Why You Should Practice Fasting for Health and Weight Loss


When a person abstains from food and drinks consumption for some specific time period, this practice is known as Fasting. There are several fasting hours every day; for example, we sleep for eight hours without eating and drinking which is also a form of fasting. In terms of physiology, fasting is defined as a time period after the complete digestion of a meal. It has been proven medically that the intermittent fasting has many advantages on human health and fitness. Some of the greatest advantages are better weight loss, perfection in a skin, better cardiac health and prolonged existence. A lot of metabolic changes in the body are likely to occur with the practice of fasting. If you want to learn how to intermittent fast, you are at the right place. You can fast regularly for few hours. Make it sure that your all calories are properly consumed in specific hours which is the ultimate goal of fasting.

Here are some of the key advantages of intermittent fasting on human health.

  1. Better and speedy weight loss:

The fasting ensures burning of all existing calories in the body, once after the glucose is exhausted in the body; fats are then broken down to meet the energy requirements of the body. As a result of it there is a steady loss of weight.

  1. More glucose tolerance:

When glucose level is too high in the body (in diabetes), one of the best ways to bring this increase back to normal is the oxidation of glucose. Intermittent fasting is, therefore, an easy approach to get rid of excess glucose from the body. when the glucose level accumulates in the tissues the insulin resistance takes place. When fats are metabolized to provide energy, this accumulation of glucose decreases gradually and as a result liver and muscle cells turn more responsive to insulin and blood glucose level is maintained.

  1. Speedier metabolic rate:

When a person fasts for short time, the rate of metabolism increases by as much as 14%, intermittent fasting keeps your metabolism functioning nicely and hence it maintains your muscle tissues.

  1. Prolonged existence:

It is also scientifically proven that the intermittent form of fasting can delay aging and other body disorders which ultimately lead to death. This ensures prolonged existence or increased lifespan of a person. People who fast regularly live more than others and have a healthy life as well.


  1. Better knowledge of hunger:

The body signals hunger when the energy resources decrease in the body. With intermittent fasting, you can nicely understand the hunger cycle as you can experience real hunger with fasting especially in the stomach.

  1. Routine adjustment:

With fasting, you can make a good routine of the meal and fast. You can identify the real hunger and this allows you to follow an ideal dietary plan with sufficient resting period for a stomach.

  1. Enhances the functioning of brain:

Intermittent fasting is extremely helpful to enhance the functioning of brain. There are a lot of ways whereby fasting stimulates brain and brain centers. It enhances the memory and performance, helps in faster recovery after an injury or stroke, enhances the neuron growth. Intermittent fasting enhances life quality and cognitive functions for better living.

  1. Promotes the immune system of the body:

With fasting the power of regenerating the complete immune system increases as proven by scientists. Fasting boosts up the production of white blood cells in the body which make up our immune system. As a result of white blood cells, a body can easily fight against infections.

  1. Better skin:

Certain food results in increased sensitivity and hence inflammatory disorders are likely resulting in acne. The people who often suffer from acne or those having various skin concerns know that eating healthy and unprocessed diet is a key to resolve many skin concerns. The intermittent fasting results in glow on the skin and increased radiance

  1. Spiritual well being:

People across the globe fast in various ways, it is also seen that intermittent fasting is likely to result in deeper spirituality. When a person fasts, it reduces stress and anxiety and provides an inner feeling of peace. Nowadays many healthcare professionals recommend intermittent fasting for various psychological and sexual concerns.