Is Technology Destroying Our Ability to Focus?


Everything which is introduced to the mankind comes with its pros and cons. It highly depends on the individuals that how they utilize the resources for their benefits. The evolution of technology has been very much pivotal to the mankind. It has not only reduced their workload but also improved the quality of living, but what about the challenges it has imposed? Today, technology has made us entirely dependent on it and as a result, we lack the abilities to explore and use our own brains to work. Now, it is crucial to think, what can be done in this regard. Here the irony is, in order to find its solution we again have to rely on technology.

If we really try to scrutinize the aspects in which technology have destroyed our ability to focus, then it is evident that for even a minute thing we tend to rely on technology. With changing screens with a single touch our attention, tend to switch from one thing to another. Today we are merely even able to focus our attention on a particular thing. If you ask me that whether the technology is destroying our ability to focus then I will say yes.

What experts say about it?

  • According to many experts, it has been noted that due to the internet- one of the biggest blessings, there is a very high degree of distractibility and these effects are long-term which we miss noticing in the beginning.
  • The ability of the internet to connect people from far across the world has very sadly destroyed their ability to focus on the moment they are in and enjoy it. People who try to turn-off their phones and live the moment are constantly taken away due to notification and thus they are not able to live that moment.
  • Also, with the use of technology, people are now more into reading and skimming the content from the web pages rather than using the libraries. As a result of this transition, they are least able to focus their attention in order to analyze what they are actually reading.

But, the internet helps us to multi-tasking, right?

Well, yes! The internet allows you to widen your horizons and as a result, you’re able to manage multiple things at a one particular time. But is it even good?

  • The answer to this question is very simple and it is that multitasking is good only until the time it is done to some extent.
  • Multi-tasking all the time can decrease your abilities and it tends to slow-down the working capacity of an individual.
  • As a result of it, many people who simply ace at multitasking are kind of always distracted and lacks the ability to focus on one particular thing.

What’s the solution of it?

Now, in order to find out its solution, something has to be done that can improve the ability of individuals to focus. We all are aware of the fact that the use of technology has become an integral part of our lives and finding out a solution which lacks the input of technology is a bit ludicrous. Thus, we are here with a perfect solution which will enable the individuals to built-in their focus while using the technology.

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Technology is an integral part of our lives and today our survival seems to be impossible without the adequate usage of it. No doubt, excessive usage of technology has made our lives miserable to some extent. However, its productive use is quintessential in order to help individuals to excel in their lives with the aid of technology. With changing screens with a single touch and overuse of technology, individual attention tends to lessen and as a result, today’s generation has problems with the attention span. Therefore, it is high time that people should learn the productive use of technology and use it in a way that it is beneficial for not only them but for everyone.