Get Your World Cup Fix with Soccer Games for Mobile


Soccer (also known as football) is the most popular sport in the world. That’s why the World Cup is a huge deal – but it also makes choosing the best soccer apps a challenge. These hand-picked soccer games allow you to enjoy all the fun of the World Cup, right on your phone. If you can’t stand the fact that the World Cup is over (or that your favorite team lost!), then these mobile games are for you.

FIFA Soccer

Every four years the World Cup – the biggest sports event in the world, aside from the Olympics – takes places. This year was the year! FIFA has been around since the 90’s, so there isn’t a lot of need to introduce the FIFA soccer game – they are the ones who organize the World Cup, after all. If you’re still feeling the World Cup fever then the FIFA World Cup Edition mobile game could be the perfect cure for you. Perfectly organized to match the real-life Cup, you can play as any of the 32 qualified teams. If you’re feeling down because your national team didn’t qualify for this year’s Cup, don’t worry. You still can play as the official Italian or the US soccer team anyway!

Since this game is the World Cup Edition, you can’t play as your favorite soccer club, only national teams. But, to compensate, you can create your own team and fill it up with both currently-active players and legendary players that are long-retired. Ever thought of having both Ronaldo de Lima and Cristiano Ronaldo on the same team? It’s time to score some goals.

New Star Soccer

If you’re up for an immersive soccer experience but crave more realism than other animated soccer games, New Star Soccer has it all. Live the life of a rising soccer star – complete with all the up and downs of a turbulent footballing career! Create a new player from scratch, and then flex your decision-making muscles to take them from a 16-year-old beginner to Premier League legend. Not only can you develop their skills on the pitch but you’ll be totally in control of their celebrity status off the pitch, too. Smart intuitive controls with realistic ball physics, mini-games, and an unpredictable AI makes New Star Soccer a true simulation of the football universe. If you’re looking for a game that’s easy to put down, New Star Soccer may not be the best choice. As numerous reviews warn, it’s a truly addictive experience!

Dream League Soccer 2018

When soccer games initially moved to mobile devices, everyone complained about the clunky, unintuitive controls. It was extremely complicated and, frankly, not very fun. But the first thing you’ll notice when you boot up Dream League Soccer is the smooth and instantly learnable controls. No kidding; it’s astounding how easy it is to pick up on the basics. Once you do that, you can start creating your Dream Team and fill up the roster with your favorite soccer superstars.
Being such a thrilling and dynamic sport, it’s no wonder soccer is the most popular game in the world. If you’re looking to transfer the excitement to your device and none of these games are up your alley, check out this Best 10 Soccers Games list. It includes only the best so you can start playing soccer from your phone straight away! It’s the perfect cure for the post-World Cup blues.