70+ Things To Do in Hawaii

70+ Things To Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is a piece of heaven of the earth. Its beauty is unbelievable and of course, unforgettable. In this article, we have listed 70 plus things that you must do in your visit to Hawaii. All of them are full of fun, relaxing, and close to nature.

We hope you will enjoy the things and tell us in the comments!

  1. Hit the road to Hana

The scenes of beautiful waterfalls, lush green forests, and a marvelous view of the ocean will directly take you to Hana, a place like a heaven. You might not believe the beautiful views are real, but they will provide you a kick starter journey to explore a lot of more things. It is situated in East Maui and here, you can stay for a night to enjoy the beauty of the area. Not only had that but stopping in Hana for the night will also take all your tiredness away and you will get a relaxation for beginning the further journey.

  1. Visit Pearl Harbor
    Visit Pearl Harbor

The spectacular Pearl Harbor is a place at Honolulu’s site and it deserves your visit. You can also spend a day or two here while visiting the Aviation Museum, Arizona memorial, Bowfin submarine, and Battleship Missouri. As soon

  1. Lava Show at Volcanoes national park
    Lava Show at Volcanoes national park

Have you seen lava in movies and wonder how would it look in real? Then, your visit to Hawaii will provide a chance to watch a real lava show at Volcanoes Park. You can see lush red lava pouring into the ocean in the day and enjoy the lava firework at night. It could be an unforgettable thing for you to do in Hawaii.

  1. Explore Kauai’s Na Pali Coast
    Explore Kauai’s Na Pali Coast

Exploring the lush green view of Na Pali’s coast could be a dream of anyone. It is known as one of the most beautiful places on earth. You can hire a helicopter, a boat, or just go hiking and experience the most stunning cliffs on the northwestern side. Whatever you do for watching the emerald mountains, secluded beaches, and turquoise sea water, you will feel you are in heaven and never want to go anywhere.

  1. Waimea Canyon
    Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon, also known as the “Great Canyon of the Pacific” is a must-go place, while your trip of Hawaii. It is a place with picturesque views of the colorful canyon, waterfalls, and rainbows. It is open daily during the day hours so; you can visit the place earlier in the morning, feel the charm watching the native birds and endemic flora; and enjoy the Kauai’s Crown Jewel for the whole day.

  1. Drive Hamakua Coast
    Drive Hamakua Coast

If you are with your partner and want to enjoy a fairy-tale journey, the driving towards the Hamakua Coast is the best option for you. Located in the north of Hilo on the northern side of Hawaii Island, it is a region of heavy rainfall, tropical rainforests, unimaginably beautiful waterfalls, and tranquil green valleys.

You can take the Hamakua Heritage corridor from Hilo to Waipio Valley. You can also stop and visit Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden and World Botanical Gardens with its triple-tiered Umauma Falls.

  1. Go surfing in Waikiki
    Go surfing in Waikiki

Do you want to surf on the beach of Hawaii? Gently rolling waves, long tides, and smooth wave rides are the best thing at Waikiki beach, which makes it a perfect place for surfing. There are no vicious undertows or rough waves and for this, it is the best place for the beginners as well.

There are many surfing learning schools and hotels that offer at least one standing ride in the course. So, if you don’t know the way of surfing, you should not worry at all.

  1. Hike Haleakala
    Hike Haleakala

Do you want to experience the power of exhalation of our earth? Haleakala is the best place to explore the dormant volcano. There are swirling cones of beautiful colors that will make you stop and see the beauty with open-mouth. For most of the tourist, who has traveled around the world; there is no place on the earth like Haleakala.

You might hike in the native shrubland, while you enjoy watching the rare and beautiful birds, plants, Nielsen cinder desert, geographical summits. Here, it is very important to remember that you must go hiking on the trails, which the law has allowed. Otherwise, you will be in trouble and your trip will get spoiled too.

  1. Snorkel with sharks, Oahu
    Snorkel with sharks, Oahu

Seeing a shark without a cage and with a distance of few meters looks like a dream, but you can have it as reality in one ocean diving. You cannot offer them food and just observe their activities in a calm and quiet manner. Snorkeling with sharks is one of the best ways of coming closer to nature and sees the wildlife under the water.

Although there are no age restrictions for the purpose, you must have a height of more than 4ft and good swimming capabilities. In addition, a child guest must have two adults with him and that’s all for the safety.

  1. Helicopter tour Kauaui
    Helicopter tour Kauaui

Well, that’s a fact that Kauai, the “Green Island” is one of the heavenly places on the earth. The island has naturally lush green coastal landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, and stunning canyons. Not only had that, but the region is also known as the wettest place on the earth. Despite all the beauty, it is almost impossible to see the entire place on foot. Approximately, 70 percent of the area remains unexplored for the tourists, who like walking. For this reason, having a tour of the door off helicopter is the best choices. During the tour of 60 or 90 minutes, you can experience the real beauty of the whole region.

There are many tour agencies, which offers the service like Safari helicopters, Jack Harter helicopters, Mauna Lua Helicopter tours, and etc. They offer you rides on the helicopters but if you want clear pictures and no obstruction between you and the sceneries, then you must go for the door off helicopters.

  1. Manta Ray Night Dive and Snorkel Ecoadventure—Big Island

Manta ray night dive is the ever best night dive on the planet.  The one tank manta-charter launches just after the sunsets and move towards the Garden Eel Cove. None of the rays has a wingspan, lesser than twelve feet and snorkeling them from a quite few inches could be a dream of anyone in the world. They attract the Manta rays with the help of lights and show rollers near the snorkelers for plankton.

Other manta experiences include the two-tank twilight manta dive, the manta ray snorkel, the late manta snorkel, and our manta & blackwater combo. In addition, although there are no age restrictions, we recommend you to take the children who are no lesser than 6 years and are good swimmers.

  1. Sun Rise Lava Tour—Big Island

Those who say Hawaii is for nature lovers are absolutely right. The lava tour takes you to see red hot sparkling lava in the dark. Right before sunrises, the dim light on the sky and the fresh morning breeze warm the lava on the coastline and you can have a live view of its unfolding.

The tour companies also offer hiking, which is almost 4 to 5 miles long and depends upon the direction of Lava. For this reason, we do not recommend kids on the site.

  1. Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail—Kauai

Exploring things and enjoying the views look incomplete with our delicious food. The cruise leaves after afternoon for almost one and a half hours. It is nor for snorkeling so, you just enjoy the scenic view of the rugged sea and dolphins spinning here and there. You can there with your family, but it will be very romantic for the newly married couples too.

The dinner is lavish with delicious food items including cocktails and planned in a way that you won’t feel uncomfortable during the bounces of the cruise. So, don’t miss the opportunity and enjoy!

  1. Molokini Express, adventure snorkeling—Maui

If you are interested in some more adventures of snorkeling, blue water rafting offers you one of the most feasible and enjoyable trips out of Maui. You can snorkel towards Molokini under the pure water. You can also explore the sea caves and lava arches Maui’s remote and rugged Kanaio Coast. And yes, if you have some interested in coral, blue water rafting offers you to discover secret coves with extensive coral, colorful fishes, and beautiful marine life.

  1. Mountain Tubing through canals and Tunnels
    Mountain Tubing through canals and Tunnels

For tons of new explorations, you must go for mountain tubing through channels and canals. Kauai Backcountry adventures are the only tour company that offers you with such a mind-blowing adventure. It is the only thing, which will not only give you entertainment but will also provide you with a lot of knowledgeable things about history.

As soon you arrive at their site, you will just have to grab the tube and headlamp and jump slowly in the floating water. It is actually the irrigation canal, which was built in the nineteenth century. While tubing, you can see the breath-taking views and historical engineering feats. After tubing, you will be taken to a nearby picnic area with all stunning scenes around and you will also be offered with a delicious lunch.

  1. North Shore Beach Tour—Oahu
    North Shore Beach Tour---Oahu

With a beautiful mixture of sand, beauty, and crystal clear water, having a tour of Northern Shore Beach of Oahu is mandatory. You can enjoy sunbath and surfing for the whole day, while romantic couples can also enjoy long walks on the beach. With the tour services like Aloha Beach Bus, you can also visit the Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay. You can also snorkel with the sea turtles, and yes, you will be given a tasty lunch too!

  1. Tour a Kona Coffee Farm—Big Island
    Tour a Kona Coffee Farm---Big Island

You may have heard about the Kona Coffee or even tastes that, but have you ever thought about having a tour of a Kona coffee farm? It’s a beautiful location, fresh aroma, and smoothie finish will make you surprise.

The Kuana Old Style at Kauai farm offers you a tour of their huge farm-house of 5-acres. Not only that, but you can also see bananas, cacao, pineapples, and coffee berries.

  1. Spot a Sunken Ship from abroad a submarine—Maui

If you love sea life, then having a tour via submarine is a must-do thing in Hawaii. Diving over 100 feet through the submarine you can see the sunken ship and three reefs. The best thing about it is there is no age limit and even if you are not a good swimmer, you can enjoy it. But your height just has to be no lesser than 36 inches.

  1. Nighttime paddle board under fireworks—Oahu

Nocturnal adventures in Hawaii is a fresh and new startup that offers unique activities for exploring something different. They focus on providing their guests with some nighttime activities and paddleboard under fireworks is one of them. The fun begins on Friday right after the sunsets. Lights are fixed under the paddle boards that illuminate the wildlife under water. After it gets darker, guests sit on their paddle boards and enjoy the beautiful fireworks. There is no age limit but children lesser than eight years must have an adult on the paddle board.

  1. Hilo Rainforest Hike and Volcano overlook—Big Island

The land of giant plants, fern trees, and flowers everywhere is one of the best Hawaii’s places for hiking. It is shorter than a mile but higher than the Niagara Falls. When it is raining the sights become more beautiful. One more thing that you’d love is that you can choose your own favorite side. Some of them include Richardson’s Black Sand Beach, Rainbow Falls, Liliuokalani Gardens, Thurston Lava Tube, and Volcanoes National Park.

  1. Visit Hawaii’s only Meadery—Kauai

If you are still enjoying the trip without tasty wine, then visiting Hawaii’s only meadery can be the best choice. Nany Moon Meadery provides you with something different from the usual beer or wine, and it is honey wine. It’s all varieties consist of local fruits and sometimes spiced with chili. The guests who come here can also meet the bees, see the bottling procedures, and enjoy different types of meads under one roof.  As it is only for adults, so you should not take children at the place.

  1. Meet the goats at the Working Dairy Farm—Maui

Surfing Goat Dairy farm offers you something different and natural from the other activities like paddling and tubing. You can book a 30-minute walk online and have a tour of the whole farm. You can meet the goats, feed them, and also enjoy the cheese samples.

  1. Ride a bike—Big Island and Maui
    Ride a bike---Big Island and Maui

Big Island and Maui are friendliest places for bike riding. There are several tour companies who offer bikes on rent for riding on the wide highways’ shoulders. The most popular bike ride is a downhill ride from the Haleakala crater, but some guests also prefer mountain biking on the trail of National Volcanoes Park.

  1. Sunset With turtles—Maui

Every day in all seasons the sea turtle some to the shore for resting. You can swim in the sea and also enjoy watching the turtles on the beach. As they are wildlife and endangered, so respecting them is must for you.

  1. Hilo Farmers’ Market— Big Island

Also known as one of the best markets in the United States, the Hilo Farmer’s market has almost 200 vendors and crafters. They sell fresh fruits, vegetables, tropical flowers, handmade gift items, and handicrafts.  You can also find t-shirts and caps with the logo of Hilo farmer’s market.

  1. Ahu’ ena Heiau—Big Island

Ahu’ena Heiau is a must-do thing for the history lovers. In 1812, It was a religious temple that served Kamehameha the Great when he returned to the Big Island. It is open to all age groups and affordable as well.

  1. Pay respects to Duke—Oahu

On Kuhio beach, a bronze statue of Duke Kahanamoku welcomes all the guests to Hawaii. He was the Hawaiian hero who was master at swimming, surfing, and canoe paddling. You can enjoy taking photographs on the site and don’t forget to grab the Dole Whip pineapple ice cream.

Also, remember not to do Tossing Lei on to outstretched arms of the statue because the flowers around its neck are acidic.

  1. Bum around in Pa’ia Town—Maui

Pa’ia is a small surfing town on the northern shore of Maui. There are a lot of things to do in the little town that will make your trip unforgettable. At Ho’okipa, you can enjoy the scenic windsurfing while seeing the turtle roaming here and there on the beach. The waterside park with white sand gives a relaxation to the guests. You can also visit yoga studios and coffee shops in the town. Some other famous places to visit include Temple of peace Maui, Haiku Marketplace, Pa’ia Fish Market, and Baldwin Beach Park.

  1. Lahaina Town—Maui

Great restaurants and hotels, sophisticated art galleries, and a variety of shopping is the simplest introduction of Lahaina Town.  It is also the home of the oldest tree of Maui, which will itself attract you with its hugeness. There are many museums as well. In addition, the tranquil ocean with calm waves gives you a scenic view like the heaven, whereas the Lahaina harbor is the Hub for West Maui boat tours.

  1. Shave Ice —All island
    Shave Ice ---All island

A trip to Hawaii is incomplete without eating shave ice. It is an iconic treat for the guests, made from the fluffy ice of the ice-block. Poured with different sweet syrups, it has a number of flavors and colors.  Some restaurants also add condensed milk which is known as “snow cap.”

  1. Holualoa Town

Snuggled among the cool slopes of Hualalai volcanoes, it is a small town rich with art galleries and museums. You will be really astonished while seeing the visual arts, paintings, jewelry items, sculptures, and ceramic work. The Hulihe palace of the Holualoa town is a historic place to visit. In addition, the magic sand beach park is one of the best beaches for surfing and swimming.

  1. Hand Tap Tattoo—Oahu

Soul signature tattoo is the official tattoo making shop that offers handmade tattoo of traditional style. 14 years old company is a family oriented tattoo business with people from different regions and culture. So, if you are brave enough to tolerate tiny cuts with blades, you may try it!

  1. Whale watching

If you are going to Hawaii in mid-fall to April; you can book an exciting whale watching tour in the Pacific Islands. You can enjoy the weather, smell the salty air, and just see how whales weighing 40 tons are roaming here and there in the water; and sometimes breaching as well.

  1. Golfing

Golfing in Hawaii could be the dream of Golf players. Warms weather and lush green golf sites vary from public course to elite clubs. If you are interested, don’t waste the chance.

  1. Sightseeing

The breathtaking views in Hawaii will stop you with their beauty, charm, and pleasant scenes. You will have to stop after some steps because; the scenic sight scenes will mesmerize you.

  1. Explore cultural attractions

Respecting the culture of any place is a must-do option for all the guests. You should visit the sacred Garden of Pa’ia, attend Luas and watching the Hula performances. We are sure, you will always remember all of them.

You can also enjoy Feast at Lele for Luau at Maui and also check out Grove Farm Museum in Lihue.

  1. Beach Hopping

It is the most necessary and obvious thing to do during the visit to Hawaii. Laying in the warm sunshine, hearing the waves, and feeling the salty smell could be anyone’s dream.

  1. Have fun with Spa Packages

Most of the people come to Hawaii for relaxing from the hectic routines. For this reason, enjoying a Spa is mandatory like surfing, snorkeling, and golfing in the region.

  1. Hiking Stairway to heaven
    Hiking Stairway to heaven

No matter how much stamina you have, Hawaii is the motherland of hiking trails. You can find smaller tracks of lesser than a mile to 3 plus days long paths for hiking.

  1. Stand up Paddle Boarding

It is one of the most affordable things to do in Hawaii, as well as in the other parts of the world.  Everyone can easily learn the lessons, rent a board, and have super fun.

  1. Ziplining

Ziplining is known to be the newest outdoor activity in Hawaii. Most common in teenagers, it provides you to have an awesome look of the island in some different ways.

  1. Horseback riding tours

If you are not in a mood to walk, you can enjoy the horseback riding and explore the whole country-side. The horses are not only beautiful but also beautiful with a feasible renting cost.

  1. Visit local farms
    Visit local farms

Hawaiin local farms will make you realize that why you have come here so late. They are beautiful with lots of tropical fruits and vegetables. Wherever you go, you will see colorful crops and it undoubtedly a healthy visit for you.

  1. Watch stage shows

When on Maui, you must make visits to the Maui Arts and cultural center. You will find a list of stage performing shows and pick any of them.

  1. Windsurfing

If you want to do something traditional in the waters, then windsurfing is the best choice for you.

  1. Camping

Island camping is one of the most interesting activity to do. You can contact a tour guide for knowing about the legal destinations of Hawaii. And then, fun is all yours!

  1. Enjoy Oahu after hours of Dragon Upstairs

It is a nice and funky spot for JAZZ. You can enjoy something like you do in NYC.

  1. Dance with traditional luau Performers

If you love traditional dances, then the Luau performers provide you a great opportunity of dancing with them. Dancers, musicians, island-themed photo booth, and villages will make you feel that you have passed through the time machine and entered the ancient Polynesian era.

  1. Snorkeling at Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is a beautiful place for snorkeling and diving. You can snorkel on the north shore of Maui. You can also book a boat if you can afford to enjoy everything underwaters.

  1. Stretch out on Makena

Makena beach is one of the biggest beaches of Maui. It is divided into two beaches namely big beach and little beach. You can enjoy fishing, snorkeling, and swimming. But it is better to contact a tour agency for full-fledged services.

  1. Enjoy Tropical fruits

Rambutan, egg fruit, Pitaya, Poha Berry, Papaya, star fruit, and cherimoya are some of the tropical fruits that you will only get in Hawaii. So, don’t miss a chance and taste all of them.

  1. Escape to a bed and breakfast

If you are a newly married couple, then enjoying a bed and breakfast is mandatory for you!

  1. Discover valley of the kings

Waipi’o Valley was the home to the old kings. But bow, it is a worth visiting place with the crops of Taro (A staple food), and animals, freely roaming in the area.

  1. Stargazing at Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea visitor station offers free stargazing to all the guests of Hawaii. They open for the public on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. And believe us, if you missed it, you will never see so many real stars at once.

  1. Enjoy waterfalls

Wailua Falls, Manoa Falls, Kahiwa Falls, and Opaeka’a Falls are some of the most beautiful waterfalls of Hawaii. They are so scenic that you won’t be able to take your eyes off from the greenery and the crystal-clear water.

  1. Snooze with a sea turtle at Punaluu Black Sand Beach

Snoozing with a honu on the black sand of the Punaluu beach is a thing you will not find anywhere in the world.

  1. Enjoy swim through coral gardens on the Kona Coast

Swimming or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Kona beach is like entering a huge aquarium. You can enjoy the marine life of beautiful sea creatures including fishes, turtles, dolphins under the bright yellow, purple, and lush red coral gardens.

  1. Explore River Kayaking at Kuana

You can explore Wailua waterfalls, have some fun through hiking, snorkel, and enjoy leisurely paddling on the River Kayaking.

  1. Explore Hanalei River

Waking up early in the morning with a view of Hanalei River is like experiencing heaven on the earth. As you will see the natural beauty of the major landmarks of the north shore, including peaks of Hihimanu, Namolokama, and Mamalahoa, you will forget everything!

  1. Sunshine Markets

Commonly known as the Sunshine markets, these are the farmers’ market in Kauai. You can visit them in the early morning and buy fresh fruits for traveling.

  1. Visit Kailua Beach

The 2.5 miles long white sandy beach is exactly a place where you should stop and enjoy the day.

  1. Find Shangri La in Diamond Head

If you respect other religions too, then visiting Shangri La in the Diamond head will be good r you. It is a center of Islamic art and culture, where you will get the real image of Islamic history and traditions.

  1. Hiking to Kaena Point

Kaena point is a 5 miles long easy site for hiking. You can enjoy the beautiful botanical gardens and see the river going underneath the bridges. The most important thing is it doesn’t cost much.

  1. Exploring China town

China town is full of exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, seafood. There are so many restaurants and hotels where you can enjoy mouth-watering food.

  1. Sail the Wild side

Wild Side specialty tours offer you whale watching, swimming with wild dolphins, and snorkeling off the turtle reefs at Oahu.

  1. A Day on the North Shore

Firstly, you must rent a car because; there are many things to do and there is no walk parking. Khukuri beach is a wonderful place to start the day on the north shore. You can visit Dole Plantation, shop at the north shore marketplace, Enjoy shave ice or acai bowl, see the turtles on turtles beach, swim at Waimea beach, eat garlic shrimp, zip line to view the beautiful scenes, and much more.

  1. A trip to Japan in Oahu

Like Chinatown, there is also a Japan town in Oahu. It is full of delicious food including soups and bakery products.

  1. Enjoy Delicious Food in Maui

Some of the best food places in Maui include Joy’s place, Sam Sato’s noodles and plate lunch, T. Komoda Store and Bakery Inc., Eskimo Candy seafood market, Grand Ma’s coffee house, and Tasty Crust. You can find all types of tasty food and you will remember them forever.

  1. Walking in the rainforest

Either you walk in the Oahu Jungle or rainforest of Kauai, you will find unique beauty at each step.

P.S. You will feel more romantic too!

  1. Walking to a waterfall at the Aiea Loop trail

Aiea Loop trail is 4.8 miles long with an elevation of 900 ft. The beautiful place is part of the Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area and is known as a family-friendly hiking trail.

  1. Kualoa Ranch

It is a 4000-acre private land area with live cattle farms. Different tur agencies offer zip line in the ranch and it is quite fun.