Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone and it is available as an anabolic steroid all around the world. Testosterone plays primary and secondary characteristic roles in the male body. Primary being male reproductive tissues, that are, prostrate and testis and secondary being, increase in hair growth, increased muscle mass and increased bone mass. Testosterone is produced by testes and adrenal glands of men while in females is produced in low quantities by the adrenal gland and by theca cells of the ovaries. Placenta produces testosterone in pregnancy, playing major roles. Testosterone production is controlled by the brain and the pituitary gland. The normal level of testosterone is 300ng/dl- 1000ng/dl in men while in females it is in between 15ng/dl- 70ng/dl. A test known as serum testosterone test is carried out to measure the value of its presence in one’s blood.

Due to physiological reasons many men experience a decline in sexual activity as they age. Many men believe that it is due to their growing age while hypogonadism and below normal testosterone level may be the reason behind it. The disability of the body to produce testosterone is known as hypogonadism. It may be primary and secondary. Hypogonadism may begin in fetal life, during puberty or during adulthood. They might feel that they are less interested in sex and they might not be able to perform sexually well because of the decrease in testosterone levels and many other problems as well which need to diagnose. This may cause depression and intimate relationships may get affected as well.

First and foremost, the important thing is understanding what is the reason behind the dip. Here are the following issues:

  1. The decrease in testosterone levels. Testosterone and estrogen are the hormones produced by both male and female. Male having more testosterone production while females having more estrogen. When hormonal levels fluctuate, one may experience the decline in sexual performance. After 30 years of age, levels differ time to time naturally.
  2. Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which men may experience unsuccessful erection or erection not hard enough to perform sex. Testosterone is unlikely to be the cause of this problem.
  3. Premature ejaculation is not due to fluctuations in testosterone levels as well, according to studies but there are many medications for this problem as well.
  4. Low libido in men can be caused by stress, depression, anxiety and relationship problems.
  5. Taking medications like beta blockers and antidepressants can fluctuate testosterone levels as well.
  6. Being overweight.
  7. Injury to testicles or testicular tumors may be the problem behind your issue.
  8. Diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and tuberculosis may result in lower testosterone levels.
  9. Cancer treatment can disturb hormonal levels.
  10. Pituitary disorders and chronic illness can cause problems by fluctuating testosterone.

Can natural testosterone boosters help?

Yes! They surely can. If you do not have amounts of vitamins and essential requirements in your body then you can boost your testosterone levels by using natural remedies. Hormonal therapy is not for everyone and it does not suit everyone.

Take enough amount of zinc. It can be added to your diet by taking whole grains or supplements. Include potassium in your diet by taking bananas, beets, and spinach. It may help in testosterone production. Keep your body active by exercises as it naturally increases testosterone levels. Reduce sugar consumption from your diet. Last but not the least, get more sleep. If all of these do not help you regain what you had, you should use testosterone booster pills/ supplements.

Are testosterone pills good enough for you?

Studies of Nature Review Endocrinology researched and stated that it was no use of giving testosterone pills to men of age below 65 years, whatever the condition of their hormonal levels. On the other hand, many studies state that testosterone supplements are not only good for your sexual health but for your overall health as well. It may have side effects like sleep apnea, acne, breast enlargement and testicular shrinkage, but has much more benefits. According to clinical researchers, not all could have these side effects but some can, thus these medicines should be taken on prescription. Drug abuse should be avoided at all costs. It may help you with bodybuilding for the time being but can create heart and prostrate problems later in life. Higher levels of testosterone can cause your red blood cells to become abnormally large, make your blood thicker and can cause liver damage through toxicity.

Usually, dietary supplements having zinc, potassium and vitamin D are given to the men who have testosterone level issues but if you have normal levels of these in your body you may be prescribed DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). This is a chemical that works as a hormonal precursor in the body increasing testosterone and estrogen levels. It comes in two forms: pharmaceutical strength, which is produced in a laboratory. It can only be bought if prescribed. DHEA extracts, found in food stores. It is made out of yam, has the lower concentration than the one synthesized in laboratories and is easily found.

Testosterone affects how your body works, your behavior and aspects of your life. Testosterone booster supplements can help in sexual arousal and can boost your sex drive. They can help increase your physical endurance. If you feel like you get tired after sex and you have to take breaks in between, these pills may help you for sure as they increase muscle strength and energy levels. They can increase bone density and improve the flow of your speech. You can have decreased inches from your waist, can improve sleeping patterns for most of the men and can decrease depression and anxiety in many cases.