How to choose the best electric skateboard


Picking a perfect electric skateboard is not a complicated task. If you are curious about what the best features of the electric skateboard are and feel lost especially while considering different sizes of motors or lithium batteries and looking for the comparison of hub motors and belt driven. Some best models in the market are available and all you need is a simple step by step guide to making a selection of perfect model.

Here are some of the main factors which you need to consider while searching for a perfect use of electric longboard.

  1. Range and weight:

A range is the first thing you need to consider. Keep in mind the purpose of using the board. Are you using it for fun or commuting or carving purpose? Some people need it for getting around on the free days and there is yet another group who use it for all above-mentioned purposes. Find it if you are easy in getting there and back without any fears of mileage.  Weight is also important; you can carry it comfortably to home and move around with it.

  1. Execution and presentation:

The distinction in eboards is much the same as the contrast between autos. You have sheets that get you from start to finish and afterward, there are the ones that are an unadulterated delight to ride. Investigate the wheels and make the inquiry – how might this board perform without the electrical setup? There’s a major distinction between an off-the-rack electric skateboard versus a quality longboard with an engine. The wheels are especially vital to the general ride execution.

  1. Support and spare parts:

How much is the warranty of the skateboard is always an important factor? It is important to consider how often you will be requiring changing the parts such as belts and wheels and other interchangeable parts. If there is an issue in the skateboard, also consider the available customer support along with the board. You board needs to stay at roads and hence it is important to make you feel comfortable with it.

  1. Price:

Check out the price as well as it is an important factor, but also consider what you are getting back in reward of your money. As compared to lead-acid lithium is expensive and the skateboards which are professional are quite expensive due to costly batteries being used in them. If you need to use it professionally don’t compromise on quality. And to get the superior quality you will have to spend some extra dollars.

  1. Motor wattage:

The whole story is not mentioned by the power numbers listed. To get an ideal performance out of it much more is involved. Motor controlling parameters, as well as gearing ratios, are important as they have a great impact on the torque. As the motor’s gear ratio is adjusted the speed, as well as torque, will be affected. The impact would be similar to a 10 racing bicycle as you alter the flat riding or hillside gears. It is extremely important for all the system to work smoothly in unison. As you make a decision you can also consider the customer’s reviews and videos to check out the performance of the board you are considering.

  1. Dual or single motor/ Gear or hub:

Another important thing to consider is the use of one or two motors. Both are beneficial actually. Recently the use of two motors is considered better and smoother for the skateboard. In the recent models censored brushless motors are there for increased grip and better performance. There is no acceleration for hub motors, in the same way for hill climbing and braking power is also lacking as you get with a pulley or a geared system.

  1. Trigger remote control:

We can make use of index finger as it is best intuitive to feel anything, in the same way, we can use the thumb as well however it might be uncomfortable in contrast of using a trigger control. It is also the easiest ways to get a comfortable control over the use of an electric longboard.

  1. Making your own board:

It needs a lot of time and patience. But it is a little bit risky as well. Many DIY options are there but you need to be prepared for parts and wastage of time which is sometimes frustrating.