Cute games to play with your Crush

Cute games to play with your Crush

Cute games to play with your Crush: Are you having a crush? Well that’s great. Are you looking for some interesting things through which you can spend your time with him or her? Are you eager to find some cute and funny games to play with your crush while meeting or texting? Don’t worry at all. I am here for a bulk of cute and little games which you are going to love playing with your crush.

These are little cute games which will not only make your time good but you will also be able to know the approach of your crush. You will come to know that he or she only has a beautiful face or also an intelligent brain. Such light and sweet games will help you to build a further relation with your crush and if your answer is Yes for a lovely future relationship then you can also show your likeness through these games. Let us begin now!

Cute games to play with your Crush


This could be a real cute game if you will play it with your brainpower. Make sure that first that your crush is also ready to play a game now. You can ask him or her such questions which start from what would you do? For example;

  • What would you do if I will become your pet?
  • What would you do if got a $500 on a street?
  • What would you do if you become a super model?
  • What would you do if you want to pee and there is nothing around?


This is an interesting game too. You can ask your crush about some imaginary situations starting with If’s. See how much good the imaginary power of your crush is? For instance,

  • If we will be alone in a jungle, what will you do with me?
  • If you see me without clothes, then what will happen?
  • If you are asked to fly a plane?
  • If you will be a flying bird?


This a cutest game that will make your crush to smile and tell you the truth you can him something like,

  • Would you rather have suffered from peeing in public?
  • Would you rather have suffered from a worst date?
  • Would you rather have farted loudly somewhere?


You can ask him funny riddles from your crush. Believe me it will be really a good game for both of you.


Cute games to play with your Crush

This game can help you in expressing your feelings also. You can give him or her some words and ask to complete the lyrics of the song.


During the games you can be a bit romantic and flirty too. You can play a word chaser game and the words can be a bit romantic like sweety pie, Juliet, chocolate cake, romance, kiss etc.


This is one of the most classical but interesting games. You can start a song randomly and ask your crush to sing a song with the last alphabet. Hours are going to be passed but you will not get bored.


You can make your crush to complete some sweet sentences. They can be like,

  • Life is nothing without__________.
  • You are my____________.
  • I cannot live without______.

This game can also be called as fill in the blanks game. You can also play choose the best answer by giving choices.


Cute games to play with your Crush

Draw to circles together making a Vein Diagram on a card. Ask about the personal likings and disliking of your crush and mention it on one side of the circle. Answer the same about yourself. Then find out the common thing and write in between of both circles. This can be a relationship matching game for you both.


These are inter-related cute games. You can play with each other by challenging a tongue twister and repeat it for 10 times without pausing. Same is with the word twisters. You can give a long word to your crush with a time limit and ask him to make different specific words from it.

These are some of the cute games you can play with your crush. Through these games you both and better know each other. In case if your crush likes you too, there is greatest possibility that you both will start a new relation after playing these games.