Good Dares For Girls


Good Dares for Girls: Truth or Dares is an old game. It has been played for decades in almost all the parts of world. This is a funny game in actual but it also tells about a person that how much truth he can speak and how much brave he/she is to fulfill the dares. Today we are discussing some very interesting and hilarious dares for girls that could burst you in giggles. If you try these dares in the game you are for sure going to have great time with your buddies.

Let us start now….

  • Go outside without makeup.
  • Let the players make spikes in your hairs.
  • Wash your makeup now.
  • Dance like boys.
  • Speak in a voice of boy for next half hour.
  • Fry an egg with eyes closed.
  • Kiss a guy sitting next to you on right.
  • Brush the teeth of player sitting next to next on left.
  • Jump like a frog in whole room.
  • Sit in the lap of any cute guy here.
  • Hug a stranger guy.
  • Say I love you to your latest crush.
  • Eat dog food.
  • Be a pet of any guy in the group.
  • Open the shirt of the guy sitting fourth on your right.
  • Make a call to your grandpa and sing a sexy song.
  • Take a bath with clothes.
  • Fart loudly in a crowded place.
  • Romance with a pillow.
  • Make a random call and propose.
  • Propose an old man sitting on knees, on the main street.
  • Wash a panty of any player girl you like.
  • Wash a bra of any player girl you want.
  • Put ice cubes inside your pants and sit.
  • Stand up on one leg for ten minutes.
  • Put your finger in someone’s nose.
  • Put and move your finger in any player’s ear.
  • Eat a banana without peeling.
  • Call your partner and say “I hate you.”
  • Eat a piece of cake without using hands.
  • Call your boy friend and say “I wanna break up.”
  • Allow any male player to put make up on you.
  • Show your message inbox.
  • Pose awkwardly for some clicks.
  • Show everything that is in your hand bag.
  • Turn towards wall and talk nonstop.
  • Dance fast on a sad song.
  • Kiss under the arms of guy sitting opposite to you.
  • Smell the socks of every player.
  • Eat a spoon spiciest thing present in the kitchen.
  • Sing a song in another language.
  • Tell your two secrets loudly.
  • Drink a liter coke bottle without stopping.
  • Post a status on facebook, “I am recognized Mad by the Doctor.
  • Flirt with the most attractive guy in this group.
  • Call for a Pizza delivery and insist to deliver it any other state.
  • Statue for next 15 minutes.
  • Eat raw noodles.

Finally, I dare you to try each of them on your friends in the game and you will have so much fun that you can even not expect.