WE DON’T ALWAYS END UP WITH THE LOVE OF OUR LIVE: Sometimes, a loving moment becomes enough to live and sometimes everything is lost in a moment.

Sometimes, a real smile is just because of one person and sometimes that one person is not around when you burst into tears.

Sometimes we end up with the love of our lives with too much pain…..and that’s okay!!!

We, the humans are kinda that type of creature who like to love and to be loved always. Every one of us needs someone who could love us throughout lives. We want him to be around 24/7/365.

Yes… in every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year till we take the last breath of our lives.

It happens many of the times when a first sight love becomes the last one of life.  You see someone anywhere, he or she makes you to fall in love and then the person disappears.

“Once, I met a stranger,

Fell in love with him,

He gets lost in the world,

I get lost in his memories.”

But this is a part of life. And this is okay for us too. We can never forget that person we love from the core of our heart but life goes on…life has to move on at any cost. This is because time never waits for anyone ..because time is the best healer.

If you love a person and unexpectedly you can’t get married to him, you have to end up it without being killing yourself. You have to get a lot of patience to see the person with someone else. This is too difficult but you have to.

Similarly, if your most beloved person dies in an accident or due to any disease you have to move forward in your life without him. This is not easy, and I know that very well. But you know, we have to…

Life is not a fairy tale, which always ends up at “And they happily lived forever”.

Life is not a film which ends up with a kiss. Life is that bitter reality which is to be faced and lived by every one of us. You can end up the loves but you cannot end loving that person. You have to move on with the feelings. You have to live even without that person. You have to breath, eat, drink, sleep, work, though it is painful but you have to do it.

And remember my words, “There is not only you who lives ending up like this, there are millions who are living with a fake mask on their faces.

We love because we want to learn from it. We really love because it teaches us what is never taught to us by our educational institutions and degrees.

Even if we love someone and have them with us for a long time but if life deceives unexpectedly we have to again live after attending the funeral of our beloved. This is how and what life teaches us.

Many of the times we have to leave our beloved profession due to any reason. For some people their passion is their love and ending up is too much painful for them.

On the other hand there are certain conditions when saying a Good Bye to your love becomes necessary. It becomes much better to leave each other in good times without facing the worst ones. This is too much obligatory for the respect of love, for the sake of your beloved. This is because someone loves you so much in a little time that others cannot do even in the whole life. Someone cares about you in a way that all the other people cannot do the same even if doing together.

Someone believes you to be so worth but for others you will not be more than a cheap stone.  This is where love matters. Your love makes your life totally different and ending up with the love changes the life completely. But that’s okay, phewwww it is just Okay!

“So with the voice inside me,

All the strength I have left within,

I’ll push myself to move forward,

My new life is waiting, ready to begin