25+ Tips For Determining Who Pays on a Date

25+ Tips For Determining Who Pays on a Date

Last week, my friend had a second date with a guy. He was a handsome man and looked a gentleman too. I was thinking that they will have a good date and might become ready to have a long lasting relationship.

But, the result was beyond my expectations!


  1. My roommate and friend told me that we had a full romantic dinner, but when it comes to paying the bill; the guy asked me to pay the half in front of the waiter. She thought it was so embarrassing for her because she had already bought online tickets for a movie and had planned to give him a surprise right after dinner.
  2. After hearing about her experience, I thought that I would write an article about the tips for determining who would pay on the date. In this writing piece, I have shared 15 plus tips that will help the gals and guys in deciding about who should pay the bill and how.

I’m sure you are gonna love it!

  1. It is a common belief that the one who invites for the date, pays the bills too. There is no gender discrimination in this rule because, when one invites someone it is completely his/her responsibility to offer to pay the bills and insist the partner for not taking out the wallet.

In this way, the bank brokers can also enjoy the dating time and have no worries about the payment.

Another tip to determine who should pay the bills is the feeling of care and gentleness. Most of the people expect that men are gentlemen and they should not put the burden on their female partner.

  1. With the help of this tip, men would be able to show that they are interested in a long-term relationship.

But, there are many females who never like to put a burden on someone for the first time.

  1. In today’s world, there are a lot of dating sites and people meet each other without knowing much. For this reason, there are a lot of ladies who insist to pay the half bill. They may have the thought of showing their independence and not depending much on their partner. If a woman insists one or two times, then you must not allow her to pay. But if she insists a lot, let her pay the half bill. (And don’t feel shy)
  2. It is also a fact that the one who offers the date has the right of making the plan and choosing the place for the dinner. In this way, he/she will pay for everything.
  3. But, if that’s not the case you and she wanna go to an expensive place, she should pay as well. There will be no burden at you only and I suggest, you should clear that thing earlier.
  4. Well, this tip is completely practical because the first impression is mostly the last impression. If you have invited someone for the first date and during that time you feel having no more dates with that person in the future, let her pay too.
  5. Sometimes, it is helpful in letting the person know that you are not comfortable and have no interest in building a long-term relationship. Because actions speak more than words!
  6. And now, this tip is for those who are having a long-term relationship and dates with the same person. In my suggestion, if you are having numerous dates with the same girl, you should pay all the time.
  7. That’s because you and she are in a loving relationship and money is not important than a true love!
  8. Dating is a fun full activity and it should remain free of tension. For this reason, dividing the costs without saying a word will help a lot. For example, if a guy invites a girl on a date, he may pay for the candlelight dinner. On the other hand, the girl could pay for having the drinks after the dinner or pay earlier for enjoying a movie before going to the restaurant.
  9. It will put no load on the pocket of anybody and the inviter will also have respect for your generous act.
  10. This tip is only for the guys, who have planned to marry the girl they are dating with. That’s because paying for the dates will show her that he is ready to take her full responsibility and run the household expenses in a proper way.
  11. Simply, it means that a guy a paying for the dates is strong enough to keep her partner happy and fulfill the wishes of her (and their future kids).
  12. If you are bank broke these days and also feel shy to ask your partner for paying the half bills, I have an awesome advice for you.
  13. You can invite your partner to a public park and enjoy the flower festival or on a beach for having a long romantic walk. During that period, you could just have a cup of coffee with donuts or pastries. In this way, there will be less cost for you-you will be able to pay for that.
  14. No doubt, you will also have a sweet and loving time with your partner.
  15. If you don’t have enough money right now and dating is necessary, you should have decided first Before having a date. For example, you can ask your partner to buy the online tickets for the theatre drama and tell him/her that you will be paying for the dinner.
  16. This will make your partner understand that you want to spend time with her/him and no one will have the burden.
  17. Well, I also have a little bit of unromantic tip, but still, many people follow it. In my opinion, it is more favorable for those who have an immediate and unplanned date.
  18. Sometimes, two people see each other, fall in likeness at first sight, and agree to spend more time. It could be just a cup of coffee or a lunch at a small restaurant. In such cases, the one who has the money should pay at that time and do not expect the partner for it.
  19. I don’t like this tip for my personal experiences and I think that’s funny too. But still, I am sharing it with you. If a woman insists to pay on a date, flipping a coin is a hilarious but an amusing way to determine who will pay for the date. You can ask her to choose or head or tail, flip the coin, and see. If it is her chosen side, so, you may allow her to pay. Otherwise, you have to pay!
  20. In order to avoid burdens on the pocket of the male partner, switching the bills’ payment each time is also a good tip.
  21. For example, the guy will pay for everything on one date and next time his partner will pay for all the stuff. It will put no loads on any individual because; earning money is not very easy.
  22. You might think its funny but, if she orders many food items and eats a lot, you must make her too to pay half of the bill on the date. Otherwise, you are a bank defaulter 😛
  23. A man namely Paul Gonzales has been arrested for inciting the women on a date and flees right after having the dinner. In order to avoid such bad experiences, communication with your partner is very necessary.
  24. Before going to a date, you must decide who will pay and for what. That’s more practical than being romantic because; trust is not for everyone. After ordering the dinner, you must watch if the person who has to pay has put his credit card or not. If not, then you should ask her/him politely to pay right now and not to wait until the end.
  25. According to research in 1996, men and women both agreed on experiencing a bad date when both people paid for themselves only. It gives a look that two strangers are sitting on one table and they will never have good feelings for each other. In order to avoid such things, men should keep them first at paying the bills. But, if you feel it will not have a nice impression, you may go Dutch!

So, are these tips helpful for you? Please let me know in the comment box!