I Can’t Promise you the World

I Can’t Promise you the World

I Can’t Promise you the World: The poem “I can’t promise you the world” is a master piece that you can dedicate to your lover. The poem has everything that you would like to tell your lover or life partner. The poem is based on the true feelings that a person has for his partner. For instance, no one can obviously bring stars from the sky to their lovers but they can offer them true and eternal love without any mean intentions. True love is always behind the sexual desires. True love is always related to the connection of souls. The relation of souls is far behind the physical intentions that people may have in life.

I Can’t Promise you the World

The Guarantee of Happy Life

Have you ever thought of the guarantee of the happy life? If not then think of it right now. You will get to know that for spending a happy life with your partner you don’t necessarily need to have abundant money and leisure but true love is enough for happy life. It is often stated these days that no one can spend a happy life without money and money brings love. But the reality is quite different as true love happens itself but not for money. Hence, if a person is loving your truly, both of you can have a happy life together.

Conflicts and True Love

If someone say that there are no conflicts among people who love each other, they are totally wrong. This is because there are conflicts among people in every stage of life, no matter how much they love each other. The conflicts might be because of major or minor reasons but they are not separating them apart but are bonding them more tightly. The same is mentioned in the poem that I may yell at you sometimes but I am assuring you that I will be quiet most of times.

Similarly, the poem is also circulating along the fact that I am not promising you that I will never commit any mistakes. But I can promise you that I will try to be the best I can. To err is human and humans are supposed to make mistakes. But the poet is guaranteeing that I will try to be the best man you can ever found in the universe.

I Can’t Promise you the World

Staying together forever

The poet is also describing the fact that I may not be able to save you from every hardship that you may face. But I will surely be there to assist you when hardships are passing on you. I will be the one who will remain on your side forever. I will be the one who will back you up from the tough situations being faced by you.

The lyrics are also depicting the image of the true love stories. The poet has mentioned that I may not be with you physically forever like that in the story book but I will be with you morally forever. The poet has directed toward the memories that memories among lovers are something that last forever. Therefore those among you who have ever loved anyone with all by their hearts and souls will find the memories of their lovers stacked to them in their minds. Recalling the memories will make them strong enough to face any of the situation in their present and future life.