Things to do to prevent mosquito bites to make your family healthy


One of the dominant stamps of warm weather is mosquito bites. In most of the cases, these are harmless bites but sometimes there are several complications due to it. Mosquitoes feed on human blood and for this, they bite. When mosquitoes bite on a human skin, a bump appears which is swollen and itchy.

Some mosquitoes are vectors of diseases as they carry the diseases. The place of living is an important factor to determine the likelihood of being infected, sometimes; the mosquito bite results in a negative reaction which becomes problematic. You need to contact your doctor immediately if you develop hives and breathing difficulties after mosquito bit. There are several ointments and repellants which are helpful to overcome mosquito bites. Here are some things to do to prevent mosquito bites to make you and your family healthy.

Use of a fan and propane mosquito traps:

It has been proven scientifically that mosquitoes are bad fliers, they cannot resist air pressure and hence, when you are sitting outside on a warm sunny day, try to bring an electric fan so that the wind current keep mosquitoes away. In the same way, propane mosquito traps can be used which make use of propane and convert it into carbon dioxide; the mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and get trapped. This machine is ideal for homes and big halls.

Lemon Eucalyptus:

According to modern research conducted by Center of disease control and prevention CDC, the lemon eucalyptus has tremendous property to keep the mosquitoes away and hence it can be used extensively in mosquito repellents. There are some essential oils inside the lemon eucalyptus which keeps the body protected from mosquito bites for as much as 12 hours. If you have some other symptoms such as common cold and congestion followed by mosquito bite, the use of lemon eucalyptus is helpful. People of all ages can make use of this naturally occurring mosquito repellant however it has not been approved yet for children less than 3-4 years of age.

Catnip Oil:

Catnip is famous among people for its effects on cats. It can be used as a culinary herb as well. As per modern research, it has mosquito repellent properties. The catnip oil is considered better for this purpose since it is free from side effects while using the catnip plant can result in some undesirable reactions such as allergy. When applied on the skin you can get protected from mosquito bite for seven hours.

Peppermint essential oil:

Peppermint essential oil is considered as a naturally occurring insecticide and has ideal mosquito repellent characteristics. This oil works better when mixed with some other essential oils such as lemon, you simply need to rub this on the skin and get protection from mosquito bites for as long as 8-12 hours. Peppermint is regarded as a hot oil which can often result in warm sensation when applied on the skin directly, sometimes, this warm sensation can end up in producing skin rash. To avoid this situation, it is advised to mix this oil or dilute it with any other carrier oil before being applied to the skin. The commonly used carrier oil is canola oil for this purpose.

Lemon-grass Oil:

According to the world journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, lemongrass oil works exactly the same way as many commercial repellents. When lemongrass oil is mixed with some other essential oils the mosquito repellant qualities become stronger and you can stay protected from mosquitoes for a long time.


This compound IR3535 is a synthetic amino acid which is regarded as an ideal mosquito repellant. The compound IR3535 is generally in the form of creams and available easily at local drug stores. The synthetic amino acid IR3535 has a strong scent for insects and hence it is considered as an ideal repellent. There is no known toxicity related to it and when applied on the skin, it can give eight hours protection.

Elimination of the stagnant water and mosquito breeding places:

Pools and puddles surrounding homes are ideal places for the breeding of mosquitoes. It is therefore important to remove such pools and puddles and not to allow the water to stand still for some days. In case of heavy rain, the use of kerosene oil on the top of stagnant water can kill mosquito larva and can give protection from mosquitoes. Some additional measures which can be used to get rid of mosquitoes include:

  • Unclogging of the gutters especially at the rooftops.
  • Properly discarding the kid’s pools
  • Emptying the water from trash cans and their lids especially after the rain.
  • Careful drainage of rainwater from the flower pots, keep the unused containers upside down so that no water is filled in them.