100+ Games which you can play without Wifi

no wifi games

Have you ever thought of the games which you can play without the Wifi. If you haven’t thought until yet, then yes, there are numerous games which you can play without any Wifi. Such games are offering you a flexibility to be played when you are not connected to a Wifi. There are numerous of the developer who have actually made such games to enable people play their favorite games offline.

The following are the top 100+ No WiFi Games

  1. Bad Land

Bad Land is a 2D game which has a theme of a beautiful forest having different residents. The game is regarding the survival in the forest as there is something awfully wrong with the forest. In the game one of the dweller has to find what is going wrong in the forest and there are also numerous other imaginative traps making very attractive for the players. 

  1. Minecraft Pocket Addition

This is made by Mojang and is known for its adventure and is allowing the players to have their creativity mixed in to make outcomes. There is no wifi needed in games and this is allowing you for making your own virtual world, where you can make bridges, buildings, clouds, and other things.

  1. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is an action game which is very popular among common people who love to play. The game is having kung fu styled fighting allowing the players to make aerobic kicks, moves, and have some lethal weapons as well.

  1. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 is a new game which is having extra ordinary graphics and is basically a racing game. It is heavy and can only be played on smartphones and tablets having bigger ram and rom. It has numerous actions such as stunts, arcades, and aircraft carriers etc.

  1. Despicable Me

Despicable me is based on the movie despicable me, having the funny characters of minions. It is about collecting the bananas. The player has to jump over the hurdles and collect bananas to make points.

  1. Six Guns: Gang Showdown

Six guns: gang showdown is an amazing action game and is the other version of six guns. This is created by loft. The game has collectively 40 missions which must be completed by the players. This is full of action and adventure.

  1. Hill Climb Racing 2

The hill climb racing 2 is another in the category of no wifi games. This is an upgrade of the exiting hill climb . You have to drive the vehicle up the hill and perform different actions such as back flips and free fall etc.

  1. Brain it On: Physics Puzzles

This is best for those who likes to challenge their mental abilities. This is based on physics concepts which you have to answer. This is purely based on the knowledge and creativity of the player.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies 2

This is second version of plants vs. zombies. The game is of arcade genre and the players have to save their plants from the attacks of zombies. There are different capabilities of the plants such as watermelon launching and corn missiles etc.

  1. Infinity Loop


The infinity loop is combining the relaxation and simplicity. This is involving the interconnection of different shapes and curves for making it simple and easy. There are different modes of the game, such as in the dark mode you have to complete the shape in the form of the individual components.

  1. Fruit Ninja


Fruit ninja is a fantastic game having a theme to cut fruits with the help of a blade. There are different modes of the game. In one mode, you have to cut as many fruits as possible while in other mode you have to cut fruits escaping the bombs.

  1. Pick one Word


This is about guessing the right words which are against some pictures. Some of the words are already given as the hints while you have to guess the remaining alphabets to complete the word.

  1. Temple Run


Temple run is a unique. which players can player for hours without getting bored. There are numerous characters which can be unlocked with gems or by leveling up. The players have to collect coins and gems while running through way escaping hurdles.

  1. Alto’s Adventure

The game has unique graphics and is very interesting. The theme of the game is extra ordinary as it has sun set and sunrise etc. The player has to go down through snowboard.

  1. Swamp Attack

The game is having the main character of swamp attack who is alone and has no companions. A strange virus is hitting the inhabitants and the character has to fight to save the lives. The best thing in the game is a shot gun for saving yourself from wild animals.

  1. Bomb Squad


This is a multi-players game which can be played without any wifi connection. The game is having an aim to destroy the entire enemies with bombs, wits, and fists. The player of the game has to participate in different activities such as battles and races etc.

  1. Asphalt Nitro

This is a car racing game which is very popular. The game has numerous routes which can be selected by the players as per their choices. On different tracks, there are different opportunities for the players to cut the path, and make different moves. The game has a total of 8 modes.

  1. Racing Moto

The game has a simple theme where the main moto is to making racing. The player can see the road through a window of a motorcycle where all vehicles are moving. The player has to go through the road without having an accident.

  1. Earn to Die

The game is a 2 dimensional racing themed having players to drive through devastated roads and avoid different obstacles to remain alive. On the right side of the screen, there are buttons for gas and turbo acceleration, and buttons for maneuvering by the car are on the left side of the screen. These buttons can be used for performing different functions.

  1. Traffic Rider

The game is unique of its kind as the player has to move through the busy road avoiding collision with the vehicles on the road. There are more than 30 motorcycles which a player can ride in the game.

  1. Paper Toss

The paper toss is a simple game having a very simple aim of tossing a roll of paper in to the basket. There are different settings of the game to recreate different places in the real life. A player can play the game in any of such scenarios to enjoy the game.

  1. Angry Birds 2

The angry birds 2 is the latest version of the old classic angry bird game. The player has to throw different birds on to the pigs to remove them from their place and earn points. There is a new feature of schticks in the game which is used for choosing different birds in different levels.

  1. Dark Sword

The dark sword is a hero themed game which incorporates fights with a dark dragon. There are different levels of the game and with passing each level the mode is getting hard to achieve success. The control system in which is perfectly adapted to devices with touch screens. The graphics of the game are fantastic.

  1. Really Bad Chess

The game is based on the real life game chess. The game can be considered as the worst chess game that a player can ever play. The levels of the game are not chose randomly for you but the levels are chosen for you based on your past performance. Therefore, you need to do well, otherwise you will get in trouble.

  1. Star Wars: KNIGHT

The star wars game is inspired from the movie star wars. The game has extra ordinary sound effects and graphics. The theme of the game is looking life a real life scenario where the players are imagining themselves as the real characters of the star wars and play game to get success. Combat is round-based instead of action-based, meaning you select your target and the character takes care of the rest.

These days there is a huge competition among the developers who are developing smartphones and tablet games. The developers are trying their best to provide each necessary feature to the consumers so that they may enjoy playing their games on devices. The very first approach which the developers are using these days is by offering free games without WiFi. This is because the consumers are not able to use an internet connection for their desire of playing games constantly, moreover, there are numerous problems associated with the constant internet usage with their devices. The first of all is that they need to pay for the internet that would use either in the Wi-Fi or mobile internet source. Moreover, the second problem is the battery consumption as the constant internet use is demolishing battery timings of the smartphones or tablets. The WiFi free games are therefore main source for ease of the consumers. There are abundant free games without wifi, and the enlisted below are the top 6 no WiFi games.

26. Duet

The designs and graphics of the game duet are straightforward and wonderful, with the vast majority of the scenery occurring against a dull dark foundation. You control two spots, one red and one blue, which turn around each other in a state of harmony with each other, as you turn them one way and the other to change their area and avoid troublesome deterrents and boundaries. In the event that you happen to hit an obstruction, your spot detonates in a paint splatter that remaining parts on the level in future retries, making this excellent ocean of blue, red, dark, and white. The diversion truly radiates through with its music, however, which takes after chilly and far off excursion bounce and techno, making the coveted air of vitality and quick paced development, managing you through a labyrinth of pivoting lines of devastation.
27. The Escapists

The Escapists is a encourage quality game which was initially restricted for Xbox One, Windows, and PS4, before being ported to the two iOS and Android in mid of 2017, and for the correct gathering of people, it is a flat out impact. A best down procedure diversion, your concentration in The Escapists is to figure out how to escape from the jail you’ve been bolted into, which step by step increment in trouble as you continue through the game. You can specialty and access things and devices to achieve your objectives, trade with detainees inside the correctional facility to inspire them to give you their things, take the gear that you require. This game is among most downloaded WiFi free games.

28. Life Line

The life lime game is played yourself, getting messages for the duration of the day from a space traveler named Taylor who has smashed on an outside planet far from his own particular home. The diversion is totally played out continuously, which means you’ll be getting messages as new updates come through, making the game feel unimaginably practical as you pick what this character does or doesn’t. Your activities mean Taylor will either live beyond words your correspondence proceeds, and simply like some other human, Taylor should eat, rest, and connect with the planet. With no measure of spoilers, choices inside this game can get fantastically troublesome, settling on critical choices for the characters Taylor interfaces with.
29. Limbo

Limbo is not the game which you will play while remaining in line at the market. The game has been more than once contrasted with film noir and darker recreations, utilizing highly contrasting designs and film grain to make a particular state of mind while you platy controlling a little kid arousing in a timberland.” You advance through the game, hopping over stages and settling bewilders against the dull background of the diversion. You should advance over tightropes, stay away from shrouded traps, and sporadically maintain a strategic distance from close passing by creatures and undead people out to slaughter the little kid you’re controlling, who’s searching for his lost sister all through the diversion and this is a no WiFi needed games.
30. The Room

Rather than any number of comparative baffle recreations, The Room is a completely 3D confuse game where the mission is to illuminate four perplex encloses a column. There’s a story included, for the most part told through letters and notes from a baffling creator who’s concocted the confuse boxes you’re being sent. The case can be turned, bent, zoomed in and out, pivoted, and then some all while searching for pieces of information on the best way to tackle the cases.
31. Unblock Me

In the event that you have never played WiFi free games like Unblock Me some time recently, the objective is basic. Your field is a little framework, loaded with pieces and discharge spaces. One piece is an unexpected square in comparison to the rest, however the span of the squares are normally fundamentally the same as inside each other. You will probably slide the pieces around until the point that you can get your particular square from its beginning area to a foreordained leave zone toward the finish of the level. At the point when the level closes, the game stacks another level, commonly picking up in trouble as you move all through the diversion. On the whole, there isn’t a huge amount of many-sided quality to the game however a few riddles can get extremely exceptional, there’s nothing excessively unthinkable, making it impossible to fathom, and figuring out how the diversion functions is simple before the troublesome bend kicks in.

32. Super Mario Run:

The is among the best no wifi games that are developed by Nintendo here the Super Mario is made to jump over and over to Grab the coins and make money the whole performance in the game is based on the money or the coins that you earn. Coins usually are of two types that is red and black however the black coin is available only when you unlock it and when the red coins are exhausted. In the game, there are options to control the action of the Super Mario in terms of jumping over or jumping high or jumping for long one can easily delay the actions that Mario performs.

33. Racing Car 2:

Another one among the offline games or you can call free games without wifi is Racing Car 2, if you are a fan of racing games racing card to is the best bet for you it gives you a real feel of driving inside a car you get a virtual cockpit and the traffic around is as real as you see in the real world just buy tilting and dragging your device you can actually move the car and manage the traffic around above all it also gives you an opportunity to earn coins which can eventually make you buy more and more new cars. Few of the best features include the age of driving the 3D view of the car a countless number of modes freedom to choose a location and then controlling the way you want.

34. Solitaire:

The game of Solitaire is quite famous especially among adults and is again a game that needs no wifi and hence comes under the category of free games without wifi, as they are quite fond of it because of its ease of playing. The game involves arranging each card coming from an anonymous piled deck into a particular order of colour and numbers, and the player which successfully arranges them first is the winner. The game also has the provision of improving the previous wrong move if taken by mistake. This game can be played offline and solo or in a group of 2 or above. The levels are quite attractive and the higher levels become little difficult. Overall this game is quite a craze among people of all age.

35. Deer Hunter Classic:

Are you a die-hard hunter and wants to play it as offline games, if yes, then this game will give you all those real experience that you could ever imagine of, that too for free. You will find more than 100 species to encounter with, including but not limited to deer, cheetah any many more. You can also improvise your weapons that you use to hunt with every successful passing of stages, this is not just the end, you can also collect trophies to further enrich your hunting experience in the game.

36. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter:

If you always get fascinated by the way snipers shoot and wish to become like one, here is a game that comes in the category of free games, the games give you a real-time environment with visuals that would awe struck you and missions that would get you Goosebumps. The animations are super cool with 3D graphical effects that will just amaze you. The guns sound very real and you will have a perception of real killing every time you use the weapons. You get an opportunity to save people from the real criminals by killing them at the right time. Since it’s among the no wifi games, you can play it anytime you want.

37.  Traffic Racer:

If you love to drive in rush and loves free games, this could be the best game for you, the first thing that will fall in love for this game is the amazing 3D graphics and the ease with which you can handle the driving. You can choose from more than 30 cars to drive, coming to the environment, it has a scenario like rainy, snowy, desert-like to play in. The traffic is provided by mostly trucks, SUVs and buses, making the ideal road situation. The game has a full scope of customization and does not require any WIFI.

38. Color Switch:

If you are good in concentrating over the screen and likes to play free games without wifi, this game is one of the best for you. You need to carefully tap screen so as you control the ball while it passes through the obstacles. The ball while passing changes its color with power-ups, it is essentially required that you have to observe the color pattern in order to cross an obstacle however if you passed through the wrong color you will end up losing the game and might have to restart.

39. Beat the Boss 2 (17+):

Are you too is upset or frustrated with your boss? if your answer is yes, and like playing free games then you have landed to the right game. This game gives you immense opportunity to have vent out the frustration by virtually beating the boss, however, it is advised for people with weak heart or children below 17, not to play this game for there is too much violence that takes place. The game gives you an option to defeat your boss with magic, guns and all related stuff. It’s just full of blood and violence and above all, you don’t any WIFI to play it.

40. Toca Kitchen 2:

If you love cooking, but is afraid of cooking the wrong dishes, Toca Kitchen 2 is the perfect game for you, here you get full freedom to cook the combo you want and then serve the guest the way you like, here no one is there to criticize you for your messing up with the food items, from making a tomato soup to your favorite. The game offers you more than 5 kitchen tools to mess with the food you want to prepare and you can also see the guest reacting on your cooked food.it also like other games come in the category of no WIFI games.

41. Mortal Kombat X:

The king of all fight tournaments is here, you can experience here the ultimate fighting spirit with the most of the most dangerous fighters that not just use natural will to fight but also magical powers and tricky action stunts to out win you. You have the freedom to choose the player you like and perform the stunts the way you want. Its stunning x-ray imaging features can make you go wild as the effects are stunning and almost close to reality. You can create your own team and fight among each other and get a more realistic feel of engagement.

42. Brick Breaker Star: Space King:

Another one in the category of no wifi games comes, Brick breaker star, it is a game of complete focus and attentiveness, and it’s a mind game. It is one of the best games to be counted under the category of free games without wifi. This game provides a fascinating platform to the players and attracts children the most. Handling of multiple balls that smashes the bricks has to be handled very carefully as they bounce back against the moving platform each time. A single delay or miss management in the movement of the platform makes you lose the extra balls. This game helps in creating alertness and trains your mind to respond at the correct time. Each level is as fascinating as the other. One has to also ensure that the bonuses and the extra points that fall down have to be timely perceived by the movable platform to boost your score, and while playing this one has to gear up and keep themselves on the toes.

43. Police car chase:

The is among the no WIFI games, for those who want to complete and win against the road racers, the game also has the option to either become a cop or as a pure road racer.It is to be played carefully to ensure that no civilians are heard while driving.

44. Suicide Squad: Special Ops:

Another one among the offline games or you can call free games without WIFIis this, here you have to stop the invaders from intruding into the city with the help of your task force, you can also record the game in between.

45. The Floor is Lava:

Again, a game that needs no WIFI and hence comes under the category of free games without WIFI, you just have to jump across your rooms within our house but you have to be careful as at any point of time the floor can transform itself into a lava ground.

46. OMG Gross Zit – Date Nightmare:

Here is a game that comes in the category of free games. This game is basically about facing a challenge just before you are about to go on a date; hear the player gets a zit over her forehead and is expected to get rid of it just before the time begins.

47. Bubble Shooter:

Another one among offline games where you have to match bubbles the way you want it is this, it is a hilarious game and has a lot of challenge while playing it, the individual boosters in the game help you score high and win eventually.

48. Zombie Smasher: 

A group of zombies enters your city and might intrude inside your homes, you have to smash the zombie but have to be careful not to hurt any neighbour.Since it’s among the no WIFI games, you can play it anytime you want.

49. Banana Kong:

Play around the Vines so as you can outrun the so-called banana floods. The most significant enemy for you in this journey could be the nature itself; you also have to tackle many animals like crocodiles while your sale through you can collect as many bananas as you can

50. Dino T-Rex:

If you love free games, then you are at the right place,you have a dinosaur like animal where you need to ensure that he passes through the route after successfully crossing the cactus in between, above all it is one of the most popular among theno WIFI games category.

51. Basketball Battle:

This game mainly works in two modes you can tap the screen to jump off the ground and tap off to shoot the ball. It’s a two-player game, you can also cross over the field to get to the basket done, and can even upgrade the team you play with, the game does not require any WIFI.

52. Cheating Tom 3 – Genius School:

Tom who has been cheating to excel in his school and has been mistaken to be a genius. The teacher is going extract out the brain of the student’s head and uses it to take over the entire world, and you have to help Tom graduate out without letting his mind extracted.

53. Fish Dom:

If you like to play free games without WIFI, here you can virtually get deep down into the sea and create an ecosystem for the fishes, you can decorate the aquarium using specific tools and help them interact with other fishes and creatures.

54. Taxi Game:

One of the best games under the category of free games without WIFIis this one. You get an option to drive the taxi in the heavy traffic take passengers and then ensure their safety till you drive them home, the game is not that easy because it has the same environment that you face in real life while driving.

55. Badminton League:

It is one of the most competitive games which you can play with your friends and can even win the trophy in this tournament. You can customize the way you want to play and win over your opponent in many of the tricky ideas you want, the game is challenging to win but has a smooth user interface design.

56. String.io:

In this game, you can acquire as much territory as you want but you have to be careful with your enemies as they can attack you with an unpredictable strategy. You can attack your enemy by attacking their tails, but you have to be careful not to get hit by other players.

57. Black Jack 21:

This game is a multiplayer game where you play with almost real people and feels the graphics and the table very close to the real ones the tournaments that happened here are just amazing making your casino journey super cool. You also have the opportunity to become the black master tournament champion.

58. Hay Day:

If you like playing free games this is one of the most exciting game you will ever play,here you get an opportunity to learn about your land and crops and also trade goods with your local friends and neighbours in the farmland, you canalso use trucks to deliver the products.

59. Bike Stunt Tricks Master:

This is one of the bike games with amazing stunts that you can ever perform in a virtual world. After crossing one stage, another stage becomes more challenging than the previous one, and you get to play the craziest and deadliest stunt that you can ever dream while riding the bike.

60. Bullet Force:

It’s a multiplayer bullet game with the most of the most sophisticated weapons to play with. The shooting is so real that you will feel as if you are playing the game in an actual enemy territory. You can have weapon camouflages, laser optics etc to customize your weapon virtually.You don’t need any WIFI to play it.

61. 100 Doors Challenge:

This game has fascinating puzzles with an excellent system and fantastic animation, the primary challenge in this game is to escape the room and pass a hundred doors using all the possible device that you have. For this, you need to discover objects items and then solve puzzles.

62. Whack Your Boss ~Cartoon Land:

The game comes with a cubical unit with many items, and you have to pick a thing that you think would best be used to hit the boss you can seriously get your stress relieved while you play this game.It also likes other games come in the category of no WiFi games.

Some No WiFi Games Exclusively for Girls

With the advancement in technology and science, everything is getting new shapes and curves that are really attractive and amazing. Gradually all the things especially new gadgets are making such marvelous steps towards progress that are really jaw dropping.

If we look back then we can clearly see a gadget called mobile phone. A hand set that was quite big in size having antenna on it was a marvelous creation at that time. Back then it was only use to make a call and then to send messages.

With the passage of time, lots of new things happen to mobile phone and now you have smart phones in your pockets. Then there was a time when internet was a new sensation and now it turned its shape into wifi.

Yes! The new combination of wifi and smart is a new trend. And then it came to mobile gaming that changed all the concept of video games. Now people play games on their smart phones. Just download a game and when you want to play it connect your phone with internet and here you go!

But the real innovation is here! Play games on your smart phone without wifi. These offline games mostly can be played on both IOS and android devices. In start there were games that can only be played be boys but now there are offline free games for girls as well. Now play offline games and enjoy. As there are now no wifi games that is why people are downloading them and enjoying them.

Free games without wifi are new treat for game lovers as you don’t need to connect your phone with wifi. Game lovers always want charged phones but wifi use charging faster that is why no wifi games are new game changers. People are loving it because they are easy, simple and wifi free. Now there is no need to have a complete video or play stations. Things are getting smarter and shrink. Big heavy video game stations are way back old now just grab your phone and play whatever game you want.

Play games whenever you want wherever you are. And the best part is now you don’t even need wifi. Yes no wifi free games are also available now. Free games without wifi are the best games ever. Because they don’t even need much charging and wifi games use more charging. That is why gamers actually love these offline games so they can enjoy more than average person.

Yes! That is something game changer. It’s not necessary that you always have wifi or internet connection so there are some games that give you the facility to play them offline as well. These games are really fun and the basic things that make them different because they don’t want wifi or internet connection. And gamer really love this thing. Now whenever you are free take out your phone and start gaming!

63. Flow Free:

It is a simple but addictive puzzle game. Just create a flow to match same color dots through pipes. Now there is low animation option in settings menu in new version of the game. It is a free offline game.

64. Pictoword:

Word guessing games and fun word Trivia: If you really want to play no wifi game with some excitement then do give a chance to this game. It is a picture guess game.

65. Racing penguin:

Slide and fly: it is like a physical base fly and slide game. Here you will see mountains as well then tap the screen to save your penguin. This offline game is really fun.

66. Crossy road:

Help the chicken to cross the road with taps. It is a fun game and won best apple design game award in 2015. This offline game is really addictive.

67. Campus life:

Fashion girl: it is a very popular girl among girls. Get ready to do a dream makeover of your given character and have fun by just using your hidden talent of design and makeup and make other girls beautiful. In no wifi games it is a new sensation.

68. Shopping Mall Girl:

Style game: Do unlimited shopping until you find your dream dress and other things and show your creativity to world. Do an amazing makeover of your girl. Here you can find lots of real life shopping mall activities. Create your own wardrobe and style your girl. This is one of the most played offline games by girls out there.

69. Mouse Maze:

Top brain puzzle: This game is from the creator of racing penguin. It is an offline puzzle game. Help the cute mouse eat all the cheese in the maze before those evil cats got them. It has really easily control with control settings as well.

70. Girls X battle: GXB_Global:

It is one of the most popular anime style games of 2016. Lots of girls under the command of master summoners. This game is combined with tactics and manually micro-ing features. Just enhance the abilities of your girls to play most hard quests. It is basically a Japanese fight game with a lot of real life moments in it. It is quite exciting offline game with lots of adventures.

71. Rising super chef 2:

Cooking game: A brand new game related to kitchen and cooking with lots of new adventures and levels. Graphics of this game are really attractive and the levels of the game and different challenges in it make it more challenging and exciting. It is one of most played no wifi game for the girls.

72. Tic Tac Toe:

Who don’t know this game? It is most played game all over the world. There was a time when people played it manually but now it is in smart phone. It is one of those no wifi games that are simple and interesting at same time. This is a 2 player game with different backgrounds and environment. This offline game is really a good time pass.

Non-Wi-Fi Games for Kids

Are you searching for some free Wi-Fi games for your kids? Are you still unable to find cool and awesome no Wi-Fi games for your children? Do you want your toddlers to learn new things in unique ways? Then you are at the right place.

We have listed 15 Wi-Fi free games for your children. All of them are full of fun, entertainment, and amusement. Not only that, but many of them are no Wi-Fi Educational games.

So, now you don’t need to search anymore. Here we go!

  1. Lego Juniors Create & Cruise

Every one of us has played Lego in our childhood. The building of awesome vehicles with blocks and tires is one of the best past memories of ours. The difference is we played the Lego physically, but the Lego Juniors and cruise is a no Wi-Fi game for the kids.

LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise is a Wi-Fi free game and full-time amusement with imaginations. In this game, small boys and girls can create their very own LEGO mini figures and fun vehicles like cars, helicopters, and trucks.

Kids can also collect coins to unlock LEGO sets in the game. The coins can be built with a few easy touches and they will become a  part of the game’s colorful 3D scenery for your child’s next drive-through.

Download it from this link and you can make your child enjoy even without internet connection.


Chase or be Chased is the real goal of the game. There are different versions of the game. For example, you can play with LEGO BATMAN, LEGO WONDER WOMAN or with LEGO SUPERMAN in this free and fun LEGO DC Comics racing game.

It is also a free game without Wi-Fi. It is suitable for the kids who age between 5 to 12 years. They can race through multiple environments (explore 3 different worlds), unlock a large number of stickers, and achievements or just enjoy the ride with their favorite LEGO DC superhero or villains.

The no Wi-Fi game is a Bluetooth controlled game and offers no in-app purchases. Some people also complain that the game crashes frequently and they have to download it again and again for their kids. You can download it easily from the Google play store.

  1. Fun Kid Racing—Motocross:

Most of the kids, especially boys are fond of racing games. In the past days, SEGA games of racing were very popular among the children. With the increase in technology, many other racing games are developed in the market.

Fun kid racing is a free Wi-Fi racing game on motorbikes. It is an endless amusement for bike lover kids. They just have to choose a bike for the ride and the fun begins.

Just like the above games, it is also a free game without Wi-Fi. Although it offers in-app purchases; but it requires no internet connection to play the game. Some people also complain about the ad seeing but overall the game is good to go with.

  1. Educational Games 4 Kids:

It is a fun application with 12 games inside it. It will help your kids to learn different things with amusement and entertainment.

It is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese language.

It is a perfect free Wi-Fi game for preschoolers and they will love to learn with this application. Some salient features of the application are as follows.

  • The animals name and sound
  • Distinguish shapes
  • Learn to paint and colors
  • Learn Time: Hours and minutes
  • The emotions: angry, surprised, happy…
  • Piano: Musical notes and 12 songs
  • Improve their memory, logic, and concentration
  • Play 3 in a row
  • Play 4 in a line
  • Solve mazes
  • Pinball: Motor skills and spatial vision.

  1. Kids School Time Bicycle Race:

School life is the best time for the kids. They enjoy going to school and if they have a ride, then they will be ready to go to the school on the weekends even.

Kid School Time Bicycle Race is a game in which, all the kids and toddlers ride their own bicycle to go the school. It is another free game without Wi-Fi and some of the features of the game are,

  • Various Bicycle Riding challenges
  • Smooth controls.
  • Drive different types of Kids with your favorite school Bags.
  • Massive 3D Suburban City environment.
  • Realistic City traffic.

Some people also complain about the wrong turns, but overall it is a good one to play.

  1. Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas

It is also a fun racing game for the kids. In this game, your kid can race against other engines or choose two trains to race against a friend of him.

Like the other games, it is also a free Wi-Fi game and it can be easily played without a Wi-Fi connection. It has different speed boosters which help the kids to increase their engine’s speed and win special trophies.

But, it has some issues as well. According to most of the buyers, the pop-up ads are misleading for the young kids and they are even not removed after the pop-up blocking payments. So, the game developers should work on that.

  1. Horse care—Main Braiding:

Teaching the children with aesthetic sense is sometimes difficult. If you are facing the same problem, then Horse care— the main braiding can be the best choice for you. It is because most of the kids are fond of horses and they will love to decorate their favorite animal.

In this game, the kid can braid the mane of the horse if different hairstyles and become a little cute hairdresser of the horses. You just have to download the no Wi-Fi game for your kid and believe me, your child will be soon a perfect beautician.

  1. Kids Car Racers:

It is another free car racing game and can be played without Wi-Fi. In this game, kids can control their cars by tilting them.

They can also destroy the obstacles with the cool latest technologies. There are 18 cars in the game and your kid can choose any of them to race on the 4 different tracks.

  1. LetterSchool:

Kids Learn To Write The ABC Alphabet:

As the name depicts, it is an educational game app for the toddlers.  LetterSchool is a beloved game of more than 2 million toddlers. It is also recommended by the teachers & educational specialists. It’s been used at over 5,000 preschools and kindergartens to teach handwriting to kids!

Not only that but it also helps the younger kids to polish their writing and try some cursive styles. It is also a non-Wi-Fi game. If you haven’t downloaded it yet for your children, just go with it.

  1. Kids Educational Game 3:

It is full entertainment educational app with 12 different games in it. It has more than hundreds of words and a large variety of animal sounds with their names. It will help the kids to learn alphabets, numbers, animals, and many more things.

The no Wi-Fi game can be downloaded English, Spanish, and Portuguese language. It also helps the kids to learn to distinguish among shapes, paints, and colors, joining the dots, with an improvement in their logic and memorizing habits.

  1. Boomerang Make and Race:

It is another of the free Wi-Fi games. In this game, your kid can pick one of his favorite cartoons and test their driving skills. One of the races is the beloved Tom and Jerry races. The other ones are Scooby-Doo and Wacky racing competitions.

You can also customize your car with stickers, spray paints, and fun accessories.

  1. Piano Kids—Music & Songs:

It is a free nation Wi-Fi game for the kids and their parents to learn Piano. There is a large collection of music, songs, sounds develop musical skills.

The four mode game grows the skills to listen, memorize, and concentrate on creativity and imagination. Children can also learn to grow their speech capabilities.

  1. Baby Phone Game for Kids Free – Cute Animals:

It is an awesome baby game with colorful graphics and cute animals. If your child loves to play with your mobile phone, then this one is the best one to choose.

If you are really in a search of free Wi-Fi games, then it is a cute recommended game for your kid.

  1. Princess memory game for the kids:

It is a classic board game, which is helpful in developing the memory skills of the kids. With this game, your children will learn to improve their recognition while having fun.

The game, on memory cards, contains sweetest images of princesses, mermaids, unicorns, pink ponies, fairies, castles, knights, horses, queens

The free no Wi-Fi game is for little children, toddlers, early school going children and yes, the girls are gonna love them.

  1. Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool):

Kids Brain Trainer is not only for the kids but for the adults as well. The free game without Wi-Fi is designed for various purposes. For example, it helps in matching the images to its shadow.  It also makes the children find the odd image in a collection of images.

Just like all the other above games, it is also a free game without Wi-Fi.

Some more free games without wifi

There was a time when gaming was difficult. You need to have a full machine or a heavy video game station on which a person plays games. Gaming industry has been evolved a lot in last decade. There are a lot of soft ware houses that develops interesting and cool games for the people out there. With the all advancement in technology and sciences all things become smaller and smarter.

Now here we present you some games that can be played when there is no wifi and these games are free as well:

  1. Guess the restaurant quiz-Logo Trivia game

This is one the most favorite game for the food lovers. A no wifi game with free installation is really a blessing. In this game you just have to guess the name of the restaurant by given hints and images.

  1. Stick man warriors 2 Epic

A best game without wifi needs. An adventurous battle of stick man with lots of twist and fun. And the best part is that, it is a free game without wifi. Now enjoy battle of stick man without internet connection.

  1. Tunnel rush

If you are a challenge acceptor then this game is for you. This game without wifi needs really boost up your mental level as in this game you have to pass a tunnel with full of challenges and obstacles.

  1. My singing monsters

A land of monsters raised by you. This free game without wifi gives you a sense of making your own island of monsters with lots of fun. In this wifi free game you have a chance to nurture the monsters and watch them doing weird stuff.

  1. Power Rangers legacy war

A game without wifi needs where you can fight with the bad with your own created team of legends with tremendous powers and strength.

  1. Mini golf 3d city stars arcade-multiplayer

A wifi free game where you will experience a world in a mini golf arcade. You can do practice before going into real time match of the game.

  1. Shooting King

If you love games like counter strike then this game is for you. Game without wifi needs with such shooting skills and difficult levels is really a treat.

  1. Angry gran run-running game

Angry grany running on the streets to find a right way to escape from an Asylum of Fred the agent. This free game without wifi really makes it fun to play.

  1. Basketball battle

A game for basketball lovers. Here you can find an environment just like basketball court and find same enthusiasm as well. This no wifi game is really a treat for the one who loves basketball.

  1. Skater Boy

A game loved by youngsters. Skating is really a fun but tricky and difficult hobby to be opted but it is really a fun sport. This no wifi game really boost ups the talent of skating with lots of obstacles.

  1. Build a bridge

Now you can be an engineer as well! Construct the bridge for cars, trucks or other vehicles with your own selected tools and show the world your engineering talent.

  1. Infinity word search puzzle

This is a word puzzle game with lots of new and interesting words. You can challenge your partner as well and can make a match to find who can win this battle. Game without wifi needs really sharps your mind by giving you puzzle to find the right word.

  1. My talking Hank

Give love to your pet! Yes in this game you can adopt a cutest puppy and can make him yours. This free game without wifi shows the interesting sides of the dogs and gives you his love as well.

  1. Cheetah family sim

In this game without wifi needs you can play as a cheetah! Do everything that a cheetah does in his daily life like hunting or upgrading family etc. Lots of adventures are waiting for you in this game. Go give it a chance and have fun.

  1. Escaping the prison

This game is one of the most adventurous games with lots of fun and obstacles. Escape from the prison with new plans and strategies. And if you choose a wrong option to escape the prison then laugh on the result. This no wifi game is a must try!

  1. Galaxy attack alien shooter

When earth is in danger and needs your help to survive then show your talent. This wifi free game really analyzes your such amazing survival techniques abilities and make you feel like a legend at the end.

  1. Five nights at Freddy’s 2 Demo

You are here to do a job as a security man and you will watch all the scenes through cameras now you have to make sure that all the complains will be vanished. This game without wifi needs has some special features and updating features. But there is a problem that this game needs lots of images to store in your device that makes this game heavier with time.

  1. Dragon city

Let’s hang in the city of dragons where you can make all the things of your desire and can nurture dragons on your own and can make them your family. Here you will see lots of dragons of different genre with lots of different eating and living habits. In this game without wifi most important part is the breeding of these dragons as they are now in your custody so you have to make sure that you keep your monster city hygienic and feed your dragons in time and expand your collection of monsters like dragons. With care and love in there bringing up you will have different prizes for yourself too to make your city and dragons more good.

  1. Last day on earth Survival

A wifi free game with lots of adventures and fun. As it is clear from the name of the game that it is a game of your survival when the situation is not in your favor. Have fun with this strategy making no wifi game.