How to ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

How to ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

How to ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend: Each of us have a girl in life, who is more than friend to us. But most of us are always facing problems to tell the girl about intentions. We are afraid of telling the girl about our intentions, as we think if we commit about interest, she might leave in the middle of nowhere. But in case if we are not able to tell her our intentions, she might not be able to know ever and we will lose her. Therefore, one must not keep it as a mystery and tell the girl straight forwardly after assuring yourself that you want the girl forever.

How to ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

Way to Ask Girl to be your Girlfriend

When you will make your intentions clear, it will help in the progress of the relationship. This step would bring you both close to each other. For some boys who don’t have enough confidence, reaching a girl for telling his intentions might seems as an impossible and crazy idea. But keeping the relationship idea as mystery won’t help either. Below is the step by step guide to reach a girl for being your girlfriend.

Don’t Rush

When you have made up your mind to make a girl your girlfriend, don’t rush at it. You have to give yourself sometime to make it sure whether you really want her forever, or you have temporary feelings. Once you are sure of the permanent feelings, go for it. Tell the girl about your care and intentions.

Don’t get Gown on Single Knee

Remember, when you are about to ask your friend to be your girlfriend, don’t over react by getting on your knees and asking her to be your girlfriend. Instead, keep it normal and ask her in a peaceful environment that you are interest in her and want her forever. You must remember that you are not proposing her, therefore don’t offer her a ring. Instead you have to ask her about your intentions to make her your girlfriend.

Make it Memorable

How to ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

Girls are always liking things which long, therefore you must do something special when you ask her to be your girlfriend. For instance, take her to a peaceful place and then tell her about your intentions. If possible then do your homework for making some fireworks or lightening to make an environment suitable for a romantic meetup. Such a romantic environment has a great impact on girls for making their mind to fall in a relationship.

Take her to Dinner

If your pocket is permitting you, then you must take the girl to a dinner. The dinner must be a candle lighted to enhance the environment for a romantic feeling. While having dinner you may talk about the time you spend with the girl. You must tell her that you are feeling like to be in a heaven when its time with her. At the end you may ask her to be your girlfriend. If you have done everything right, then she will definitely say yes to be your girlfriend.

Give her a Gift

Girls are always liking gifts, therefore give her a gift which is special for her. For instance, you can give her a gift of collect able if she has a hobby to collect such things. You may also give her a gift of her favorite outfit or an autograph of her favorite personality. You must remember that you have to wrap the gift in a nice paper and write some best wishes on card. You might also write your intentions on your card for her to be your girlfriend.