Blast Your Lower Half With This 20-Minutes Workout


Gyms are mostly costly and time consuming and most of the people find it difficult to manage the time to reach there and perform the machine based work outs. It is general concerns of many people that if they have no time for gym, can they get into proper shape? The simple answer to this is yes, it is possible to do workout at home and get into proper shape. Rather some of the experts argue not to join gym and find out the natural ways to get rid of excessive ways. In this article we will study some ways to get rid of excessive weight at home without natural slimming supplements .

  • Why work out is important?

The diet which we consume normally contains high amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. Eating high carb diet and fatty food everyday results in a fat accumulation in certain parts of the body. The excessive carbohydrates are also stored in body in form of fats. The parts of the body where these fats can accumulate in excess are lower abdomen, arms and legs, belly and hips. Work out is important as it is an ideal way to burn out fats. When we work out daily, some parts of fats are broken down and hence body gets into shape even without the use of natural slimming supplements. Workouts performed at home are generally easy and effective. The main goal is to burn some excessive fats from the body. The outcomes of workout will be more effective if low carb diet is taken along with routine exercises.

  • 25 minutes of fat burning workouts at home:

There are simple and effective workouts which help you to get rid of extra pounds of weight faster. For the achievement of this goal here are few exercises which can help to lose weight faster by burning out more fat.


  1. Circuits:

When a person performs circuits, they help in structuring the body weight routine. The weight loss program is based on repeated exercises one after another with a minimal resting period at intervals. One can perform these exercises twice or thrice for full workout plan of 20 minutes. The exercises also help to keep the heart rates high.

  1. Minimal rest:

This is also known as interval training and is proven beneficial for cardio workouts of lower intensity for the burning of fats. The level of intensity we need to torch the fats is provided by the ideal of minimal resting period between each set of workout. It is scientifically proven to burn out more subcutaneous fats of the body as compared to any other form of exercise. This interval training according to a study is proven to produce many beneficial and fruitful results in burning belly fats which are regarded as most stubborn fats of the body. One can decrease the abdominal fat to 44% by performing these kinds of interval training. During these intervals you take deep breaths and more oxygen rushes into the body which helps in burning more calories. Hence to ensure better fat and calorie burning, more interval training programs are needed.

  1. Compound movement workouts:

Compound movements are also considered important aspect of workouts. It is considered that compound movements help in muscle build up and burning of fats at higher speed at the same time. One of the reasons for muscle build up promotion by these work outs is that many muscles are used while performing these kinds of body movements and as a result more calories are burnt. Such movements also boost up excessive post oxygen consumption which is abbreviated as EPOC. The term EPOC is the number of calories you burn due to work outs since body replenishes the levels o oxygen. The removal of lactic acid from muscle takes place at the same time. (In short we can say that during this, a person gets rid of muscle fatigue which is caused due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and tissues).

According to research workers, it has been found that higher EPOC levels are often due to high intensity interval workouts.

When performed with intensity, the compound exercises also have a great influence on hormones which are needed for the growth of muscles like growth hormones, adrenaline, catecholamines nor-epinephrine and testosterone etc.

  • The suggested workout schedule for the full body:

Now let’s discuss the workouts for reducing body weight effectively. Such workouts are generally performed in a circle based format. However there are some variations for beginners and advanced performers.

  • Beginners’ circuit:

You are supposed to carry out these types of exercises for 30 seconds along with a resting interval of one minute. Complete all the eight steps and move on to the next workout and repeat the circuit completely another time.

As you get better adaptations you can gradually decrease the resting period between these intervals.

  • Advanced circuits:

You need to perform such exercises for few seconds to a minute. In between these steps the resting period of 30 seconds can b taken. Complete all 8 steps and take a rest of one minute and repeat the circuit once again and you will feel the heat in the body due to the burning of fats and calories.

Those who are at advanced stages of work outs can also try to add some weights in order to make their workouts more effective and challenging. Such workouts can be performed with weighted plates.

  1. Mountain climbing work outs:

Bring your body in a plank position and keep the hands under the shoulder and keep your body in a straight line toe to head. Draw your right knee closer to your chest by engaging your core. Extend it back to the initial position. Repeat the same work out with left knee and keep on altering the knees.

  1. Bulgarian Lunges:

You can start this with putting your foot at any elevated place such as a box, table or any bench nearby you. Make it sure that the knee lunging is kept behind the toes and is directed to the ground. Now move it back to the initial or standing position. Repeat these steps for almost 10 times. Carry on with alternating the sides. The beginners can also choose to perform standard alternate lunges or either the reverse of these lunges.

  1. Keep Pushups:

Keep yourself in a plank position with keeping hands under the shoulders keeping the body straight in position from head to feet. Bend down your chest in direction of a ground and keep in your elbows carefully and try not to drop your hips. Repeat the work out by pushing yourself back to the plank.

For beginners, it is easy to perform wall or counter top pushups and this can be done by extending the feet behind as one can do while doing regular pushups and keeping the chest in a lower position directed towards the ground.

  1. Single legged dropping squats:

Make yourself stand at the top of a box or any low lying bench. Elevate your leg in such a way that on the edge of your bench it hovers off and lower on your right leg into a squat. To return back to standing position, push via heels and glutes. Repeat the steps for almost 10 times and then continue with switching the legs. The beginners of this work out can perform alternating standard lunges for effective muscle build up and fat burning.

  1. Burpees:

Stand tall and squat to the floor down and hop the legs in a planking position. Hop your legs on underside of you and try to spring up, keep your arms above head and slightly raise your feet leaving the floor. Repeat the process several times with a maximum of 10 steps. Walking burpees can be performed by those who are at the beginning phases.

  1. Squats:

You can start this workout by feet in a position wider as compared to the width of hips. Keep your toes at the angle of 45 degrees. Push the hips back as if you are sitting on a chair with your lower end.

Keeping the knees behind toes and opening up the chest, move your body especially chest parallel to the ground and push via heels to move back to the standing position. Repeat the steps for as long as ten times for effective muscle build up in thighs.