45 Partial Balayage looks


There is no one out there who does not love to look stylish and beautiful. Everyone wants to look attractive and awesome in own style and looks. All though we should be content on what we have. But we have a choice to improve what we have. And this improvement leads you to a new look that will rock the party.

If a person only changes his/her style or hair color it will change all you outlook. Nowadays dying is a new trend and it gives you completely new attire. And now balayage is something new in market. Partial balayage is a type of balayage and it looks so amazing especially on mid length hair.

Here we present you 45+ partial balayage look suggestions. Try them and find a new way to look more beautiful and attractive.

  1. Dark brown and blond tips: Long brown hair might seem average. But you can always play with the length and get partial balayage highlights to mix things up.
  2. Woody blond and beach waves: Warm woody blonde with lighter shades at the tips will brighten your sense of style. However, keep in mind that only a professional stylist can achieve the perfect transition from darker to lighter blonde without damaging your long locks.
  3. Sun kissed waves and middle parting: Partial balayage is all about smooth transitioning from a darker to a lighter nuance. If you’re in love with waves, this beautiful brown hairdo with caramel highlights might be exactly what you need to feel confident again.
  4. Purple hues on sheer black: We know that coloring pure black hair is tough. But since purple is in trend this season, you can easily get lighter highlights at the very ends without damaging your hair. Curl it up and you’re all set.
  5. Short wavy bob and caramel highlights: Chop off your hair for the summer and go with the coolest, sleekest bob. Keep longer layers in the front and opt for partial balayage hues at the surface to open up your natural color. Embrace the final result as we guarantee it get you out of your comfort zone.
  6. Layered curls: Perfect curls are yet another cool trend of this season. Women with longer locks go with partial balayage highlights in nuances of warm and light blonde. The final result: beach waves. They’re effortless and can be worn with any sort of outfit.
  7. Honey tones: Warm honey tones are excellent now that spring is almost here. The natural sun rays will brighten your hair, making it look shinier and healthier than ever before. Get partial caramel honey highlights at the tips, and keep your dark brown base.
  8. Straight textured bob and warmed blonde tips: A textured bob with a middle parting can look incredibly fresh and chic. But if you’re sick and tired of your natural brown, we recommend partial balayage highlights in warm blonde nuances. Neat and sleek, just what you need to make an impression.
  9. Long way bob and discreet grey ends: ‘Lovely gray ends’ is yet another fabulous form of partial balayage. The best hairstyle for this combo is the long asymmetrical bob with a side parting or fringe.
  10. Frontal balayage highlights: Partial blonde balayage highlights in the front are meant to open up your hair color, especially around the face. Women with warm blonde locks should dare to take the plunge and make a change. It might not seem much, but we guarantee the result will make you feel completely different.
  11. Subtle rose gold highlights: Rose gold and partial tones of gray at the tips will make your medium-length hair look fabulous. The combo is fresh and vivid, so if you plan on entering the spring season in style, this is the hair combo that will blow everyone away.
  12. Rose gold under layers: Partial rose gold under layers and discreet tones of purple can look sublime. This colorful combo is ideal for women with thinner locks. Choose layers for an added touch of originality, and the end result will exceed all your expectations.
  13. Blonde tips and brunette waves: A professional hairstylist will know how to put blonde on to your black hair without damaging it. Done right, the black and blonde combo looks fantastic.
  14. Crystal ash blonde: Crystal ash blonde with partial hues of gray add fluidity to your hairstyle. In the sun, your locks will shine and it will look healthier and brighter than ever. To make sure your face is perfectly framed, a specialist may recommend a cut in the back to accentuate the length in the front.
  15. Sleek chopped bob: Chop your long locks and make a change this spring season. Dye the ends in a slightly blonde hue and keep the brown at the roots.
  16. Asymmetrical bob with longer front layers: Exaggerated layers in the front and short trims on the back make the average brown bob look unbelievable. The geometry is amazing. To make your style look even more appealing, choose partial balayage hues.
  17. Layered bob with side swept fringe: A messy, layered bob and a side swept fringe is the success recipe for an urban hairdo with a touch of elegance. Keep the roots black and dye the rest of your hair in a warm blonde partial balayage.
  18. Soft brunet omber hues: Soft brunette with slight accents of charcoal at the ends will brighten your face, emphasizing more on your beautiful facial features. Try it out!
  19. Gradual balayage and curls: These gradual auburn curls match perfectly with the dark shade at the roots. The sleek bob is polished and neat, and the frontal strands of hair will beautifully frame your face.
  20. Multi colored highlights: Multi-colored partial balayage might seem like too much for some women. But if you’re the free spirited type of gal who doesn’t care what people think, why not give this style a chance?
  21. Dark gray hints: Dark gray hair with partial hues of green is a supreme hairdo that will rock this spring. The urban effect is guaranteed, although you may need two dying sessions to get the result. It all depends on your natural hair color.
  22. Aubergine and blonde highlights: Redheads will love this hairstyle. It’s sleek and discreet. The partial blonde balayage hues are at the tips. They’ll brighten your face without affecting the overall foxy red color.
  23. Medium length with balayage frontal highlights: Frontal highlights are the best if you want brighten your face and emphasize your facial feature. The partial balayage look presented above is sublime. Short black bob and hint of purple: A hint of purple on black hair never hurt anyone. If you’re not sure purple is your color, dye only a small strand of hair. The final result will be a sleek partial balayage that will instantly grab attention. On short hair, that hint of color will basically redefine your sense of style.
  24. Water fall braid and partial blonde balayage: Braiding your hair is yet another way of making partial balayage stand out. Go with a waterfall braid on the back and let the rest of your locks fall loose. As for the added nuances, warm blonde on a brown base works the best.
  25. Wavy rose gold balayage on brunette: There’s no doubt about it – rose gold is the coolest hair color of this season. But if you’re not sure going full rose is the right call, you can go with a partial balayage combo at the tips to see the effect. On dark brown, the transition works beautifully.
  26. Partial caramel highlights: ‘Caramel highlights on a darker base’ is the combo that will help regain your sense of confidence. Women with long hair eager to change their hair color should definitely go out this mix. For an extra touch of femininity, get loose waves. The final result will knock your socks off.
  27. Black and silver green balayage: We can’t get enough of silver this 2017. Get the green effect balayage at the very tips and complement the style with bouncy curls. Brunettes should love the combo! It’s not that flashy, but it’s stylish enough to portray an ingenious and original sense of fashion.
  28. Pink champagne: Partial pink champagne balayage screams ingenuity. This season you have the chance to make a change and give your hair the treatment that it deserves. Let it shine and opt for the most romantic blend: brown and pink champagne. It works with most types of outfits, and it can be worn everywhere you go.
  29. Gradual purple pink balayage braid: A gradual partial balayage hairdo is all about making an impression without going overboard. But somehow this chic braid looks incredible. We love the transition from brown, dark purple and lavender. It’s chic and elegant; perfect for women who are not afraid to make a radical change.
  30. Fiery partial balayage and straight fringe: Redheads will fall in love with this avant-garde partial balayage look. The deep red at the roots becomes blonde at the tips. The hairdo is innovative, sleek and unusual. If you the kind of girl who’s not afraid of a change, then this style might be the right one for you.
  31. Light purple ends and bangs: The hippie style is back, but it has gone through a complete makeover. Choose a simple hairdo with a layered fringe in the front. Get light purple balayage at the tips and your look is complete. We love the easiness of the style. Free-spirited women will adore it!
  32. Partial fuchsia balayage: Too afraid too dye all your hair in bright pink? No worries. Now you can just as easily opt for a partial fuchsia balayage. The brown at the base will balance the pink at the ends, so that the effect can be stylish and chic.
  33. Mahogany violet balayage: You may feel the need to change your black hair every once in a while. And that’s ok. If you don’t want to give up the black, you can opt for purple balayage hues. Curl it up and enjoy the end result!
  34. Brunette base and deep green ends: Partial green balayage is the perfect hairdo for women with extra long hair. Black and green is a killer combo that looks amazing when you wear nude, grey or white clothes. Let your hair shine and dare to go green.
  35. Super short bob and long front balayage layers: A super short bob with longer strands in the front is the perfect hairdo for the unconventional type of gal. Spice it up with some blonde balayage hues and you’ll have the coolest hairstyle.
  36. Deep copper curls: Brighten up your copper hair with lighter hues and redefine your curls. Let is loose and it will steal the show. The blend of classic red and bright aubergine is incredibly appealing on women with longer locks.
  37. Melted aubergine balayage: This melted aubergine balayage looks fresh and elegant. The hairdo comes with discreet curls to balance the bright effect, and slightly longer strands in the front for a more stylish effect. Wear it at the office and all eyes will be on you!
  38. Partial rose highlights and brunette base: Brunettes, prepare yourselves as rose gold comes to spice up your hairdo. If you’re not that crazy for bright pink, a pastel nuances should do the trick. Let it loose and compliment the look with nude lipstick. The end result will exceed all your expectations.
  39. Dramatic brunette balayage for layered hair: This choppy middle length haircut with graze shade layers with a much lighter shade than your base color. Light caramel brown color looks pretty good.
  40. Brown caramel and blonde color mix: Reddish tones of brown also a very popular blayage. Mixing of different colors give hair a new look with beautiful layered haircut.
  41. Delicate balayage for medium length hair: Most examples of balayage is with long hair but this one hoes perfect with middle length hair with perfect blend of your desired color and haircut.
  42. Chocolate and dark brown hair color: It is not a common streaking and it suits very few people but it is really a classic combination of brown shades. And this looks more amazing on layered haircuts for wavy hair.
  43. Subtle balayage highlights for dark brown hair: A modern textured bob worn effortlessly in loose tousled waves always win hearts out there. This look gives your style a new dimension.
  44. Dirty blonde coloring for medium hair: This is one of the most opted hair colors. It looks real classy as it gives a new look to you.
  45. Silver gray balayage omber hair: This one is my favorite. It really gives you a super classy look that makes you more attractive. The silver, gray and black color gives a perfect blend that really suits dark color people.


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