60+Good Dares for Girls and Boys

60+ Good Dares for Girls and Boys

Good Dares for Girls and Boys: Most of the people in the world being friends are playing the game of truth or dare. Mostly when girls and boys are playing together, most chances are that they would play the truth or dare game.  There is a rule of the game that if the bottle being spin is stationed pointing at you, you must chose anything between truth or dare. If you chose the truth, you will be asked a question which you need to answer truly and if you chose dare, then you must do the dare. The following are the top 60 dares for girls and boys.

Dares for Girls

Good Dares for Girls and Boys
  1. Confess your love to a loved one.
  2. Call your crush and then confess love.
  3. Strip the clothes for a minute.
  4. Strip clothes on the road.
  5. Prank someone on phone to be obnoxious.
  6. Get a brush and clean teeth of the person sitting next to you.
  7. Give a French kiss to someone who haven’t brushed teeth for at least two days.
  8. Sit in the lap of a boy wearing underwear for quarter of hour.
  9. Drink bottle of wine in 30 seconds.
  10. Scream in someone’s year as loud as possible.
  11. Spend a minute having 3 ice cubes in mouth.
  12. Lick a bar of soap while it’s bubbly and wet.
  13. Take off shirt and play the game for the rest of time.
  14. Wear bikini and play the game for the rest of time.
  15. Shave the leg of guy nearest to you.
  16. Sniff armpit of the person for a minute who is nearest.
  17. Bark like a dog for a minute.
  18. Produce sounds of at least 10 animals.
  19. Eat a chocolate bar in 10 seconds.
  20. Take off the socks of person nearest you with teeth.
  21. Empty the purse and show it to all.
  22. Make non-stop conversation for 5 minutes.
  23. Do makeup from a guy nearest to you.
  24. Tape the mouth and don’t talk until it’s your turn again.
  25. Do rope jumping for 10 minutes.
  26. Take off underwear and sniff it for 2 minutes.
  27. Put shampoo on your hair, leather it well but don’t wash for 10 minutes.
  28. Sit on ice cubes until it melts.
  29. Drink mixture of milk and ketchup with mustard in it.
  30. Leather face with soap and open eyes for a minute.

Dares for Boys

Good Dares for Girls and Boys
  1. Kiss pillow for 10 minutes.
  2. Eat a potato without peeling and cooking.
  3. Dance with a pillow like it’s your lover
  4. Peel a tomato with teeth.
  5. Stand on head for 30 seconds without any support.
  6. Throw your wallet in the bra of girl nearest to you.
  7. Drink a bottle of wine in 20 seconds.
  8. Take a nude pic wearing only underwear and post it on Facebook.
  9. Set the petroleum jelly on face for 5 minutes.
  10. Eat half bottle of tooth paste.
  11. Draw face of bunny on face without looking in mirror.
  12. Do 50 pushups.
  13. Do 20 chin-ups.
  14. Lick floor for 2 minutes.
  15. Kiss toilet for a minute.
  16. Sniff underwear of girl sitting next to you.
  17. Go outside and ask a girl to sleep with you.
  18. Give a French kiss to a random lady on road.
  19. Call your crush’s mom and invite her for a date.
  20. Eat biscuit with dog mouth to mouth.
  21. Let someone pick your girlfriend’s call pretending to be you.
  22. Tell a naughty fantasy in 4 minutes.
  23. Make voices of horn of at least 5 vehicles.
  24. Lick toes of girl nearest to you.
  25. Lay on the piece of ice until it melt.
  26. Drive your car in reverse mode for 4 minutes.
  27. Dance on the street in wearing underwear only.
  28. Act like a police man on the street and pull off keys of 2 vehicles.
  29. Hug at least 10 trees.
  30. Eat banana after peeling with your feet.

One of the cult classic games which every person might have played in their childhood is the truth or dare. The game is being played within a group of people who chooses either to dare or truth on the basis if the turning object stops in his/her direction. When a person chooses dare, then the person has to complete a given task. The task can be anything and may be a tough one to be completed by the person. If a person don’t like the dare then he/she can be given another one to complete dare. A person cannot be asked to answer a question on dare. While when a person chooses truth, he/she is supposed to answer a question with honesty and truthfulness, which may be related to his/her personal life or any other matter. The truth question might be something that is wanted to be known by all members of the game. The truth or dare game is very exciting to play. The game is only for children but people of all ages can play game and enjoy. The following is the list of good dares which you may ask your friends while playing the game.