraying that you are looking for a boyfriend. It could be something like making a profile on a dating site or asking for someone’s number.

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