100 +Funny Trivia Questions

100 +Funny Trivia Questions

Getting bored? Feeling down? Wanna have some good time with your buddies. Let’s plan a hangout and a list of Funny Trivia questions.

Haven’t you heard about that?

Well, Trivia questions are fun, challenging, and no doubt a knowledgeable game to play. I have 100 plus funny trivia questions for you. You can enjoy them with your friends and buddies. This game can also be played in the family. It’s fun, trust me!

100 +Funny Trivia Questions
  1. What does ok stand for?
  2. Jay ho is which word of the English Dictionary?
  3. Does fish drink water?
  4. Who created the official tune of Bbc radio?
  5. Which planet is no more a planet?
  6. Which planet can be visited by people in till 2024?
  7. Who has invented the new alternate of injection syringe?
  8. Who has created Skype?
  9. Name the smallest island of the world?
  10. Name the largest church of the world?
  11. How many words are in an Oxford Dictionary?
  12. How old is Google?
  13. Name the largest ocean of the world.
  14. Tell the abbreviation of VIBGYOR.
  15. How many states are there in the United States of America?
  16. Which state is the largest state of America?
  17. Where is Oxford University situated?
  18. What is the Abbreviation of M.B.B.S?
  19. What is the diameter of Earth?
  20. Where is Sudan situated?
  21. Which is the largest Continent of Asia?
  22. What is the capital of Pakistan?
  23. Who is the P.M of South Korea?
  24. How many countries have VETO power?
  25. Who is the inventor of the Cellular phone?
  26. Who created angry birds app?
  27. What is the botanical name of rose?
  28. What is the other name of Japan?
  29. When is Black Friday celebrated?

    100 +Funny Trivia Questions
  30. Who is the founder of NY Times?
  31. Who is Miss Universe 2016?
  32. How old is Hollywood?
  33. Which Hollywood film is the longest?
  34. How many films has Brad Pitt rolled?
  35. Which actor has won most Oscars?
  36. Who was the director of Titanic?
  37. Which film is the most expensive one in the Hollywood?
  38. I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse..” is as simple as if he doesn’t comply, he will die. This dialogue is of which film?
  39. Where is the largest botanical garden situated?
  40. Is tomato a vegetable or fruit?
  41. Which fruit is king of Fruits?
  42. What is the other name of Cauliflower?
  43. In the past, which flower was used as a currency exchanger?
  44. Which country began the use of coins as currency?
  45. Who is the next host of FIFA world cup?
  46. Who was the World Cup Cricket Champion of 1992?
  47. Who is Muhammad Ali?
  48. What does IPL stand for?
  49. Who was nicknamed as crying baby footballer at his young age?
  50. Who are the two Ws of Cricket?
  51. Who was the black storm of Cricket world?
  52. Who painted Mona Lisa?
  53. What is Koh I Noor?
  54. Where is Taj Mahal Situated?
  55. How Many Mughals ruled the Sub-Continent?
  56. When was East India formed?
  57. When was William Shakespeare born?
  58. When did William Wordsworth die?
  59. Who is the poet of nature?

    100 +Funny Trivia Questions
  60. Who invented the telephone?
  61. Who invented the typewriter?
  62. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, who gave this theory?
  63. How many bones are there in a human body?
  64. What does McDonald’s stand for?
  65. Who invented Rugby?
  66. What are three primary colors?
  67. When the WWI begins and ended?
  68. What does MSN stand for?
  69. Who is Bill Gates?
  70. When was internet used?
  71. What does WBC stand for?
  72. When was EU formed?
  73. When was UN formed?
  74. Who is the President of UN?
  75. Which year 9/11 occurred?
  76. When did Second World War begin?
  77. When the incident of Hiroshima occurred?
  78. Who is the former super former?
  79. Shylock was part of which Shakespeare play?
  80. When the service of Hotmail started?
  81. Who invented airplane?
  82. Which countries are included in Great Britain?
  83. What is the official language of Saudi Arabia?
  84. Who is the director of Star Wars?
  85. What does OIC stand for?
  86. Name three countries which have banned to hide face?
  87. The food “Dirty rice” belongs to which country?
  88. Which country is the inventor of Pina Colada?
  89. Who wrote the book “The King”?
  90. Never, never, never give up. Who said that?
  91. Where is the oldest forest of the world situated?
  92. Where are the pyramids situated?
  93. Where is Big Ben?
  94. How many versions of MS Office have been released?
  95. How is oldest the oldest dictionary of the world?
  96. Who invented gramophone?
  97. Who is the PM of India?
  98. Which party does Donald Trump belong to?
  99. Who wrote Harry Potter?
  100. When did the Cold War ended?
  101. When did Sir Martin Luther die?
  102. Who is Nelson Mandela?
  103. Who invented Orchestra?
  104. Which mammal is the biggest animal?
  105. What is the zoological name of Lion?
  106. Which see is the largest?
  107. Where is Niagara Falls Situated?
  108. Name the famous river of Britain?
  109. Who was the first to go on Moon?
  110. Who invented Whats app?
  111. How old is BBC?
  112. Who is the Editor of Washington Post?
  113. How many kids Obama have?
  114. Where was Osama Bin Laden killed?
  115. Where is Egypt situated?
  116. Who is the President of Canada?
  117. Who invented Hot Air Balloon?
  118. Where are the Holy places of Muslims?
  119. Who invented wheel?
  120. When did Albert Einstein die?