300+ Good Morning Texts for Her (Really Cute Messages)

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So ever think that your words and acts really leave an impact on everything. So how is it possible that your words and acts do not leave impact on your relationships? And if it is your love life then every single thing will affect your relationship. Girls are really delicate and want their boy friend to be very careful and loving with them. That is why small and cute steps and acts of boys really make their girls feel special. Just imagine you send a simple good morning texts for her to her and she will feel happy but if you send her a cute and beautiful morning text then it makes her feel special and loved and when her day start with this feeling and happiness she will love you more and give you her loyal and true love. That is why morning texts are really important in your love life.

But your problem is resolved now! Here we present you, your desired good morning texts for her that will melt her heart and filled her with love.

Cute good morning text for her

Cute Good Morning Message For Her
Cute Good Morning Message For Her

Yes cute good morning text will give your girl a happy start and lovely sweet feeling throughout the day.

  1. You even look beautiful when asleep.
  2. I just want to see that beautiful face every morning.
  3. My life is set with you.
  4. You are light of my eyes.
  5. You are peace of my heart.
  6. Whenever I see you it’s like happiness everywhere.
  7. I want to save your smile in my heart.
  8. You are blush of my cheeks.
  9. I want to keep you in my heart.
  10. Stay with me! Forever!
  11. You are a lucky charm.
  12. You are star of my life as you guide me.
  13. You are like magnet because you are really attractive.
  14. I do not know what I would do if I ever lost you.
  15. My love for you is endless.
  16. Eagerly waiting for you. Come back soon.
  17. You make my life worth fighting for.
  18. If loving you is wrong then I never want o be right.
  19. Your sparkling eyes are distracting me.
  20. When I see ocean it reminds me of your beauty and personality.
  21. You are queen of my world.
  22. My love for you has no pint and no end because I want to love you even after I die.
  23. I always want you by my side.
  24. Having you in my life has been such a gift.
  25. When I think about future, I only see you in it.
  26. You are my whole universe.
  27. The story of you and me is my favorite love story.
  28. Your love is the most valuable thing in my life.
  29. With you on my side, I feel like I can do anything.
  30. I was made for you and you were made just for me.
  31. Choosing you was the best decision I have ever made.

Funny good morning text for her

Funny Good Morning Message For Her

Make her morning funny and smiley with some beautiful starting good morning message. It will help her to stay happy and fresh all the day and will make her remind you as well.

Here we present some funny good morning messages for her:

  1. Good morning! Please observe one minute of silence in the memory of those poor mosquitoes who I killed last night as they tried to suck my blood.
  2. Think positive today! It will be a great day. There is a chance that your boss will get carried off by a pack of hungry wolves.
  3. Good morning my angle! Oops I meant angel.
  4. You know who I hate? The inventor of alarm clock. Know who I love? The inventor of the snooze button.
  5. Good morning! Today will be a terrific day. May you be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!
  6. I hope you have a good morning and fortune shines on you. May all good things come your way! And when they do, remember who wished you them on to you. My cut is 10%.
  7. You know what I love most than anything else in the world? It’s my morning coffee 😛
  8. You can rise and shine, just not at the same time 😛
  9. Morning! You are strong, confident, beautiful and stoppable.

Sweet good morning text for her

Good Morning Text for Her
Good Morning Text for Her
  1. My love is unconditional for you.
  2. I wish when I am taking my last breath, I am with you.
  3. You deserve so much my dear. I may not be able to give you everything you desire, but I can offer you my love, care, and affection.
  4. You not only make me happy, you make me a better person. I love you and want to spend every moment of my life with you.
  5. I write words and I delete them. This goes on and on until I am satisfied with many words that can express a little about my love for you.
  6. Before we meet there are so many things I plan to say to you yet as soon as I see you I forget everything I planned.
  7. If there is anything you own that I can treasure, it would definitely be your smile.
  8. I will never understand what is better; the sound of your voice or the sound of your heart beat. Even now, I can’t decide which is my favorite?
  9. You have always been smarter, more beautiful and more talented than I could ever be. How did you fall in love with someone who is less than you in everything?
  10. The look on your face when I say goodbye never lets me leave you. I have decided to never say goodbye to you again, otherwise I would never be able o leave you again.
  11. Your eyes are like rising sun; they make my day bright, sunny, warm and beautiful.
  12. Time spend with you is the best time of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  13. When we meet I just want to pause the time.
  14. You could have anyone in this world but you chose me and I am eternally grateful.
  15. How could you be so good at everything? The world is so jealous of you, while I am so proud of you.
  16. For me the most important card in the deck of cars is the queen of hearts because that represents you.
  17. In the silence of your absence, you’re the only thing I can see and hear.
  18. Your hair adds to your gorgeousness like frosting adds sweetness to a cake.
  19. The smallest imperfection that you, have make you perfect; after all, it is the small thing that matter the most.
  20. Life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless.
  21. I could hold you forever.
  22. Baby you are a thief because you stole my heart.
  23. Did I hurt when God removed your wings and sent you to earth?
  24. Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.
  25. Babe, you are my dream girl, and like my parents always say, never give up on your dreams.
  26. I brought this flower so that it would see what true beauty is?
  27. I want to grow old with you.
  28. Your love is what keeps me going every day.
  29. We are a match made in heaven.
  30. Even after the years we have spent together, you still make my heart skip a beat.

Flirty good morning texts for her

How it feels when you wake up and there is a flirty text from your boy friend and you feel the love at first side feeling in first go? Yes! It will really make you feel happy and love from the beginning.

So here we present some morning flirty texts for your girl to make her morning more beautiful:

  1. Good Morning, Beautiful lady mine!
  2. Every sunrise gives me a new day to love you! Good morning, sweetheart. Hope you have an amazing day ahead!
  3. I would give everything to kiss you good morning, right now. I love you my lady.
  4. I hope your day is as beautiful as you so as mine.
  5. With you, my mornings have never been better. I am always on cloud nine. And I love to spend my whole days and nights with you.
  6. The sun is up, the skies are blue, good morning! My love I’ll be thinking about you and see you soon.
  7. It’s time to rise my angel, my paradise, my heaven.
  8. All I need this morning is my cup of coffee and a side of your love for breakfast and your cute face in front of me.
  9. I just woke up and you’re already on my mind and in my heart.
  10. I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we are together, and the hours we are apart.
  11. Good morning baby. Have an amazing day. I love you.
  12. Every morning is wonderful because it means it’s another day that I get to spend with you.
  13. Attention! The sexiest girl in the world just woke up, look in the mirror and tell her, Good morning.
  14. I can’t wait till the day I can wake up right next to you.
  15. Every sunrise gives me a new day to love you! Good morning sweetheart, hope you have a wonderful day!
  16. Good morning sexy! Can’t wait to set my eyes on you again tonight.
  17. Good morning gorgeous!
  18. Sometimes I wish there was no alarm clocks because they’re the only thing that can wake me when I’m dreaming of you.
  19. Good morning, I just wanted you to know how much I truly do care. You’re always in my thoughts.
  20. Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for… Good Morning, Sweetheart!
  21. Every minute spent with you is a minute well spent. Good Morning.
  22. Just wanted to say good morning to one of the person that means the world to me.
  23. You were the first thing to come to my mind as I woke up this morning.
  24. Hello my beautiful, Good Morning and as always I’m thinking of you.
  25. Good Morning sweetheart and have a Good Day!
  26. Words just aren’t enough to tell you how special you are to me. I love you. Good Morning baby.
  27. Every morning reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had been chasing all my life until I found the right one – YOU. Good morning.
  28. I must be the luckiest guy alive because every day I see the same girl who I saw in my dreams the previous night. Good morning.
  29. Feeling sad? Tears in your eyes? Thing going wrong? Don’t forget… I am always with u… Good Morning Dear!
  30. Good morning love. You are like a blessing from the heavens above.
  31. Alert! The hottest man in the world has just awoken!

Good morning love text messages for her

Good morning love text messages for her
Good morning love text messages for her

Make her morning beautiful and lovely with all your love in a morning text. Make her life and morning more wonderful with some attractive and love text messages for her. She is really going to have some special and speechless feeling for you by just seeing your love good morning text.

Here we present you some really love good morning text:

  1. I should be thankful to God because he put you in my life.
  2. The hardest thing that I say to you is goodbye.
  3. You are the definition of beauty in my life.
  4. You define colors in my life. When you smile it’s like rainbow around me.
  5. You have a smile that makes my day even before the day has started.
  6. My favorite smell is your scent.
  7. I always feel you around me.
  8. I have waited for you all my life. I love you so much!
  9. I can’t explain how much you are important to me.
  10. When you surprise me, I feel my heart skip a beat or two.
  11. When I lie awake and watch you sleep, it is the most beautiful silence I have ever experienced.
  12. I always wonder what I have that makes you love me. And my wondering goes on and on…
  13. No words can help me enough to express my love for you.
  14. I have understood the meaning of love ever since I have met you.
  15. I don’t know in this short life how I could express my love for you.
  16. To hear you when I wake up and to hear you before I sleep is the sweetest sound for my soul to hear.
  17. I love the way you eyes smile.
  18. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  19. You’re all that I need.
  20. You’re awesome in your unique way and I am at a loss of words to express my love for you.
  21. You are like dictionary to me because you add meaning to my life.
  22. I will love you with all my heart and make you feel special no matter what.
  23. No flower in this world can match your beauty, my love.
  24. I wish I could just reply the moment when I first saw you…it was the most beautiful site of my entire life.
  25. I have no regrets in my life now because I found you.
  26. Your smile is sweeter than sugar.
  27. Your eyes are more beautiful than galaxies.
  28. I feel like my all prayers are answered because God put you in my life as the answer of my prayers.
  29. When we are old and grey in our rocking chairs, we will still be holding hands.
  30. My love wake up and make my day start with happiness and love.
  31. Wake up darling and spread your colors in my life.

Good Morning Texts based on Relationship with Her

Cute Good Morning texts for Wife

Good Morning Texts for Her
Good Morning Texts for Her

Yes in long distance relationships or long distance marriages husband should take care of the feeling that they are in love with their wife and still want to see her daily even after such long distance. Then these love and romantic messages are for your wife. Tell her that you love her and make her feel special even when you are away from her.

  1. Life is never perfect. It is full of twists and turns which throw up challenges and problems. But it is all worth it because the first thing I see when I wake up is the romantic look in your beautiful eyes. Good morning.
  2. Even the most romantic sunset can’t match. The beauty of the sight of the sun’s first rays bouncing off the silky skin of my wife’s face.
  3. I love gazing at my wife in the morning. Because I know that her eyes hold the keys to my future. Good morning.
  4. Marrying you was the best decision I have made in my life and your love is the biggest gift of my life. Good morning.
  5. Every morning I wake up to the thought of having a beautiful wife and a loving family. I feel thankful for getting more than I could have asked for.
  6. Every morning I am reminded of my life’s best decision – marrying the most beautiful woman in the world. Good morning sweetheart.
  7. I always thought that our wedding would be the most beautiful memory of my life but I was wrong. Each and every day of our marriage is becoming a memory more beautiful than the previous one. Good morning.
  8. Every morning I wake up to realize that my life is not ordinary, because I have a wife who is extraordinary. Good morning.
  9. I love the fact that I get to wake up every morning to the sight of a woman as beautiful as you and the thought of being the husband of a wife as loving as you. Good morning dear.
  10. My love is not blind but it is blinded by the sheer beauty of my wife. Good morning!
  11. Alert! It’s time for the world’s most beautiful woman to wake up and start her day.
  12. Our marriage is the best proof that TRUE LOVE exists. You are the best proof that PERFECT WIFE is not a myth. Good morning.
  13. Good morning to my wife who is the bounce in my step and the twinkle in my eyes.
  14. I don’t care whether it is day or night, as long as I have my beautiful wife in sight. Good morning.
  15. I always wanted you as my wife but my heart always needed you as its life. Good morning.
  16. Every morning I feel thankful for two beautiful things – my life and my wife. Good morning.
  17. Life is a puzzle and marriage is a maze but it is one hell of a fun ride with a partner like you. Good morning.
  18. I took everyone to the store with me so that you can relax. We will be back in an hour or so. Please sleep in and relax. I will bring home brunch!
  19. It’s a beautiful morning! No, I am not talking about the song. I am talking about every morning that I am able to call you mine.
  20. I woke up wanting to kiss you so bad this morning. It’s time to wake up.
  21. It’s a new day to show you just how much I love you. Good morning.
  22. Every morning I wake up to realize that my life is not ordinary, because I have a wife who is extra ordinary. Good morning!
  23. Waking up in the morning knowing I am yours and you are mine is all a guy could ask for.
  24. It is 10:30. I forgot to wake you up for work today. Just kidding, I am downstairs and made you breakfast so that you could sleep in today.
  25. Start listening to your heart, and shut off your mind. I love you, my dear wife.
  26. I am waking you up because I realized that once you wake up, our future together will start. I hope that today is filled with the same love and passion as every other day we’ve spent together.
  27. Happiness is starting the day with a message of how important and special you are to the one person in the world that matters the most to you. For me, you are most important, so wake up fast and respond!
  28. Yesterday I made mistakes, and today I will make more, but the one mistake that I will never make is taking you for granted.
  29. Alert! It’s time for the world’s most beautiful woman to wake up and start her day.
  30. I am feeling a little sad that I didn’t get to say hello to you this morning before work. I hope you have a great day. Wear something nice – we’ll be going out to dinner later.
  31. The first thing I think about in the morning is you. The second thing I think about is coffee. The third thing is you, again.
  32. Love is the language of the heart that no man knows until he finds the one teacher that is kind, patient and understanding. You are my teacher of love. Good morning!
  33. Night is gone and the stars are too. Clouds are out in the sky so blue. Here’s a wish to my love so true. Good morning! And I love you.
  34. It’s time to roll out of bed and greet the world. Today is a new day that we get to embrace with the same love and kindness that is the foundation of our relationship.
  35. You may shine as bright as the stars, but it’s time to get up and get ready to look as hot as the sun.
  36. Good morning pretty lady. I thought you should know that I love you, and every day with you is just a little better than the last.
  37. I don’t care if the sun rises or not, as long as I am with my wife who I love a lot. Good morning.
  38. For all those who say that marriage isn’t worth it, I say that marriage is the best thing to have ever happened in my life. I may not be getting wasted at pubs and bars with my mates but I get to cuddle with someone whose life revolves around mine. I love you sweetheart, good morning.

Really cute good morning text messages for girlfriend

Girlfriends are like fairy in a boy’s life because she is the one who can turn her world 360 degrees. A girl can do anything if she wants. And that is not the strength of the girl but the confidence that her boy give her and make her realize that whatever happened he is always with her. So let her realize that you are always with her and she can do anything when you are with her. You cute morning text message can give her such strength and power to face the world because she knows that you are with her and she feels power with this expression of your love.

Here we present some really cute good morning text messages for girlfriend:

  1. You make me want to be a better person. So this new day make a better a person. Good morning!
  2. Because of you I believe in word ‘soul mates’. Make me believe on myself today as well. Good morning!
  3. Sometimes I feel you can read minds, as you understand me so well. And I know you really do this. Good morning!
  4. I can look into your eyes and feel my soul. Good morning my love!
  5. Your presence makes me feel like a prince. Good morning my princess!
  6. Whenever you are around I am always blushing. Make me blush always in my life my love. Good morning!
  7. It’s like your love is making me a better person day by day. Good morning my mentor!
  8. You are like moon to the sky of my life. O wake up and rise on the sky of my life. Good morning!
  9. I am always trying to resolve this mystery, how could a girl be so beautiful. Good morning beautiful!
  10. I really want to see your face whenever I open my eyes. Good morning my morning charm!
  11. You are like home to me. Good morning my home!
  12. You are my honey bunny. Wake up and make my life sweeter and happier. Good morning!
  13. I don’t know what amazing thing I did to get a person like you by my side. You are such a blessing for me. Good morning and bless my day!
  14. My day starts with the shine of your eyes. So open your eyes and make my life shine like gold. Good morning!
  15. I love everything about you. Good morning my love!
  16. When you do weird stuff it brings light to my life. Naughty girl wake up. Good morning!
  17. I never thought I could get such a gem like you. Good morning my diamond!
  18. When we schedule to meet I want ‘fast forward’ the time to the point where we meet. Good morning!
  19. Whenever I feel rain drop on my face, it’s like you are touching me softly. Good morning my cloud!
  20. You are my sun so wake up and shine my day. Good morning!
  21. You are the reason I can be happy even when I am sad and smile even when I cry. Good morning.
  22. You are the pulse that throbs in my veins, you are the antidote that frees me of all pains. You are the rhythm of my heartbeat, without you my life would be incomplete. Good morning.
  23. There is only one remedy to cold shivery mornings – warm cuddly hugs with you. Good morning.
  24. The beautiful morning DEW and the lovely morning HUE are symbolic of my love for YOU. Good morning.
  25. I don’t care whether the sun rises or not, my morning starts only after I say that I love you a lot. Good morning.
  26. Regardless of life’s ups and downs, you’re the sunshine that wipes away my frowns. Good morning!
  27. Today I promise to live without Facebook and Twitter, if you promise to kiss me all day and make me feel better. Good morning.
  28. Since I’ve spent the night dreaming about you, I want to spend the day cuddling up with you. Good morning.
  29. The rising sun reminds me of your radiant face and the misty dew reminds me of your dreamy eyes. The sounds of the bustling city remind me of your soft whispers and the cool breeze reminds me of your tantalizing kisses. Good morning.
  30. If the early morning sky was a representation of every person I know, you are the sun and everyone else are the fading stars, soon to disappear by your blazing love. Good morning.
  31. Your smile is the only inspiration I need. Your voice is the only motivation I need. Your love is the only happiness I need. Good morning.
  32. It takes just one second to think about you in the morning, but the smile on my face lasts throughout the day. Good morning.
  33. I hate to wake up because it takes me away from all the dreams I was having about you last night. Good morning.
  34. I am tired of having to dream about you every night, I want you by my side so I can gaze at your beautiful sight. I am sick of waking up every morning and texting you, now I want to spend my mornings cuddling with you. I miss you, good morning.

Cute good morning quotes for her to make her smile

Yes you can make her smile daily when you send her cute good morning quotes and when she read the text she will smile with love and happiness to be with you and to have you in her life. These morning alarms of you can make her life beautifully attractive for her. Yes expressing love is really important and your expressive cute morning text will really feel her special and important.

  1. You have the face that reminds me of who really I am. I request to stay in my life always to make me realize who really I am. Good morning!
  2. Your voice makes me forget where I am. And I only remember that I am with you and this completes me from the bottom of my heart. Good morning love!
  3. Your presence makes me feel comfortable. And when I am comfortable I feel like center of universe. Good morning!
  4. Whenever you are talking to me, it’s like raining everywhere. Good morning my rain drop.
  5. Your sparkling eyes remind me of stars. Always make my life shiny with the beautiful eyes of yours. Good morning my sun shine.
  6. Your smile makes gives peace to my heart. Good morning!
  7. Your presence brings best out of me. And your presence makes me feel like special and peace of my heart make my life full of love.
  8. You always make me feel like I am the luckiest guy to have you. And yes I am.
  9. I can’t stop thinking about you. In fact you are inside me.
  10. It really makes me feel happy when you are around. Stay around me my life line.
  11. Whenever I see your text a smile comes to my face. And this smile is the most precious of all.
  12. It makes me feel special when you reply me. And yes when you say that you love me it’s the best reply ever.
  13. You are more beautiful than the girl I imagined to be loved by. Make my like more beautiful with your stunning beauty. Good morning.
  14. No person or thing can make me happier than your big smile for me. Show me your smile and start my day my beauty.
  15. Your presence makes my world more beautiful. Good morning killer lady.
  16. Whenever you look at me, I can’t look anywhere else. Thanks for being with me sweetie. Good morning!
  17. I have never felt so loved. It makes me feel like I am flying. Let’s fly together. Good morning!
  18. My cheeks are hurting because I am smiling so much these days. Good morning reason of my smile.
  19. Everything reminds me of you, it’s like you are everywhere. And I am lucky to have you everywhere around me. Stay same my doll. Good morning!
  20. My day starts with your morning text. So text me back and say you love so I can start my day with the sweetest words of the entire universe. Good morning!
  21. You are not just the shoulder on which I can but the strength that gives me power to face every problem. Good morning!
  22. You complete me in a unique and wonderful way. Thanks for your presence. Good morning!
  23. Whenever see you it’s like I am looking at beautiful sky. Good morning!
  24. You are the most gorgeous girl ever. Good morning!
  25. Whatever you are, you made me a different person. Thanks for making me a new man. Good morning!
  26. I will love you till my last breath. Yes I love you! Good morning.
  27. I am all yours, body and soul. Good morning my life.
  28. You are like very breath I take, I can’t live without you. Good morning oxygen.
  29. I can win everything with my one hand, provided you are holding my other hand. Good morning love!
  30. Your voice is as sweet as chocolate. I want to have this chocolate in my life. Good morning sugar honey!
  31. Your presence makes it flowery everywhere. Good morning my rose!
  32. You spread colors around me. Good morning my rainbow!
  33. If love had a face, it must be you. Morning my beauty!
  34. Your presence is like air around me. Stay with me so I can breath, in air. Good morning love.
  35. Whatever you wear, it looks amazing on you. You are true beauty my love. Good morning my love. Wake up to make my life more beautiful.
  36. I like to see you every day. Because you are my every day. Good morning my life.
  37. I really want to travel the world with you. And if I won’t then no worries because you are my world.
  38. My sunrise because of you, my sunsets because of you. Wake up to make my sun rise. Morning my golden sun.
  39. You are as shiny as gold. Morning my shine.
  40. Your smile makes my world shinier. Keep shine to make my life bright and beautiful. God morning my love.
  41. A cup of coffee and a cute yawn is how you should start your day. I supplied the coffee, but now it’s time for you to fulfill the rest of the bargain.
  42. I don’t care about the stars or the moon. All I care about is making you smile every day.
  43. Hey, are you awake? I was just thinking that when I get up, and you’re still asleep, the world feels a little emptier. Without you, my heart doesn’t beat the same and my smile goes on a long vacation.
  44. Good morning. I was thinking that you should ditch the makeup this morning. I really think you’re just trying to mess with perfection at this point.
  45. Your love is like a strong cup of coffee; warm and vibrant with just enough punch to make me happy and giddy all day.
  46. Some people wake up and want eggs and bacon; some people want cereal, but all I want is my daily dose of you in the morning!
  47. I almost sent you 100 different good morning texts, but I decided to send just one, so I don’t seem too overly attached.
  48. The beautiful morning DEW and the lovely morning HUE are symbolic of my love for YOU. Good morning.
  49. Hey wonderful, you get to wake up! I know it’s hard as you were probably dreaming about me, but I’m even better in real life?
  50. Can you give me another picture of you? My friends don’t believe that angels exist.
  51. You are the pulse that throbs in my veins, you are the antidote that frees me of all pains. You are the rhythm of my life would be incomplete. Good morning!
  52. Knock, Knock! Who’s there? Me, waiting to bring a smile to your face. Here’s to hoping that your morning is as wonderful as you are.
  53. Were you a coffee bean or cereal in a past life? I think you must be because I cannot start my day without you.
  54. Night is gone and the stars are too. Clouds are out in the sky so blue. Here’s a wish to my love so true. Good morning! And I love you.
  55. Today’s weather forecast for you: Rain of smiles, Wind of gladness, Fog of tranquillity, Snow of fun, and blossom of love!
  56. You are the pulse that throbs in my veins, you are the antidote that frees me of all pains. You are the rhythm of my heartbeat, without you my life would be incomplete. Good morning
  57. Thank you for always being there, Thank you for being my one and only dear. Thank you for ever being close and near. Ever grateful and ever grateful I am my dear. I wish you Good morning my love.
  58. The only hash tag trending in my life, right now and forever, is #YOU. Good morning.
  59. I believe in destiny, I believe in fate and I believe in miracles because without these I just can’t explain how the world’s most beautiful woman became mine. I love you, good morning.
  60. Sometimes people want to have full conversation really early in the morning and it’s okay to kill those people. Good morning my dear!
  61. Good morning, did you know that the brain is a wonderful organ? It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.
  62. Every day I wake up and forget all the reasons that make me sad because I just need one reason to make me happy – YOU. Good morning.
  63. My past will never haunt me, as long as I have you sweetie. Good morning.
  64. I don’t know how long we will be together because that is not important. What I do know and what really matters, is that we will never be apart. Good morning.
  65. The cold morning breeze reminds me of you – a tingling sensation I feel on my skin, bringing a surge of joy from within. Good morning.
  66. Every night I fall asleep dreaming about what it would be like to hug you during the day and I pass every day imagining what it would be like to dream about you at night. Good morning.
  67. Every morning when i see you my day simply becomes not just good but great.
  68. You have always been my first ray of beautiful sunlight
  69. Please never give up on me, specially when you are angry because of me.
  70. My soul belongs to you my love, good morning.
  71. Your love to me is like never stopping time, Good Morning baby!
  72. I hope today your day is filled with all the joy, love you my love.
  73. My day cannot become great without your juicy kiss and warn hug so wake up and come out.
  74. I have made you a decent coffee filled with sugar of love so wake up and have it.
  75. Today is Sunday, so i have made you a nice breakfast for you. Everything is your favorite here so wake up my lifeline and come and see your self.
  76.  I love taking shower with you in morning baby, so wake up i am waiting.
  77. I hate when you are not laying next to me at nights, but i love when i see you’re lovely body laying next to me in mornings, Good Morning Gorgeous
  78. Today’s forecast for you, No work in house, Free Shopping from me, along with a free fancy dinner
  79. Wake up Baby, I have a very nice surprise for you!
  80. Wake up darling, We have to plan a surprise trip to France 🙂
  81. The most important job of my day is always to think and work on it on how to make your day truly special.
  82. I can win the world, only if i know you will be always there with me – Good morning my Shinning star.
  83. You are my win, you are my reward and you are the only top i want to stay on. Good morning Baby!
  84. I first fell in love when i first saw you walking in the corridors of our school and ever since that day i have never loved any one else. Good morning
  85. My days wonderful when you are around, & they become dull when you are not, so wake up baby someone is really depressed without you.
  86. I still don’t believe how can such a wonderful person be still in my life – Thank you and wake up darling
  87. No matter how hard i try but i simply cannot give you the true love you have given me – thank you for everything my sweet love.
  88. Do you know when you are not around me i feel like a lonely, scared animal around everyone; So wake up some one misses you.
  89. You are someone for whom i can even die without any hesitation
  90. Life has always been very harsh on me, my bad luck never leaves me but in all this bitterness you are the only happiness i have.
  91. Your presence makes my days brighter, your voice makes my evenings dance and your touch makes my nights heaven.
  92. Just wanted to send you a text message in morning and say “I Love you”.
  93. Hey, Do you feel like going on a long drive with me – wake up i have planned everything.
  94. Good Morning sweetheart, Someone who is truly in love with you is waiting to see your beautiful face before going to work.
  95. You are still beautiful, and not just that but a amazing person i have ever seen. I am so lucky to have you in my life.
  96. Life would never have been such a wonderful journey, if you were not major part of it. Thank You and good morning love.
  97. I love you! – Not because you are beautiful, or intelligent but because you have a kind and loving heart.
  98. You are the most amazing person I have ever met! I figured you could use that. I know today is a bid day for you. You know it’s a big day for me too, right? What do you got for me?
  99. That is really beautiful when you open your eyes and find a sweet good morning text from your boyfriend and finds it cute if he sends you such messages daily. This really makes your girl feel special and love.

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good morning texts for her
good morning texts for her

good morning texts for her