550+ Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend


Looking for cute things to say to your girlfriend, if yes then this is the ideal place to stop by, but before we begin with our list i will love to touch on why are these important for a healthy love lasting relationship.

Why Sweet Things to Say are Important

In this world people come with some relations that are really a blessing of god. You get these relations by birth. You don’t need to explain them anything, they understand your every desire and need and fulfill them. But there are some relations that people made by their own choice. They are the ones that are the gift of God for one. And you can meet them any time and you feel that yes! They are the one for you. Yes! Love life is most important part of everyone out there. It is a relationship which needs you as a whole. That demands you and your time. Your sincerity, love and loyalty make it more special and wonderful. And if you are a boy then you always really want to make your girl happy as they are the life lines. Girls always want their men to express their love for them. When boys say such things it makes girls really happy.

these sweet things can give your relation a new life. Girls really love to hear sweet things about themselves and cute things to say to your girl friend is a way to make them happier. Some people are so shy or sometimes they don’t even have any idea that what should say. Here we present some awesome and workable ideas of sweet and heart touching things to say to your love. We provide you such expressive things that will projected by your heart’s feeling. You can find a vast range of cute such lines that can melt your girl in no time. It is girl’s nature that if their men express their love they feel special and wanted.

What is the parameter of finding True Love?

These little things  can be used as parameter of recognizing the true love a person. But! How?

Relationship councilors say that if a person mostly uses cute things to say it shows that he is shady. Expressing love specially use sweet words shows you are mean or even if you are a miser of words or expressing love then it also shows your unconcern behavior towards your girlfriend. But if you express your love or from the bottom of your heart it will really spice up your relation.

These Sugary things are not only about to show love but to show your care towards your relationship. New trend of social media and new virtual world is really spreading this trend. Showing love through writing or recording cute videos on social media in front of the world are a new trendy thing out there. These lovely statements will really make your girl emotional and loved.

These love filled words can also help you to express your love in right words. Such cute things will also give you a chance to make a bond with your girl. These things will also make you more creative towards your love and you can use these sweet words to say to your girlfriend even when she is angry or mad at you. It will really melt her.

Such things are not only a trend but a good culture to provoke your love and care for your girlfriend.And in the end i want to mention a universal fact that every one of us loves his/her girlfriend from the core of his/her heart.

List of 550+ cute things to say to your girlfriend to have a healthy relationship:

  1. I love your eyes.
  2. You make me feel comfortable.
  3. When I see you its the best sight I can ever have.
  4. Can you even imagine how much I love you?
  5. I am lucky to have you.
  6. You have changed my life.
  7. You are treasure of my life.
  8. I cannot have anything more worthy than you.
  9. You are so beautiful.
  10. Your eyes are deep as sea.
  11. I like your smile
  12. You make me feel safe.
  13. You are everything I wished for.
  14. God has created you for me.
  15. God probably made you in leisure.
  16. I need you badly.
  17. You are everything I need.
  18. I know love because of you.
  19. I want you forever.
  20. I want you in every step of my life.
  21. I can’t live without you.
  22. I have fallen in love with your lips.
  23. The way you smile is making my day.
  24. When you smile I feel like it rained with red rose petals.
  25. I am born for you.
  26. We are a heaven made couple.
  27. I cannot wait to meet you.
  28. Time spent with you is my favorite.
  29. I hardly spend my day without seeing you.
  30. I love cuddling with you.
  31. I love holding your hand.
  32. I love kissing your cheeks.
  33. I love listening your heartbeat.
  34. My heart beats resembles your steps.
  35. You are sweetest of all people close to me.
  36. I enjoy my time with you.
  37. I can stay awake whole night seeing you.
  38. I love talking to you.
  39. You are my life.
  40. I love waking up next to you.
  41. A morning without you is pale.
  42. Every moment is lovely when being with you.
  43. You are reason of my smile.
  44. Good morning beautiful girl.
  45. You are beautiful even you are sleeping.
  46. I love sitting beside you and watch movie.
  47. Watching you before sleep is a good omen for my sweet dreams.
  48. Your smile melts my heart.
  49. Your skin is so soft.
  50. You have expressive eyes.

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  1. I miss you when you are away.
  2. I feel depress when you are out of my sight.
  3. I love the burnt bread made by you.
  4. I can eat anything you cook for me.
  5. I feel proud when I am on knees before you.
  6. You are the reason behind my success.
  7. I can sit beside you and watch you my whole life.
  8. I can guess you by sound of your feet.
  9. I can recognize your eyes in million.
  10. You are making the world beautiful to me.
  11. I will chose you instead of breathing.
  12. Your one look is more precious than anything.
  13. Knowing you has changed my life.
  14. Your love has made me human in true sense.
  15. I feel you as my responsibility.
  16. I love taking care of you.
  17. I love walking side by side you.
  18. I will always love you till my last breathe.
  19. I keep on praying to get you.
  20. Listening your heartbeat is my pleasure.
  21. I can stare you forever if you let me do so.
  22. You are reason behind the disappearance of my sadness.
  23. You showed me the way to spend life.
  24. I love dancing with you.
  25. I love seeing you dancing.
  26. I love your voice.
  27. I can talk to you on phone for hours without hanging up.
  28. You are my entire world.
  29. I love the mole on your fore lips.
  30. I like you no matter what you wear.
  31. I kiss my pillow thinking of your each night.
  32. You look stunning when wear shorts.
  33. You have arrested me in your love.
  34. You are my love at first sight.
  35. I wish to be your lipstick to stay with your lips forever.
  36. You are my sweetheart.
  37. I feel like drinking even if you serve me a glass of water.
  38. When I see you, I cannot keep off my view on you.
  39. You are the best thing I have in life.
  40. When I feel sad I think of you to be happy.
  41. I love putting my head on your stomach.
  42. I love hugging you.
  43. I love the way you shake your head.
  44. I like your gestures.
  45. A day without you is like a day without sleep.
  46. My nights are restless without talking to you.
  47. Time has no value until you are with me.
  48. You are my sunshine.
  49. You are my biggest wish.

  1. My heartbeat increase when you smile on my lame jokes.
  2. Your smile makes gives peace to my heart.
  3. Your presence brings best out of me.
  4. You always make me feel like I am the luckiest guy to have you.
  5. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  6. Your eyes make me live for you.
  7. It really makes me feel happy when you are around.
  8. Whenever I see your text a smile comes to my face.
  9. It makes me feel special when you reply me.
  10. Whenever I look in your eyes I feel like I am looking at myself.
  11. My love for you is limitless.
  12. My heart is home for you.
  13. I never feel alone when I remember you.
  14. Your sparkling eyes make me feel like I am having my own star in face of you.
  15. You have stolen my heart.
  16. I am all yours with all my heart.
  17. You are more beautiful than the girl I imagined to be loved by.
  18. No person or thing can make me happier than your big smile for me.
  19. Your presence makes my world more beautiful.
  20. Whenever you look at me, I can’t look anywhere else.
  21. I have never felt so loved. It makes me feel like I am flying.
  22. My cheeks are hurting because I am smiling so much these days.
  23. Everything reminds me of you, it’s like you are everywhere.
  24. My day starts with your morning text with your beautiful smile.
  25. You are the one who can make me happy, cry, sad or even strong in no time.
  26. I am incomplete without you.
  27. You make my world more beautiful.
  28. I can live without internet but not without you.
  29. You are my doctor because you are the one who can cure my problems.
  30. You are my beautiful vast sky where I am sticking all my dreams.
  31. I can’t see anywhere else when you are around me.
  32. My heart beats with the smile of yours.
  33. I can see you even when my eyes are closed.
  34. You are my baby.
  35. You are rainbow on my life’s sky.
  36. I really want to spend my whole life with you.
  37. You are making my life a season of blossoming flowers.
  38. You are light of my eyes.
  39. When I am with you it’s like I am the center of the universe.
  40. I love to be with you.
  41. Your smile makes my day.
  42. You are really a wonder of God.
  43. You are not just the shoulder on which I can but the strength that gives me power to face every problem.
  44. You complete me in a unique and wonderful way.
  45. Whenever see you it’s like I am looking at beautiful sky.
  46. You are the most gorgeous girl ever.
  47. Whatever you are, you made me a different person.
  48. I will love you till my last breath.
  49. I am all yours, body and soul.
  50. You are like very breath I take, I can’t live without you.
  51. I can win everything with my one hand, provided you are holding my other hand.
  52. Your voice is as sweet as chocolate.
  53. I love chocolate but I love you more.
  54. You are the shine of my life.
  55. Your sparkling eyes make my life adventurous.
  56. You are a Mello drama and I am your audience.
  57. I love to see you all the time.
  58. I am nothing without you.
  59. I am really made for you.
  60. What I will do if you’ll not stay with me.
  61. My life is a blank white page without you.
  62. I want you to color my life with your shine.
  63. Your presence makes me a complete person.
  64. You are like diamond in my life’s sky.
  65. I can do anything to make you happy.
  66. I love the way you tell me your stories.
  67. You are scent of life for me.
  68. I wish I could spend each and every moment of my life with you.
  69. My heart rings when you are around.
  70. The blush of your face is my heart beat.
  71. I want you to smile because it makes me happy.
  72. I am a mobile and you are my wifi.
  73. You are love of my life.
  74. As pizza is nothing without cheese, same I am nothing without you.
  75. I love it when you show your love for me.
  76. When you are with me, I feel each and every thing around me is singing.
  77. Love is in the air because you are in my life.
  78. Your presence makes it flowery everywhere.
  79. You spread colors around me.
  80. If love had a face, it must be you.
  81. Your presence is like air around me.
  82. Whatever you wear, it looks amazing on you.
  83. I like to see you every day.
  84. You have the face that reminds me of who really I am.
  85. Your voice makes me forget where I am.
  86. Your presence makes me feel comfortable.
  87. Whenever you are talking to me, it’s like raining everywhere.
  88. Your sparkling eyes remind me of stars.
  89. Your presence makes me a better person.
  90. I really want to travel the world with you.
  91. My sunrise because of you, my sunsets because of you.
  92. You are as shiny as gold.
  93. Your smile makes my world shinier.
  94. You make me a better person.
  95. When you are by my side, I can d anything.
  96. I can feel the strength of your love.
  97. I feel empty when you irate.
  98. This world means nothing to me when you are not with me.
  99. You are the one who told me the real worth of life.
  100. Because of you I am a changed person.

  1. You are the one who was always in my dreams.
  2. You deserve so much and I am nothing but I can give my life for you.
  3. I always become so excited when you say let’s meet.
  4. I am the luckiest person to have you in my life.
  5. When we fight, I scared of loosing you.
  6. I never like sorrow on your face.
  7. I always want you to stay happy.
  8. Your presence makes me feel proud of having you.
  9. You make me think of that the soul mate concept is real and true.
  10. I am not a superman but you make my heart fly.
  11. Your vibes make me feel strong enough to face the world.
  12. My life is incomplete without you.
  13. You are like salt my life is tasteless without you.
  14. There is one thing that I can’t stop doing is to think about you.
  15. You really add meaning to my life.
  16. You are like a flame in dark night of my life.
  17. Sometimes I really think what good deed I have done in my life for which God has sent you in my life.
  18. If you are with me I feel whole world is with me, but if you are not then no body matters.
  19. Your voice can make me fresh in no time.
  20. I can feel the change in me and in my life when you are with me.
  21. I always make sure that I look good so I can stand with you.
  22. You really compliment my life.
  23. You can see yourself in my eyes and in my life.
  24. I never thought to love someone like this.
  25. It’s like you are answer of all my prayers.
  26. You are making my life more beautiful day by day.
  27. I cannot imagine my life without you.
  28. If I was a writer you were my words.
  29. My soul has been searching you for my whole life.
  30. You are like that drop of rain that becomes pearl in a sea shell.
  31. You are like that sparkling diamond that is alone in coal mine.
  32. When you show your love, it made me feel like prince.
  33. You are really my dream girl.
  34. You are my queen and I am your king.
  35. I am not a talkative person but when you are with me I talk because you listen to me from the depth of your heart.
  36. I can do whatever you want me to do.
  37. When you talk I feel I can listen to you all my life.
  38. When you do something for me it makes me feel special.
  39. You are my wish that God has fulfilled with love.
  40. I like the way you talk.
  41. I really want to see your face when I awake in morning.
  42. I really didn’t believe in the concept of true love but now I feel like I was dumb that time because I found true love in you.
  43. You are the best part of my life.
  44. When I see your face I forget all my tensions.
  45. You are moon to my dark night.
  46. Whenever you cook for me it is the best meal for me.
  47. Whenever you cry, your tears fall on my heart.
  48. Your presence gives me a feel that I have a baby doll.
  49. I really want to meet you daily.
  50. When you look into my eyes, my heart misses a beat.
  51. You make me feel to believe in myself.
  52. Your presence makes me to get best out of me.
  53. I love to look into your eyes because I find myself there.
  54. Your smile is the most precious thing of this world.
  55. If the world is against me and you are with me then I don’t care of anything.
  56. I love to hold your hands it give me strength.
  57. Never irate to me, it makes me incomplete and lost.
  58. Kissing your forehead is the best thing in night.
  59. My life is a garden and you are a beautiful butterfly here.
  60. I cannot think of my life without as you are oxygen to me.
  61. If you are a dream I want to see this dream my whole life.
  62. You are sweeter then honey.
  63. Is there any chance that you stay in front my eyes every second and every minute of my life?
  64. I can’t stand without you as you are my power and you make strong.
  65. Your personality has such an impact on my life that I have a glimpse of you in me.
  66. It is really difficult for me to leave you and go to work.
  67. I don’t like to say good bye because I can feel sadness in your eyes when I leave.
  68. I always wait for the time when you come to me.
  69. You are the shine of my life.
  70. You are the one who can turn me into a changed person.
  71. You made my life clear and made me realize my talents and strengths.
  72. Your innocent face is like answer of my prayers.
  73. You are like angel of God to me.
  74. Yes! It is true that I found myself when you came to my life.
  75. I can do anything to have you in my life.
  76. Your love towards make me feel like that I am the most special person and I really le this feeling.
  77. Please stay with me in my good and bad.
  78. I will never ever leave whatever happened.
  79. I can really feel the beauty of your heart.
  80. You are the nicest person I have ever met.
  81. You don’t any kind of artificial beauty because you have a beautiful heart.
  82. I think I am exploring myself with you.
  83. I wish I could hold you in my arms and carry you with me all the time.
  84. The day when we don’t talk is like day without light.
  85. If you are silent then it’s like everything is silent in the world.
  86. You matters a lot to me.
  87. I never thought of it that someone can be so precious to me. But you are precious to me like no one else.
  88. I will be with you whenever you need me.
  89. I will fight for you and keep you with me.
  90. Your eyes are like a maze for me where I have lost myself.
  91. I really want to say that you are sun to my earth.
  92. It may feel shady but you are my life.
  93. I can feel you as a part of my soul.
  94. I always pray for you to stay in my life.
  95. I still remember the day when you were admitted in hospital I felt like I will die.
  96. I can do anything to keep you safe.
  97. I really scared of your anger.
  98. I don’t want to lose you because you are in me.
  99. I won’t be able to go to work today, I want to see your sleepy face and that’s it.
  100. Let’s go to a place where no one is around and I can feel you completely.
  101. When you are on my back, I can do anything.
Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend
Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend
  1. It is crystal clear to me that I can’t live without you and want you with me whatever happened.
  2. I am not going to leave you because I want live I don’t want to die now.
  3. I fall for you every day.
  4. Your positive attitude made me a better person and realize me that who really I am?
  5. My life was nothing but with you I love my life.
  6. You are an awesome painter because you spread colors in my life.
  7. I really feel regret of all the time I have spent without you.
  8. You are rain to my deserted life.
  9. What is my existence without you?
  10. Is there any chance to stay with you all the time?
  11. I really miss you when you are not around.
  12. Now I can say that I have found my soul mate.
  13. I can’t imagine my present and future without you and feel regret on my past that I have spent without you.
  14. For you I have a teen aged love filled with passion, courage and strength.
  15. I really want to travel the whole world with you.
  16. You really make every single bit of my life beautiful with your laugh.
  17. You are the most delicious desert I have ever had.
  18. I am nothing without you and I really mean it.
  19. You have completely changed the melody of my life.
  20. Your caring behavior and your concern for me really makes me mad for you.
  21. How do you look so beautiful all the time?
  22. When you sleep I feel like an angel is sleeping.
  23. You always surprise in such a way that it melts my heart and vanishes my tiredness.
  24. You are my baby and want to hold you all my life.
  25. When you laugh you look so pure, innocent and cute.
  26. You understand me so well that it’s like you are reading me inside out.
  27. I have never thought of true dreams but you are my dream, that is truly exists in my life.
  28. I really want to stop time when you are with me.
  29. I wish I could see you all the time.
  30. I love you so much I can’t explain it even if I try.
  31. I am very much thankful to have you in my life as my life partner.
  32. Nothing can hurt me when you are with me.
  33. Your cute and naughty smile makes me feel lucky to have you.
  34. My day starts when I hear your voice.
  35. I could watch you all the day and night without blinking my eyes.
  36. I don’t know what would I do without you?
  37. I really want you to stay in my life till my last breath.
  38. You are the highlight of my day and my life.
  39. Whenever you say you love me I feel I don’t need anything else in life.
  40. You are the reason behind my perfect life.
  41. You are blessing of God on me.
  42. I feel happiness around me when you are with me.
  43. Just a thought of you can make me happy.
  44. Whenever I say your name there is a smile on my face.
  45. You are my lucky charm because you are making my life beautiful and complete.
  46. Because of you now I believe in heaven.
  47. Whenever I am with you I believe nothing can go wrong.
  48. It is a miracle that a guy like me can end up with an angel like you in my life.
  49. Happiness is when we spend time together.
  50. Now I believe that true love is not only about candle light dinners and romance, it’s about sharing each and every thing. And you are the one who do this daily to me.
  51. No flower is more beautiful than my flower.
  52. No one can ever replace you.
  53. I can never be able to make myself worth of you but I am really thankful because you love me unconditionally.
  54. I daily wake up with a smile because you are the first thought of my day.
  55. World was ordinary before you came into my life but now this whole has a meaning and that is only because of you.
  56. You are my luck and love and when you are not with me am the most unlucky person of the world.
  57. Your personality has such an effect that I can’t resist you.
  58. The color of your eyes really melting my heart.
  59. I am falling in love with you daily.
  60. Whatever you wear you look awesomely beautiful.
  61. You look so could that I could eat you all with my eyes.
  62. You are like shade on me in a hot sunny day.
  63. Sometimes I feel like your love is enough for me I don’t any single person in my life.
  64. Every day I see you and every day you look more beautiful.
  65. You are the only person with whom I can share each and every thing.
  66. You are really a piece of a live poetry and I really want to write something on you as you are so beautiful.
  67. You have current in your body? Touching you really electrifies me.
  68. The day I met you is the best day of my life.
  69. The day you said yes is the most precious and beautiful day of my life.
  70. My day cannot end well if at the end I don’t spend time with you.
  71. You really have given me a reason to be grateful to God.
  72. Thanks a lot for showing me the real meaning of life.
  73. I am really thankful how you spread love in my life.
  74. Happiness is when you hold my hand.
  75. Happiness is when you are around me.
  76. For me life means you.
  77. You are so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off you.
  78. The simplest thing that I do with you fills my heart with pleasure.
  79. Every beautiful thing reminds me of you.
  80. God must love me very much because he sent you in this world for me.
  81. Thinking of you makes my heart sing.
  82. Whenever you are around I blush.
  83. Thanks for being mine!
  84. Thanks a lot for trusting me and giving me a chance to live my life with you.
  85. I don’t want to spend my life with you I want to live my life with you.
  86. I am really missing you and want to hug you tightly.
  87. You are looking stunning today.
  88. I have no words to explain my love for you.
  89. You are the most precious gift I have from God.
  90. I really want to grow old with you and to die with you and to find love in each thing with you.
Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend
Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend
  1. There is no one who could touch my heart as you do.
  2. I can’t explain your worth in my life.
  3. I don’t want to lose you as you are my life.
  4. Kissing you always make me feel blessed.
  5. When you walk by side, it makes me feel like most important person of the world.
  6. Here I think about you here I have goose bumps.
  7. You have most beautiful I have ever seen.
  8. You are part of me.
  9. After I met you I want nothing from my life but you and you.
  10. Happiness is seeing you walking towards me.
  11. Whenever you are around it is like cool breeze.
  12. You make me want to be a good human being.
  13. Now I can understand the real meaning of life and love because you are by my side.
  14. You have given me a reason to live.
  15. Your presence really makes me feel honor.
  16. My soul mate! I really love you!
  17. The day I met you I saw a master piece of nature.
  18. I don’t want to see around when you are in front of me.
  19. You eyes make me feel peace and calm.
  20. How can you be so perfect?
  21. My love! You don’t need ant make up.
  22. You are gorgeous in every sense of word.
  23. You are a wonderful person.
  24. You are really a proof that God really loves me.
  25. Waking up beside you is speechless.
  26. Your love is making me love.
  27. How one can be so beautiful even in sleep?
  28. Whenever I talk to you it brings best out of me.
  29. Every time I meet you I feel nervousness of the first time.
  30. My love for you is increasing day by day.
  31. Warmth of your love makes me feel lucky.
  32. My life goes around you.
  33. You are center of my life.
  34. What am I without you? Nothing but a dark night.
  35. I love my life because you are my life.
  36. I can feel you in my heart.
  37. Your heart beat is the food for my soul.
  38. Your lovely smile gives meaning to my life.
  39. I am nothing without your support.
  40. You made me realize that life is important.
  41. The real meaning of beauty is you.
  42. I really want to love you even after my death.
  43. I can write a book on your beauty.
  44. My inner is filled with the love of yours.
  45. Hugging you give me the strength to face the world.
  46. Your shine makes my day brighter.
  47. Looking at you always makes to thank God.
  48. You are really changing my life and making me a nice person and yes now I am worth enough of having you in my life.
  49. Please never leave me! I am nothing without you. You are my whole life and reason behind my every breath.
  50. You are a wonderful creation of God.
  51. You are adding such meaning to my life that I start loving my life and the reason of my live for life is you.
  52. You are heart is of pure gold.
  53. You are my princess and you should order me.
  54. Because of you I believe in word ‘soul mates’.
  55. Sometimes I feel you can read minds, as you understand me so well.
  56. I can look into your eyes and feel my soul.
  57. Your presence makes me feel like a prince.
  58. Whenever you are around I am always blushing.
  59. It’s like your love is making me a better person day by day.
  60. You are like moon to the sky of my life.
Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend
Cute Things to Say to your Girlfriend
  1. I am always trying to resolve this mystery, how could a girl be so beautiful.
  2. I really want to see your face whenever I open my eyes.
  3. You are like home to me.
  4. You are my honey bunny.
  5. I don’t know what amazing thing I did to get a person like you by my side. You are such a blessing for me.
  6. My day starts with the shine of your eyes.
  7. I love everything about you.
  8. When you do weird stuff it brings light to my life.
  9. I never thought I could get such a gem like you.
  10. When we schedule to meet I want ‘fast forward’ the time to the point where we meet.
  11. Whenever I feel rain drop on my face, it’s like you are touching me softly.
  12. Whenever I look and feel the small things in my life, it reminds me of you. Smile of a baby, the scent of rose, the warmth of sun, the light of moon, the vast beautiful sky every single thing reminds me of you.
  13. I should be thankful to God because he put you in my life.
  14. The hardest thing that I say to you is goodbye.
  15. You are the definition of beauty in my life.
  16. You define colors in my life. When you smile it’s like rainbow around me.
  17. You have a smile that makes my day even before the day has started.
  18. My favorite smell is your scent.
  19. I always feel you around me.
  20. I have waited for you all my life. I love you so much!
  21. I can’t explain how much you are important to me.
  22. When you surprise me, I feel my heart skip a beat or two.
  23. When I lie awake and watch you sleep, it is the most beautiful silence I have ever experienced.
  24. I always wonder what I have that makes you love me. And my wondering goes on and on…
  25. No words can help me enough to express my love for you.
  26. I have understood the meaning of love ever since I have met you.
  27. I don’t know in this short life how I could express my love for you.
  28. To hear you when I wake up and to hear you before I sleep is the sweetest sound for my soul to hear.
  29. I love the way you eyes smile.
  30. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  31. You’re all that I need.
  32. You’re awesome in your unique way and I am at a loss of words to express my love for you.
  33. You are like dictionary to me because you add meaning to my life.
  34. I will love you with all my heart and make you feel special no matter what.
  35. No flower in this world can match your beauty, my love.
  36. I wish I could just reply the moment when I first saw you…it was the most beautiful site of my entire life.
  37. I have no regrets in my life now because I found you.
  38. Your smile is sweeter than sugar.
  39. Your eyes are more beautiful than galaxies.
  40. I feel like my all prayers are answered because God put you in my life as the answer of my prayers.
  41. When we are old and grey in our rocking chairs, we will still be holding hands.
  42. My love is unconditional for you.
  43. I wish when I am taking my last breath, I am with you.
  44. You deserve so much my dear. I may not be able to give you everything you desire, but I can offer you my love, care, and affection.
  45. You not only make me happy, you make me a better person. I love you and want to spend every moment of my life with you.
  46. I write words and I delete them. This goes on and on until I am satisfied with many words that can express a little about my love for you.
  47. Before we meet there are so many things I plan to say to you yet as soon as I see you I forget everything I planned.
  48. If there is anything you own that I can treasure, it would definitely be your smile.
  49. I will never understand what is better; the sound of your voice or the sound of your heart beat. Even now, I can’t decide which is my favorite?
  50. You have always been smarter, more beautiful and more talented than I could ever be. How did you fall in love with someone who is less than you in everything?
  51. The look on your face when I say goodbye never lets me leave you. I have decided to never say goodbye to you again, otherwise I would never be able o leave you again.
  52. Your eyes are like rising sun; they make my day bright, sunny, warm and beautiful.
  53. Time spend with you is the best time of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  54. When we meet I just want to pause the time.
  55. You could have anyone in this world but you chose me and I am eternally grateful.
  56. How could you be so good at everything? The world is so jealous of you, while I am so proud of you.
  57. For me the most important card in the deck of cars is the queen of hearts because that represents you.
  58. In the silence of your absence, you’re the only thing I can see and hear.
  59. Your hair adds to your gorgeousness like frosting adds sweetness to a cake.
  60. The smallest imperfection that you, have make you perfect; after all, it is the small thing that matter the most.
  61. Life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless.
  62. I could hold you forever.
  63. Baby you are a thief because you stole my heart.
  64. Did I hurt when God removed your wings and sent you to earth?
  65. Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.
  66. Babe, you are my dream girl, and like my parents always say, never give up on your dreams.
  67. I brought this flower so that it would see what true beauty is?
  68. I want to grow old with you.
  69. Your love is what keeps me going every day.
  70. We are a match made in heaven.
  71. Even after the years we have spent together, you still make my heart skip a beat.
  72. You even look beautiful when asleep.
  73. I just want to see that beautiful face every morning.
  74. My life is set with you.
  75. You are light of my eyes.
  76. You are peace of my heart.
  77. Whenever I see you it’s like happiness everywhere.
  78. I want to save your smile in my heart.
  79. You are blush of my cheeks.
  80. I want to keep you in my heart.
  81. Stay with me! Forever!
  82. You are a lucky charm.
  83. You are star of my life as you guide me.
  84. You are like magnet because you are really attractive.
  85. I do not know what I would do if I ever lost you.
  86. My love for you is endless.
  87. Eagerly waiting for you. Come back soon.
  88. You make my life worth fighting for.
  89. If loving you is wrong then I never want o be right.
  90. Your sparkling eyes are distracting me.
  91. When I see ocean it reminds me of your beauty and personality.
  92. You are queen of my world.
  93. My love for you has no pint and no end because I want to love you even after I die.
  94. I always want you by my side.
  95. Having you in my life has been such a gift.
  96. When I think about future, I only see you in it.
  97. You are my whole universe.
  98. The story of you and me is my favorite love story.
  99. Your love is the most valuable thing in my life.
  100. With you on my side, I feel like I can do anything.
  101. I was made for you and you were made just for me.
  102. Choosing you was the best decision I have ever made.

These are the 550+ Cute things to say to your girlfriend for getting more love.